Xbox 360 Games Not Even Good Enough to Steal (in Japan)

Xbox 360 theft

A recent robbery of a videogame store in Moriyama, Japan revealed that Japanese thieves don’t care about the Xbox 360. Out of the 460 games stolen, only 20 were for the Microsoft console. Andriasang listed the complete breakdown:

  • PSP: 200 games
  • PS3: 140 games
  • Wii: 100 games
  • Xbox 360: 20 games

That’s just frickin’ hilarious. I know the Xbox 360 isn’t popular in Japan, but you know things are bad when thieves can’t be bothered to steal games for the system. Somewhere in Japan, a Microsoft executive is thinking, “Crap. We can’t even give these things away.”


Author: RPadTV

10 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Games Not Even Good Enough to Steal (in Japan)”

  1. Even the Wii games has beaten Xbox 360? This tells me there is more then one factor then just "popularity". Wii games suck IMO, Metroid and Mario are good but that's it.

  2. @thatboytitz

    What is it that you don't like about your 360? I personally have no problems with mine.

  3. @Greg Brown There are plenty of good Wii games that you probably haven't heard of or have forgotten about. Just look at the last few months: Muramasa, Little King's Story, Grand Slam Tennis, and Punch-Out!!. That's just off the top of my head.

    Also, keep in mind that the Xbox 360 is woefully unpopular in Japan. The thieves would have an easier time offloading Wii games than 360 games. That's just sound thievery.

  4. @Insomniacswaltz

    I mean its cool and all but the games feel way to over hyped than what they actually were…

    I get bored after one mission of gta IV

    halo single player isn't fun unless I play with a friend, multiplayer isn't that great either

    fable II couldn't finish it

    I mean I guess I got trained with games like ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, mario, and other games like that where I want a fufilling single player experience… and valve really spoiled me with tf2 on the pc :3

  5. On the 360, games I would steal that are exclusives,

    1. Halo


    3. Orange Box.

    4. Left 4 Dead



    7.Maybe Forza.

    8.Dead Rising. Unless the Wii game is better.

    9. Viva pinata

    10.Fable 2

    11.Viva pinata 2??

    That's all that made my list. They probably stole some over priced Add-ons. Like 20 dollar battery packs,$100 wireless adapter, $80 20gb hard drive.

    I know atleast 30-40 titles I would want for the Wii. And besides 53% of their Xbox's were probably out of commission.

  6. Funny how the system that isn't part of a japanese based corporation is woefully unpopular. Don't the Japanese have a disdain for non-japanese gaming anyway? They see it as hateful that some western company makes what they were famous for making for? I blame it on the Japanese for not liking things that aren't Japanese.

  7. for shame japanese thieves! for shame! but…i only have 5 games on my xbox 360 and 30 games on my ps3…for shame me? :(

  8. Gee, the Japanese don't like Gaijiin system? There's a shock. (note sarcasm here) I mean, these are the people who make other cultures look like caricatures in half their games…

  9. Just more proof of how much more advanced Japan is than the USA.

    Why is the USA the only powerful country where quality apparently means nothing?

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