Hulk Hogan Signs with TNA Wrestling

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling has announced that it has signed Hulk Hogan (brother), marking the return of Hulkamania. Hogan will perform on its TNA Impact shows and pay-per-view events (brother). In today’s press release (brother), Hogan said:

I’m thrilled to be jumping back into the world of professional wrestling. My fans have been asking me to return to the business for many years on a full time basis, but the timing or the opportunity has never been right until now. TNA Wrestling is a great company with an already excellent fan base, business and broadcast partner. I firmly believe now is the time for some change at TNA as they are positioned to jump to the next level in their development and I’m here to work with Dixie to help make that a reality.

Hulk Hogan TNA signing

This is a huge move for TNA (brother). Even though Hogan isn’t 10 percent of what he used to be (and let’s face it, he was never that good in the ring), there’s no denying that fans still go nuts for The Hulkster (brother). Despite his extremely limited abilities due to various hip ailments (dude can’t even do his famous leg drop), Hogan will sell tickets and PPVs (brother).

It will be interesting to see how Hogan impacts the ratings of…er…Impact (brother). It will also be interesting to see how well he works with Vince Russo. The two had some pretty huge conflicts in WCW and Hogan has been known to hold grudges (brother).

Hit the break for a TNA teaser video and let me know what you think of Hogan working for the company (brother).

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28 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan Signs with TNA Wrestling”

  1. So, whatcha gonna do TNA fans? When the 24 inch pythons and Hulkamania gets off the day bed, puts it's teeth in, takes it's heart medication, can't figure out it's cell phone, picks up the walker, and runs wild on YOU!!!!!

  2. Ugh…I hate Hogan…He was great for the business back in the 80s but he ruins the locker room everywhere he goes. He can barely walk to the ring and his matches are even worse. I think TNA made a HUGE mistake wasting money on this bag of bones.

  3. I really hope Hogan's rival is a pool boy.

    (to be honest I wouldn't mind being the pool boy his wife has. )

  4. Even if Hulk Hogan becomes the new Ric Flair, he won't make TNA any worse than it already is. I'm sorry but TNA is a sad sad excuse for a wrestling program. Its like the XFL only more lame and rehearsed, actually with how bad the matches are, I hope they don't rehearse them because they are just plain terrible.::end rant:: ::Begin True American Music::

  5. WELL YOU KNOW SOMETHING RAYMOND PADILLA, I think thiis is a pretty weird move, dude. I mean, obviously people still want to see the Hulkster live and in the flesh, brother. But good writing sells PPVs, especially when you're dealing with a dude who can't even, brother, drop the leg, brother. TNA's writing, brother, has been pretty bad for awhile now, brother. This feels like something that could only help them for a short period, brother, until that New Hulkster Smell wears off.

    Unless they're trying to build out their house show business and tour more to do meet 'n' greets with that guy and use him to build a bit of mainstream awareness, I don't see how this could make a big, lasting difference. Brother.

  6. @Nightshade386 It's quite versatile, hey?

    @N8R I don't even think he can do all of that without his hip going out on him.

    @TheJediRevan I haven't been a Hogan fan since I was a kid, but I'm not sure this is a mistake. For reasons that are beyond me, the man still sells. People will buy tickets and PPVs to see him. I don't get it.

    @Smartguy I wouldn't put that past Russo.

    @Arguello It's "Real American"!!! Don't knock TNA too hard. There is a TON wrong with it, but there's a lot of talent there too. Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, and even "The Phenomenal Homophone" AJ Styles. The X-Division is pretty awesome.

  7. @ray

    …..I can't believe I made that mistake.::takes walk of shame::

    I think TNA has plenty of talent its just everytime I watch it, It reminds me of Lesnar's shooting star press, "What in the hell are they thinking?"

  8. @raymond stereo

    Like I said — I don't think this is a single-swing game-changer. I don't think anyone save the Rock could make TNA a legit competitor.

    But, it's a bigtime move.

    I hope bischoff books this for a real decent program of strong angles, rather than a stupid egomaniacal tour. That being said, I don't believe that they WON'T have the book as 411 says now – no way Hogan lets Russo book him after the POS speech

  9. he will need a new song tho.

    Real American and American Made = wwe property now.

    It would be cool to hear that old American Made song, but I think it was part of the IP that WCW sold to Vinnie Mac

  10. @Arguello Agreed. The bookers and writers at TNA have brilliant talent to work with and sometimes come up with…crap.

    @N8R That was a criminal omission! How could I forget Kirk Angel?!?

    @jpkmets Maybe if he goes heel he can have Ronan Tynan sing "God Bless America (unless they're Jewish". Speaking of which, I did not see Tynan's heel turn coming.

  11. Ladies and gentleman, @Jeff Gerstmann has stopped by — he's a great man.

    @Jeff Gerstmann Yeah, it's totally short term. TNA fans are "smarter" than most WWE fans and I think they'll turn on Hogan after a few months. His offense was limited before. What is it now? Punch, punch, punch, clothesline?

    Is it a weird move? I dunno. TNA has done stranger things in the past.

  12. @R-Pad: It's the best pic ever and you know it!!

    On Topic: I've never been a Hogan fan, so my apathy towards this knows no bounds.

    The sad part is that YOU KNOW he's got a title run in his contract or else he wouldn't have signed. Hogan's got a huge ego and does not put young guys over. Especially the smaller young guys that are more or less featured in TNA's lineup. You know he's gonna end up taking the belt from someone awesome like AJ Styles, and then he'll eventually drop it to someone old and washed up like Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash or Sting. The only TNA guy (not former WWE/WCW guy) he might put over is Abyss, because the guy's bigger than the rest of the smallish roster. This is an awful move by TNA and is bound to backfire…might even splinter the locker room.

  13. Wait a minute…

    Hogan, Nash, Steiner, Sting, minus/maybe Scott Hall…

    Is anyone else smelling what I'm smelling?

  14. N8R, anyone could see that coming a mile away. Hogan's a 2 trick pony. It'll be "Real American" Hogan until the TNA fans turn on him after about 4 weeks (if that), at which point he'll try to save it with yet another NWO run. Of course, since Vince bought WCW, he owns the rights to the NWO, so they'll call it something else. But still…it's obvious.

  15. @Nightshade386 Nah, Shawn was overselling because Hogan used creative control to change their storyline. They were supposed to have two matches, with Hogan winning one at Summer Slam and HBK winning the next. Shawn even turned heel to help put Hogan over. Hogan didn't want to look weak, so he had the deal changed. Shawn oversold most of this match and buried Hogan on the mic the next night on Raw.

  16. @ Nightshade

    I applaud you stating the obvious point of my obvious claim in the first place. Of course you can see it from a mile away. I'm just saying, I pointed it out here first… not you. No need for unintentional animosity and debasement.

    Here's my next claim… Wolf Pack. 2 words, with a K. Of course… that's obvious too.

  17. I had to find an excerpt from HBK's promo on Hogan after his Summer Slam loss. It's pretty funny:

    "I really hate to admit it, but Hulk was the better man last night. I mean, did you see him? He was nimble, he was cat-like, and he was ever-so-quick. His ring prowess was so clearly superior to mine. And when it was over, I, like so many before me, fell victim to the Leg Drop o' Doom. One, two, three.

    OK, enough of that, now it's back to our regularly scheduled programming."

  18. i forget where i read it, but I think Vince Russo is actually losing his job over this deal. Apparently between his relationship with the Hulkster (brother) and some comments he made regarding a certain wrestler and a certain belt, he is on the fast track out as of next week.

    With this addition, as well as a rumored move to monday night for the show, we may be looking at a return to the Monday Night Wars. Competition is a good thing, without it I think the WWE just doesn't live up to it's potential. It's only when it's pushing the envelope to attract viewers that it has been at it's best.

  19. ahhhh, hulk hogan, one of the best entertainers in the wrestling industry. He also has a good choice for his intros. I would that song randomly on jeepney rides back in the philippines.

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