Coffee Talk #9: Is Peter Molyneux Hurting Project Natal?

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Peter Molyneux is one of the most polarizing figures in game development. He talks big and dreams big, but a lot of gamers believe that his games do not live up to the hype. Whether it’s deserved or not, he has a reputation for over-promising and under-delivering. With that in mind, is he really the best person to be pushing Microsoft’s motion controller, Project Natal?

Fable III

Molyneux recently revealed that Fable 3 will have support for Natal. He mesmerized the crowd at E3 2009 with his Milo virtual indentured servant boy demo for Natal. Microsoft seems happy with having him be one of the project’s faces, but I question if he’s the best man for the job. There’s no doubt that he’s one of the most ambitious and creative people in game development, so it’s easy to argue that he’s a good choice for an ambitious and creative endeavor like Natal. However, he has that pesky reputation. A lot of hardcore gamers already have issues with Natal, so maybe using the “over-promising under-delivering” guy to push it isn’t the smartest thing to do.

What do you think? Does Molyneux’s heavy involvement with hurt or help Project Natal? Is it better to have a dreamer like Molyneux pushing the project? Or would it be wiser to use a high profile developer that delivers results that are much closer to their hype?

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  1. peter molyneaux made the "big splash" this year for microsoft at their presser, no one decided to mention that most of what was shown was staged and totally impossible

    didnt you go to e3 ray?

    you must have seen milo in the microsoft tent, right?

    what did you think? Were they being conspicuously protective of milo?

    I just dont understand what the hell everyone was seeing that blew them away so much

  2. I don't think it hurts the project at all. If he can figure something out that utilizes what it is and can sell it, then so be it. I think Molyneux is privy to more info than other developers aside from Rare when it comes to what Natal is, does and what MS hopes it to be.

    Full disclosure: never buying Natal.

  3. Natal is aimed at causal gamers who don't normally keep track of things like this, so I guess having a dreamer like Molyneux is a good move. His charisma should make him a great spokesmen towards the casual market.

  4. ok so i just went over to the feed for a second, have you seen these jokers they brought in to replace us?

    its like saved by the bell, the new class

    btw, if you are wondering, im johnny dakota, the loose cannon hollywood movie star that tries to get kelly high and bang her out

  5. @thundercracker

    I will be Max Morehead, your rival and drinking buddy. I will also try to get kelly high and bang her out but will have indeed settle for the other hot chick who will do skin flicks.

  6. @RPad. It really seems like a two part story. with Peter being one of the most ambitious guys in the industry he seems only right for a job like that. If any developer is excited about Natal it's definitely him and his team.

    I will agree with you that core gamers are very skeptical of his promises. that said though Natal seems to be pointed at a casual demographic that likely doesn't know Molynuex. at least not on the same level as someone like you, I or anyone here on this site. I don't know who they could have touted at e3 to get my interest though. even if Bioware was showing off Natal I'd still be pretty skeptical of its capabilities.

  7. @Thunder, it's totally saved by the bell. from what I've noticed though traffic on Morning Hangover has really dropped off. well, it has in the morning anyway

  8. @Thunder I used to love that show. I'd watch it every day after going to real school all day. I remember the first couple of times I saw that episode where they made the commercial I thought it was just a cigarette they found in the bathroom. that was bad enough for me at that age, lol.

  9. Molyneux has always reminded me a bit of a snake oil salesman, or the Wizard from the Wicked chronology. Sells you on all the things it can do, and when you get it, it's random what it does, but it sure as shit doesn't do all he said. Already skeptical enough about Natal and the need to jump around my living room…

  10. LOL that is awesome.

    At least we weren't power rangers. I'd hate to surmise which of us went into gay porn and which of us killed people on a yacht.

  11. Did you really bring up Saved by the Bell, The New Class? There is no way that show compares to Zach and the original crew stomping around Bayside.

  12. @larcenouslaugh

    Ya, just like the people on the Feed now don't compare to the crew that was there before Rpad left

  13. Oh ha. Missed that part of the referrence lol. I felt sorry for Dustin Diamond having to stay on since he had nothing else going for him.

  14. Oh crap… I still post over there… that means I'm Screech… aww hell… going to have to grow a Klepek fro now….

  15. Guys, Best Buy and Toys R Us are having another buy 2 get 1 game free sale starting Monday and lasting til the end of the month. Unfortunately, I'm low on cash now so I can't take advantage of this deal. If I could, I would get Ratchet & Clank, Demon's Souls, and Tekken 6. Maybe you guys can take advantage of this deal.

  16. @RROD, last time Best Buy did something like this they let you use it on pre-buys as well. If I could get demon's Souls, Assassin's Creed 2 and Dragon Age I'd be in on it. maybe Borderlands too

  17. As far as Peter M. goes, if he promises something for Natal then that means it won't happen.

  18. @Shockwave

    If they let you do pre-orders then I'll find the money from somewhere. I'll look into that.

  19. I think it's bs this Best buy deal ends 3 days before Dragon Age… I've got a buddy who works there I need to put a call in and ask him about pre-buys… I'll let you guys know

  20. if i can preorder stuff im all over that best buy deal

    mw2, assassins creed and god of war hd

  21. Peter Molyneux is a tool, douche, and al out liar.

    the games from bullfrog were ok, but anything he touches or speaks about will ultimately be a complete waste of money for the people that expect what he says to be true.

    If there were ONE person in the video game industry you could punch dead in the face HE would be my choice.

    I believed his LIES about Fable and was completely let down after 3 days of playing, and beating the game. I swore no more, and Fable II came out years later, even up to the date of release I had no plans on buying the waste of time, but reviews and word of mouth wore me down and I bought the game. I am STILL unable to finish his glitchy bug strewn mess after 2 restarts and clearing my cache. My wife was only able to complete the game after restarting 3 times…

    Now they talk about Fable 3 and hint and in game stores using micro transactions? lol no thanks..second times the charm with this prick…

  22. @Hrolf, My favorite Molyneux game was Black and White. for the PC. of course back then I was too young to know what he promised before it came out so I didn't have any expectations. I feel like playing it again actually

  23. @Thundercracker I did go to E3, but I didn't get the behind-closed-doors demo. I wasn't impressed with Milo. During the MS press conference live blog I wrote, "Milo fails at life. I want to kick his @ss."

    @Sandrock323 Natal is certainly geared towards casual gamers, but what I'm asking really is if Molyneux's involvement really pushes aside enthusiasts. A lot of hardcore gamers already have issues with Natal. Is Molyneux the final nail in the coffin for these people?

    @Hrolf So you're not a fan of Peter M?

    @Everyone Kelly was SO hot on 'Bell.

  24. @RROD thanks for the heads up. Going to have to ceck the budget, maybe I can swing it this time cause I missed it last time. Uncharted 2 is coming home this weekend regardless.

  25. @Rpad… so hot, of course when I was a kid I though Alicia Silverstone was hot too. looking back I wonder why I thought that about them. looking at those 2 now I really wonder. it was satisfying to finally see Kelly's boobs somewhere on the internet. it's like completing a life project you started when you were little.

    @RROD and everyone. Got a text out to my buddy from Best Buy. I'll keep you posted. Best Buy isn't open here in Denver yet otherwise I'd put a call in there

  26. @Ray… Kelly Kapowski was hawt. That was also back when Jesse Spano was something more then a cult movie joke thanks to Showgirls.

  27. @LarcenousLaugh

    Dude, you must buy Uncharted 2 by any means possible. Trust me, it's that good.

  28. 90210 was ho kelly, as opposed to pure kelly. Not that there isn't a place for a good ho, but she was a bad ho, and no one really wants a bad ho, unless you're ho desperate, but that's a different ho story in itself.

  29. @Everyone

    I forget her name but I think the black girl was the hottest girl on Save by the Bell.

  30. Lisa Turtle… well, her bell name anyways., I think she was Lark Voochies or something like that. it was weird. she was pretty hot though

  31. I liked syndicate wars and populace. black and white was ok, but the mouse controls were difficult. loved slapping the beast around though.

  32. that was lisa turtle, portrayed by actress lark vorhees

    and you are wrong

    the hottest one was leah remini, who later went on to star in king of queens

    i just like the italian chicks, call me biased

  33. @Hrolf. I loved F&##ing with the villagers. raining destruction on their homes was just about my favorite thing to do. I liked rolling a boulder through town and watching it pummel people and Sheep… ya, I'm messed up

  34. @Thunder,

    Wow I didn't realize that was the same chick. she was hot. is it just me though or did she get about as big as Kevin James later on in The King of Queens?

  35. I had forgotten how much fun Dungeon keeper was too.

    Anyone know if you could actually fight the avatar from the Ultima series in his game or was that another lie he spread?

  36. if leah got fat, i must have missed it

    i love me some stacy karosi, malibu sands beach club for the win

  37. @Hrolf. ah good and evil. I think the guy from no punctuation has a point with the way good and evil is portrayed in games. That might be a good coffee discussion.

    games today it's too easy to say I'll be like Jesus or I'll be a murderous villain and tyrant. some of the evil decisions I've made in games would probably have hitler thinking twice.

    I wish the lines in games were gray. like the real world. I liked that about the last splinter cell. it was really hard to make choices because they weren't good or evil but you had to weigh the outcome vs reward

  38. best buy live blog

    on the phone with best buy, btw

    been on hold for 5 minutes

    oh wait, im not talking to megan, shes not sure about the buy 2 get 1 free deal

    i get the feeling megan doesnt know jack about games

    wow, she put me back on hold to check it out

    she says that she wont know until the ad comes out next week

    but now im confused, cause even i know that they are doing that, several people have told me that already

    theyll hire anyone at best buy…megan is stupid, but she sounds hot, and isnt that whats really important?

  39. @Thuder – yeah she was the biker chick that started attending bayside and went out with zach and then magically disappeared by the end of the year. I think her name was Tori. She was pretty sweet too.

    @Shockwave – there should be more grey, but most people don't get that good and evil are all points of view. They see the black and white of things, and it's easier to program a good solution and an evil solution then to plan out a grey solution. It's one of the reasons I am interested in The Old Republic. With Bioware saying that your choices would follow you, I think it's going to come closer to that grey distinction then other games have.

  40. @Everyone Lark Voorhies and Jason Voorhees are not related. You probably figured this out by noticing that their last names are spelled differently.

    Anyone up for Hrolf and Molyneux in a steel cage? Maybe Hell in a Cell?

  41. tori did nothing for me, i was talking about stacey karosi, after they graduated, they went to work at the malibu sands beach club, and stacey was the boss' daughter

    tori might have actually been a dude

    and come to think of it, tori spelling was pretty god damn hot in that show, something about the nerd look….

  42. As a weird side thought to the good evil conversation, I think I am one of those weird gamers with an over inflated sense of justice that feels genuinely bad for making evil decisions lol. I had a hard time going through inFamous making the choice to damn people instead of save them, and good lord, blowing up Megaton was a chore in itself. Maybe it's me, but I just hate staring those pixels in the eye and telling them to make their time because I have every zig for great justice.

  43. @Thunder… you're right, I had them confused. She was the chick in the two episodes where they worked at the Beach. 30 lashes.

  44. wow, she did get fat….

    one last thought on saved by the bell

    i think we can all agree that jessie spano sucked

    im so excited, im so…scared (sob)

  45. @ larcenous, I never cared for the biker chick. she wasn't as hot as kelly and that frustrated me. stupid Zach Morris

    Also, I do think games need more gray. maybe good/evil is easy to program but I want those developers to challenge themselves. You know what game might have more of a gray aspect? Heavy Rain. I sure hope it does anyway.

  46. Blowing up Megaton was difficult for me, but not shooting the bums outside begging for water in the back of the head oddly enough.

  47. I happened to like Fable & Fable 2. I tend to not get caught up in the hype of what Peter Molyneux says though because I know his reputation for over-promising. I think that's ok from the standpoint that he's a dreamer, and we need more of those these days. Too many cynics in this world, myself included.

    So no, I don't think Molyneux's involvement tapers my interest in Netal so much as I haven't seen much in the way of practical application that interests me. I can see the potential, but until I see the games that I want to play, I'm not buying it.

    @R-Pad: So I beat the Mickie James Storyline last night. I found it ironic that Trish Stratus was unlockable after you beat it considering how much it mirrored how Mickie broke into WWE. Also, when The King said, "Maybe if you dressed like me you'd be a better commentator" to Michael Cole, I lol'd pretty hard. All in all, pretty good. I'll play HBK's next.

    FYI – Chris Jericho's storyline from last year's was by far the best one in the game. BY FAR.

    @Shockwave: Best part about Black & White was walking into the room while roommate was playing it, not knowing anything about it and saying, "Dude, why are you spanking that monkey?"

  48. Tori spelling is in the same boat as Jessica Simpson, quite thrilling to look at but ear bleedingly dumb. If she could learn to communicate in a fashion that let her mouth participate in other less demure activities I think it would elevate her status in my book. Sexist, but true.

  49. @LarcenousLaugh: I tend to play games with morality choices in them at least twice in most cases just to get the full experience. But you're right, it's hard to make the evil choices sometimes. Although for me, it really depends on the game. For example: I could not bring myself to harvest little girls in Bioshock. No way, no how. But becoming a Sith Lord in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic…absolutely!!

  50. On Wrestling – I have always had a problem with Michael Cole since he started in the WWE. I remember actually watching Saturday Morning Superstars when it was hosted by Todd Pettengill, and then they slowly started working Cole into all of Todd's spots until one day it was Michael and not Todd. I think the lack of explanation and the "well you liked one white guy, try this one" attitude really turned me off to his commentary. I keep hoping that one day Tazz will Tazzplex him through the spanish annouce table.

  51. you know those venders in fallout with the 3 headed bulls?

    i murdered and jacked all of them, AND i blew up megaton, and had a wedding day massacre (kill bill style) in rivet city. I did some messed up stuff, when i play those games, i turn into patrick bateman.

  52. haha, brilliant Nightshade. I was known to rough my creature up a bit.

    @Hrolf – the evil achievements were probably the easiest to get in Fallout 3. even if I accidentally made a benevolent decision I could always go outside and shoot a bum.

  53. wow… people talking about having trouble blowing up Megaton and harvesting the girls on Bioshock is suddenly starting to make me feel like I am evil

  54. @Hrolf

    Peter M. would totally beat you. He would promise to piledrive you to the mat and then give you a diving elbow off the top rope. Then he would promise to give you the People's Elbow and pin you in less than 30 seconds.

  55. @Thunder. Ya, I'd sell everything to them and then kill em and jack all my stuff and their stuff and leftover money

  56. @Ray – don't all PS3 games have to support trophies, though hearing that it does makes me smile inside. Something to show what a final fantasy nerd I really am… a shame they dont have retro trophy support. Would have certainly had a trophy for excessive blitzball playing.

  57. i thought trophies were mandatory for all ps3 games now….

    maybe i read that wrong?

  58. @Shockwave – you aren't evil, just morally grey (Noah Bennett anyone lol). In a game where there is no morality system (GTA, Carmageddon [points for running over pedestrains and cows together]) I have no issues being an ass. But the moment you give me a choice, I am a complete hero.

  59. @R-Pad

    I don't think there is a person how could not turn core gamers away from it. Molyneux is really the best one for the job in this case. Sure there will be gamers that don't take his every word to be true, but maybe that is for the better. Maybe, Microsoft is trying to hint at the core market that this isn't for them, but still grab their attention. In that case he is the best for the job and the people he does turn away, most likely would have whether he was involved or not. Plus, Molyneux makes promises he can't keep "now", but tries to make them happen in future games. Any promise he makes about Natal might not happen off the bat or even this gen, but you can bet he will make it happen eventually. Which is good for Natal since it looks like something Microsoft intends to carry over or improve upon with the next gen.

  60. to anyone waiting to buy ff8 on psn

    According to a comment by Mike Kebby (PlayStation Store Team, SCEE) in the latest PlayStation Store update, Europeans can expect to be able to purchase the game in the next few weeks. No word on a date for North America, but it is likely Sony and Square Enix will be releasing the game close to one another for both regions.

    Likely North America as Well

    im really dying to play part 8 again

  61. @Nightshade – 100%. I thought the way they did Blitzball in FFX-2 was a sham compared to the game in FFX. I spent probably a good 20-30 hours playing blitzball on my game before moving over to my friends and rocking his league for him. The fact that they made one of the ultimate weapons winable in a match was too good for words.

  62. hahaha, Carmageddon was amazing. half the time I didn't even race I would just drive around jacking stuff up


    I would grab him one handed and Choke Slam the tool, pick him back up and give him the tombstone piledriver, finishing him off with the last ride…..

  64. @Thundercracker: I'll just pop my trusty copy of FFVIII into my PS2. Backwards compatibility FTW!!

    FYI: FFVIII is by far my favorite of the series. I know most FF fans think I'm nuts, but I really never cared for VII all that much.

  65. @Nightshade: Hell if I remember the names. I think the only person I kept from the original team was Tidus. I used him and a Guado as forwards, I completely forget who I used as a center, two Kimari's as defenders and ended up with a free agent acquisition from one of the other teams for a goalie (Nemus, or something along those lines, his goal stat was the tits and he was the only one that ever gave me any type of trouble) Would routinely trounce the other teams. Tidus' super kick was out of this world, especially when it would turn the ball invisible.

  66. you know what the best wrestling move ever was (besides the perfect plex)?

    the juvi driver

    juventud guerrerra ( im sure i screwed that name up)

  67. i loved both 7 AND 8, but i am beginning to hate physical media

    ive been burning all my dvds to my hard drive so i can just stream them. Using your computers hard drive as a dvr for the block!!

  68. FFVIII was great, but I always thought it was to short in comparison. I never really got into the card game either. I liked VII but I spent more time chocobo farming/racing/breeding then anything else.

    @Hrolf – The Tombstone is the defacto finisher of finishers. By saying that you would follow that with anything short of a pin is denying it the greatness it deserves. The Last Ride is alright, but anyone can deliver a powerbomb, only the Undertaker gives you the Tombstone. (side note – Sweet Chin Music has always been a personal favorite, more for it's versatility then anything else. Also, no one quite revs up the band better then HBK)

  69. @ Thunder – I do the same. I have about 200 movies ripped and about 500 Tv shows as well. I'm considering hooking up an external HDD with all that to my PS3 so I don't have to stream anymore. video can be so unreliable on a wireless network.

  70. @ LarcenousLaugh: Prolly Nimrook from the Al Bhed. He was the best goalie in the game. I would always pick up all my players first before I'd start playing a bunch of games. Svanda was the shit because she was really meant to be a forward, but had a good enough defense to play in the back. But you could basically sneak her up as a 4th attacker.

    My wife used to hate Blitzball. She's play the one mandatory match and never go back to it. Then I taught her how to play and how to trick out her squad. Now she loves it.

  71. I havent watched wrestling since they broke the teams and groups up. I was so mad. its hard to get back into it since i dont know when its on, or what channel, not that we get more then 4 channels anymore lol.

  72. on RPG games I never cared for Pazaak much on Kotor. one of my favorite games of all time but if I wanted to play blackjack I would

  73. @ LarcenousLaugh yea its been quite the years since i watched, those were all i could remember.

  74. @Hrolf

    You both can't win so somebody is lying. Now, if I could only tell who the liar is.

  75. @Thunder – the PerfectPlex was always an excellent choice. I think the best finishers are both the ones that combine good build-up with use anywhere versatility. I love when you know there coming and then they shock you with how they deliver it.

  76. The Doom's Day Device by the Road Warrior's was the best finisher of all time. Several guys got seriously hurt from that move.

  77. @Nightshade – That's exactly who is was. Nimrook… I remember counting the games until he came into free agency and then running to where he was to pick him up.

  78. i just love mr perfect

    nothing beat his cheesy sports leadins, where hed hit a home run, or a hole in one, or a half court shot

    that dude pissed excellence, hes the billy mitchell of wrestling

  79. @rrod

    i remember the doomsday device, if the recipient didnt execute a perfect back flip, there was a serious chance of landing on their neck

    that move would never ever fly today

  80. I love a good submission finisher. The Sharpshooter and Lion Tamer (for some reason he just dosen't go as far back with the Walls) were my favs, followed closely by the Tazzmission and the Crossface (both crippler and chicken-wing varities).

    For pure versatility, probably the Stunner or the Diamond Cutter (even though DDP was an ass).

    Just wow factor – Billy Kidman's Seven Year Itch/Marc Mero's Wild Thing (shooting star press), The Spear (while Edge knows how to really lay his body into it, nothing quite compares with Goldberg's crouch build up to the move)

  81. @RROD another $100 plus addon for versatility already in my PS3. About time they finally added the option of one, but I don't see my roommates 360 being used for more Mass Effect and Netflix.

  82. @Thundercracker

    Ha! Mr. Perfect was my favorite wrestler when I was a kid. I loved the sports lead ins. I especially loved the one where he was on the football field and threw the football and ran down the field and caught it too. Absolutely Perfect!

  83. Well, he is older then I am by a number of years so I have age on my side, I am probably taller at 6'4 AND have him on weight, plus i dont sit in a chair all day trying to figure out how best to deceive gamers. I have spent a number of years doing staged combat with real swords and shields and that sort for ren fairs as well as movie promotions. While I try to maintain a non violent lifestyle, there are just some people that deserve a beat down. I think I could take him.

  84. @RROD: It was inevitable honestly. I'm glad I never bought the HD-DVD attachment for my 360. While some people may disagree with Microsoft offering HD-DVD as an attachment as opposed to part of the full package like Sony did with Blu-Ray, I never saw the point of owning either until one movie format won out over the other. I mean, if HD-DVD had won out, half of the PS3's functionality would be about as useful as a paperweight. And while multiple gaming consoles have always existed on the market, the movie industry has never had a history of supporting multiple new technologies at once. It was inevitable that either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD would be the next form of media, and the other would go the way of the laser disc.

  85. @LarcenousLaugh

    The pricing will definitely be an issue and knowing M$ I'm sure it will be more than $100. I don't know, this could also bite them in the butt because this will be another plus for the PS3. For the Xbox you pay $299 and have to spend another $100 if you need wi-fi and now another $150~$200 for Blu-Ray while the PS3 has all of that built in for $299. That just makes the PS3 look even better. This will be tricky for MS.

  86. I remember when Scott Steiner first rolled out the hurricurana in the WWE with his brother as the Fraknesteiner. The first time I saw that I nearly flipped myself lol.

  87. @Hrolf

    It was all a joke and you didn't get it. My point was that he promised to do all of that stuff to you and he won't deliver as usual. Get it?

  88. holy crap, i step into a business law class to present case study and come back to find the thread has evolved into hot chicks, dumb best buy employees, Hrolf is fighting Molyneux on a ppv, and wrestling. BEST. BLOG. EVER.

  89. HD-DVD was done the moment the pr0n decided to invest in Blu-ray. Same thing happened with Beta and VHS.

    @RROD – the pricing will no doubt be higher, I just figured a $100 would be a good starting point considering it's that much just for the wireless adapter.

  90. @RROD – Quite true. However, in my younger years, the only wrestling organization I recognized was the WWE (or WWF back then). The Steiners would roll out in their college letterman jackets and wreck house. It wasn't the Frankensteiner till WCW, but it sure was magic.

  91. i don't know if pr0n was the actual death knell for HD-DVD. It did mean that there was one less entertainment sector available…but who the hell pops in a movie for that stuff anymore? I'm fine with the net.

  92. @Larcenous

    Scott Steiner was the man. Frankensteiner was the best move I had ever seen when I was in my younger days. Still to this day it was amazing for a guy that big to pull it off.

  93. @Ray – Had I talked with Steve Richards, I would have told him that he kick was better too lol. Speaking of Superkicks – worst superkick presentation was Wrestlemania 2k for the N64. Good lord, they made him look like he had popped his leg out of his socket to do it.

  94. Speaking of the Steiners, have you guys seen Rick lately. He really let himself go. He looks horrible now.

  95. @RROD, I mentioned this on Ray's post earlier. but anyway I don't need Bluray add on for 360. Why would I when I already have a PS3. I doubt they can make it a price worth it for Xbox customers who don't have PS3. wouldn't you just buy a PS3 if you wanted bluray?

    Tell me when the Zune marketplace is offering 1080p streaming movies. That's what I really want

  96. lol RROD, yes I completely missed the joke, but I did enjoy the mental show in my head of choking Peter M. though in my defense, I only got about 2.5 hours of sleep and have about 20 hours to go before I can sleep again.

  97. by the way Apple. Zune is now pushing the market. it's time to start offering 1080p movies yourselves.

  98. @Raymond Padilla

    So true about Scott Steiner. He can barely leave his feet now. His increase in size has made him stiff.

    Speaking of who has the better variation of a move, Edge should be banned from doing a Spear. Goldberg should kick his butt for messing up his move. Goldberg ran through people while Edge just runs up to someone, stop short and they both fall to the mat.

  99. @RROD: The difference is that Edge knows how to wrestle and doesn't hurt people. Goldberg was terrible. The guy lost a fight to Chris Jericho for realz backstage.

  100. @RRODisHere Funny you mention that about the spear. Reader @jpkmets and I were really tight when I was living in NY. We loved WCW and WWE, but he was more of a WCW mark and I was more of a WWE mark. I jokingly mocked Goldberg's spear. I'd tell him, "Yeah, Goldberg spears, but Edge spears powerfully. When Edge does it, I actually believe it hurts."

    Good times.

    @Nightshade386 Very true. Goldberg ended Bret Hart's career. He should be shot (in the shoulder or leg) for that.

  101. Yeah, Goldberg hurt bret but at that time Bret was like a bitter old man who couldn't accept change. He thought that people like him were the only ones who could be champ. Passing the torch to Stone Cold was one of the best moves in WWE history.

  102. @Ray – completely agree with you about Edge's spear. I was at a show the first time he let it loose in the ring (both Christian and Gangrel were in the ring with him) and he completely left his feet and went paralel to the matt. It was probably the single most glorious spear I have ever seen.

  103. Ahh JBL… how far you have come since you used to play poker and swill beer behind a fake door. God those were the days lol.

  104. Molyneux promises the World and brings you New Jersey…dirty…trash filled and not as great as NY. I love his passion but even Fable II didn't follow through with all that was supposed to be in "Project Ego." Natal has me intrigued nonetheless…I just wanna see what you can do with it…though I kinda dug Milo, I am sure will be a shadow of what is promised.

  105. Yeah, I tend to dislike anything involving JBL as a matter of principle. I don't think he's the greatest worker in the business. But having him attack Shawn Michaels with a cowbell is pretty priceless. The heel in me just loves that.

  106. @TheJediRaven – North Jersey sir, it's like bringing you North Jersey. South Jersey is actually pretty clean and nice, not counting the Pine Barrens, but then even the Jersey Devil needs some space. *The previous statement was brought to you by LL's wife*

  107. @LarcenousLaugh

    I will give you that. I used to live in a Suburb of Philly so I will give South Jersey a pass. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

  108. Yeah my wife always said that North Jersey was just a suburb of New York and South Jersey's a suburb of Philly. She's an Igles fan too. I'm just glad my Dolphins don't end up playing her Igles. That would be ugly.

  109. @Nightshade386 Gotta have more cowbell baby!

    @TheJediRevan That's an awesome analogy. I will quote that one day.

    @LarcenousLaugh Camden is not clean and nice.

  110. @Ray – never been there. My Jesey experience is relegated solely to Vineland, Berlin (and their Auction), the Pine Barreney places, and Ocean City (which was funny because it was off season and completely empty). I will take your word on that though.

  111. @anyone

    Has anyone heard about Army of Two multiplayer being locked up for a month if you don't pre-order? How many sales will that cost it? How do they account for the people who won't play it online? A famous quote comes to mind: "Big mistake".

  112. @Ray – he did suffer as he got bigger. The dynamic that always worked best was for Rick to be the bear and Scott the technician. They were never better then they were in the beginning.

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