Xbox 360 Games Not Even Good Enough to Steal (in Japan)

Xbox 360 theft

A recent robbery of a videogame store in Moriyama, Japan revealed that Japanese thieves don’t care about the Xbox 360. Out of the 460 games stolen, only 20 were for the Microsoft console. Andriasang listed the complete breakdown:

  • PSP: 200 games
  • PS3: 140 games
  • Wii: 100 games
  • Xbox 360: 20 games

That’s just frickin’ hilarious. I know the Xbox 360 isn’t popular in Japan, but you know things are bad when thieves can’t be bothered to steal games for the system. Somewhere in Japan, a Microsoft executive is thinking, “Crap. We can’t even give these things away.”


Author: RPadTV