Today’s Poll: Saved by the Bell!

Inspired by a tangent in one of our recent discussions, this is probably the most important question you’ll answer all year!

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Kelly Kapowski

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21 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Saved by the Bell!”

  1. none of the above

    as weve established earlier, the hottest girl was leah remini, aka stacey karosi

  2. Gots to be Kelly.Anyone buy Trine yet?Thinking on picking it up but there are so many disc based games I want to pick up.

  3. I think I would have voted Kapowski back in the day, but as a man today, I go with Jesse Spano.

    Also, if there was a hot girl draft — Lark Voorhees would have been a biust on the Jamarcus Russell level. Where is she now?

  4. @ jpkmets

    She was in How High with Method Man and Redman.

    With the exception of Mario Lopez Tiffani Theisan, that might be the most high profile thing any of them have done since Bell.

  5. @ Nightshade

    I thought you were joking until I looked him up on wikipedia.

    Apparently, it was called "Screeched" a.k.a. "Saved By The Smell" and features a dirty sanchez.

  6. @Ray or anyone

    Is there any way to reset Wii hardware?I noticed about a month ago the standby light was off on my wii I decided to check it out today and cant get any reaction from it,I kind of think its the power brick because it is cold but if the power converter or whatever inside is not drawing power it might be cold anyways.I was kind of thinking of getting rid of it to provide more funds for my ps3 games.Any ideas would be appreciated.

  7. @ Trikkey

    Call Nintendo. They're super cool.

    My Wii wouldn't play Brawl when I first got the game. I called the big N and within minutes I was able to tell them the problem. They said the laser needed re-calibrated and I needed send it in. They totally picked up the bill on the postage.

    I sent a letter with it explaining how I've been a life-long consumer of their products and owned every generation of console at one point. I also told them that my (then 6 year old) son was a huge fan too and totally loved their characters.

    When I got the Wii back (within 2 weeks) they also sent a limited edition Pokemon watch and keychain for my son… just for the hell of it.

    Nintendo has the best customer service of any console manufacturer.

  8. Lisa Turtle, a beautiful African-American teen, loved good looking boys and expensive clothing, but she herself was not sure as to which one she preferred most. She was easily the wealthiest of all of her friends in Bayside High, but sometimes she did not feel as though she was reaping the rewards of her good fortune. It was Sunday afternoon, and all of her friends, although poorer than she, were at the beach soaking up some rays and drinking colas, while she was stuck in the hospital emptying foul smelling bedpans and handing out magazines.

    Lisa did not do this volunteer work out of any great sense of compassion, nor out of any need to feel that she was giving back to the community. Her parents’ enthusiasm for that deftly made up for any lacking of hers in that department. How often they would grind in her ear about how fortunate they were, and how they should look for ways to help out the community that had been so good to them. It seemed to Lisa that they were feeling a little bit guilty about being relatively well-off. It is true that both of her parents had dreamed of becoming doctors when they grew up so that they could do some good in this world. It wasn’t their fault that the price of that dream was to be plagued with a pretty nifty income; every job has its pluses and minuses, after all. Lisa was all too familiar with their win-win lecture about how assisting in the hospital would not only be of benefit to others, but how valuable it would also be in mitigating her thoroughly selfish tendencies. In any case, from where she was standing, they were the surgeons getting all the praise and the glory, while she was merely Ms. Anonymous doing all the giving back for the family. One thing was for sure, Lisa felt that she was far too young to have benefitted so much from the world that it was already her time to have to pay back.

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