Raymond’s Random Rants

Yankee Stadium new

– I’m finally done with my “pay the bills” projects! One was charismatic and one was awesome. *snicker* The good news is that I’ll be able to sleep for more than four hours a night and next week I’ll be able to focus more time on the site.

– I hope the rain doesn’t drown out the Yankee game tonight. I’m kind of bummed that it won’t be Yankees/Dodgers in the World Series. That would have been a nice story — Joe Torre and Don Mattingly taking on their old team.

– John Morrison’s Starship Pain is such an awesome move. I love watching him perform it. That and Evan Bourne’s shooting star press are currently my two favorite finishers in WWE.

– I’m thrilled that Nigel McGuiness is getting a big push in TNA, but his new name (Desmond Wolfe) is stupid. Another brilliant idea from Vince Russo. Oy.

Motorola Droid BGR

– Verizon’s Motorola Droid is getting some hot previews. The Droid is the first American Android phone with a good CPU. Unfortunately, the early previews say that the keyboard isn’t so great. *sigh* I’m still waiting for my dream phone — an Android device (with a great CPU and a great keyboard) on T-Mobile with UMA.

– Totally bummed that Kelly Pavlik’s fight with Paul Williams is off. Apparently he was in really bad shape after an allergic reaction to some meds. His temperature was over 104 and his heart rate was at 150 bpm. I know this is the second time the fight was postponed (probably cancelled at this point), but that’s some serious stuff right there. Hopefully he’ll be able to bounce back in 2010. Pavlik’s first fight with Jermain Taylor was crazy fun.

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