Raymond’s Random Rants!

Derek Jeter– How awesome are the Yankees looking right now? I don’t want to jinx it, but the team’s confidence reminds me of the great Yankee teams of the late ’90s. I was still living in NY when they were snatching up World Series — kind of weird to think that I’ve been watching Jeter, Rivera, and Posada their entire MLB careers.

– I know a lot of you are down on WWE right now, but I really can’t say enough about SmackDown. Jericho is doing his best work ever (though he’s on both shows most weeks) and it’s great seeing future stars like John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler develop. The Harty Dynasty should develop into something good, especially Tyson Kidd. I dig Cryme Tyme, but have to admit I’m biased because Shad Gaspard is geek chick (dude loves his comics!).

– Btw, I was toying with the idea of live blogging RAW on Monday. Anyone interested?

– This Google Wave video of Pulp Fiction just cracks me up. I’ve watched it like ten times in the last day. I haven’t gotten my Wave invite yet, but a few of my friends have…which makes me extremely jealous.

– Boxing fans, don’t forget that Showtime’s “Super Six” tournament starts today! The pugilists involved in this round-robin tourney are Mikkel Kessler, Arthur Abraham, Jermain Taylor, Andrew Ward, Carl Froch, and Andre Dirrell. I love boxing, but its problems with sanctioning bodies and promoters have truly screwed the sport’s prominence. I’m amazed that Showtime was able to pull this off.

Motorola Cliq

– T-Mobile’s Motorola Cliq, featuring Google Android, has been getting some decent reviews. After the amazing success of the RAZR, Motorola has become something of a joke in the mobile world. The Cliq might be the start of its comeback…or it might be too little too late. Personally, I’m waiting for an Android phone that uses a strong processor…or an iPhone that doesn’t run on AT&T (a keyboard would be nice too!)

That’s enough of my ranting! What’s on your mind this Saturday?

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  1. Nothing really. I was able to convince my girlfriend that it is way too early for me to measure stuff on our new house for christmas lights. I'm taking the victory and probably just gonna relax most of the day.

    New experience last night: A friend was over and he wanted to play CoD4 on my xbox. I said sure. He was shocked that I was only level 3. Truth be told I don't care for the multiplayer that much. I prefer games with vehicles and destruction. Anyway, he was playing and leveling up and one map (hardcore mode) he owned this same guy about 5 times in a row fairly quickly. I get a message from said person who had a bad run of luck. It was some 13 year old boy calling me a faggot (my account name anyway) telling me my name is stupid and that I have no life and that I hope I feel better about killing him. He then told me to suck (read this phoenetically, he said it wrong) PI-NIS. That's right, a 13 year old kid on xbox live told me I suck penis and couldn't even say it right. My friend thought it was lol funny. He responded back with a text reply that was just a smiley face. The kid sent me another reply immediately telling me I'm emo and a noob.

    I'm done lol.

  2. @Smartguy Ahhhh, kids these days.

    @Thundercracker Ha! I liked Moose. In general, I prefer brainy pitchers to fireballers. Maddux was such a joy to watch in his prime.

  3. I liked Drew McIntyre last night. I think he has potential. I think he would greatly benefit from a different name though. Drew McIntyre sounds like a member of a boy band. I still have a huge problem with C.M. Punk being World Champ. He's unworthy. World Champs are supposed to be ticket sellers. Nobody buys a ticket to see C.M. Punk and nobody would miss him if he was released. There's no way I'm buying a PPV with C.M. Punk as one of the headliners.

  4. I want to know why developers agree to exclusives. I just don't understand how they are good for anyone but the console makers. It seems to me they are bad for developers and publishers, and I know they are bad for gamers. Ray, can you provide me some insights? I'm thinking about games like infamous that would have sold so much better if those of us without a ps3 could have bought a copy.

  5. @pastorscott19 Money and relationships. Console companies often "buy" exclusives. In the case of inFamous, Sucker Punch has a pretty long history with Sony. The company has been developing console games exclusively for PlayStation systems for some time. In general, companies like Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, and Insomniac get better support and more access to resources than multiplatform developers.

    @RRODisHere I agree on Drew. I think he's very good, but don't see him going past the Intercontinental Champion level. Morrison and, to a lesser extent, Ziggler have the opportunity to be headliners. Then again, I could be totally wrong. I thought Marty Janetty was the better Midnight Rocker.

    I disagree on Punk. When he was a face, he was getting a pretty big pop from the live crowds. As a heel, people love rooting against him and his straight-edge rants. I also like his style in the ring. I've been a fan of punk since his Ring of Honor days and I'm happy to see him be so successful.

  6. I always thought Mark Wohlers was great. That guy brought the heat. Glavine was fun to watch as well. I agree with Maddux in his prime. The guy was a phenom.

    I know he caught some shit, but John Rocker was a good pitcher in my opinion.

    Now I instantly like any pitcher who is big or overweight.

  7. @Smartguy Wohlers was fun to watch later in his career…when he'd suddenly forget how to pitch. Man, Maddux…I know a lot of fans don't like to watch this kind of thing, but I'd be amazed when he'd throw like an 89 pitch complete game with no walks — just ridiculous.

    In general, I support any overweight athlete. CC made a nice defensive move last night, which was particularly impressive for a man his size.

  8. I'm trying to debate on whether I should finally break down and buy a Zune HD or not. I really want a dedicated MP3 player (instead of relying on my SLVR which uses iTunes [and I've come to hate iTunes after using it for a while now]), but I'm not sure if I should get one now or wait till models with more memory come out. Plus, it could just be that I'm bored as hell with no one to play ODST with and MW2 still weeks away. Can Turn 10 release FORZA 3 tomorrow so I will have something to hold me over?

  9. I watch some boxing now and then.Wrestling and baseball cant get into either one of those.Football and basketball for me.

  10. @R-Pad

    Video seems pointless as I could just watch it on my PC instead, apps I'm not really sure about, but the web browser I can definitely see myself using.

  11. @Sandrock323 Video is nice if you travel frequently. The quality and choice beats out most in-flight entertainment.

    @Trikkey The Pistons got me with Kelly Tripucka and kept me with Joe Dumars.

  12. Had to look up Tripucka.According to Wiki hes a scout for the Knicks now.Theres a tie in to NY for ya.Think my favorite sun was probably Barkley.For his game and personality great entertainer if nothing else lol.

  13. @Sandrock

    Just go with the Ipod Touch. I know you don't like Itunes but as far as web browsers go, you can't go wrong with it. ZuneHD is pretty cool though. My sister picked one up. Only 2 complaints I have about it are the fact the unit seems slow and the lack of a deep app store.

  14. @Trikkey My favorite Sun ever was Tom Chambers. There was a 1.5-year stretch when he was the best white man in the NBA. He could drain threes and drunk.

    @Smartguy Agreed on your points about the iPhone/iPod Touch. The screen on the Zune is pure hotness, but I love Safari on iPhone and the app selection is awesome.

  15. I have decided that I am still going to get MW2. The single player campaign should be epic. I'm sure I will enjoy the multiplayer until Christmas rolls around. From Christmas eve on, the multiplayer will go downhill because all the kids will get the game for Christmas. At least I get a month right?

  16. @ Smartguy

    I'm gonna pass on MW2. I wasn't really a huge fan of ant COD really, and I fear the single player will be short (barring difficulty). I'm not so much in to graphics being that I can still have alot of fun with Genesis games.

    @ Sandrock

    If you hate iTunes, you probably won't think highly of the Zune Marketplace either. I understand the whole "iPods are trendy" thing but if that's the only complaint people have… I'm still baffled. It's to the point where people say Apple is trendy!?!

    Dude, look at the sales numbers between Mac's and Windows based PC's and tell me which seems more trendy. I think the debate comes from the PC side because Mac owners can be a little snide and nobody wants to hear they made a bad purchase. So the Windows lovers retaliate by name calling and lack of knowledge of what Macs are capable of.

  17. @rpad

    I can't believe taylor couldn't survive 12 seconds more, he's done. Dirrell was robbed! The Matrix deserved the win!

    Go Yankees!

  18. @Tokz_21 Actually, I can totally believe that from Taylor. He's done it before. Reports are that he's being treated for a concussion and might have to bow out of the tournament.

    I disagree with Dirrell being robbed. I thought it could have gone either way and the scores were close. Keep in mind that I loathe Froch, but I think he did just enough to edge it out. Ugly fight though.

  19. mussina

    im an ORIOLES fan

    you think i didnt love mussina?

    that jerkoff tore my heart out

  20. @ rpad

    yeah when I saw Taylor go down. My first thought was he's done. He should retire after this fight. How do you think they would continue this tourney if he does bow out? The first stage is scheduled for 3 fights for each fighter.

    I'll have to see it again but I feel that dirrell intiated the action controlled the pace of the fight and took froch out of his game plan. If I was a judge that's what I would be looking for to give the

    fighters the round. I think 3 pts was too big of a margin.

  21. @Tokz_21 If Taylor is unable to continue, Allen Green is the first "alternate". Unfortunately for him, he would inherit Taylor's loss in the tournament.

    Judges are — for better and worse — biased towards aggression. The ABC rules classifies one of the scoring criteria as "effective aggressiveness", but judges often forget the effective part. I wouldn't complain about the fight being scored by one point for either fighter — maybe two.

  22. @rpad

    I totally agree that a point or two point decision wouldve been better. Froch annoyed me even mire when he bashed the one judge that had dirrell winning the fight by one point. This fight has me boycotting the rest of this tournament. I'm just going to focus on pacman v cotto.

    Did you hear that Freddie was trying to put a stipulation that if cotto low blows once he is disqualified.

  23. @Raymond Padilla

    CM Punk is the one who should have never gotten past the Intercontinental Championship level. C'mon, how it CM Punk vs. The Undertaker suppose to be a match? Taker should pin him in 45 seconds.

  24. @Raymond Padilla

    One more thing, did you see how bad it looked on Smackdown when Mysterio pinned Batista? It didn't look right and it was not believable. That's how it would be if they let CM Punk beat Taker.

  25. @RRODisHere Again, I'm biased because I've been a fan of Punk's since ROH. While he has had some good matches in the WWE, he still hasn't been able to show off his full game because of the WWE style and television restrictions. Perhaps I'm thinking too much about ROH Punk instead of focusing on WWE Punk.

    Batista and Rey…yeah. I don't like watching Batista. I think he's one of the worst main eventers of the last decade. I understand why he's popular, but his skills are limited and he has asthma — this is not a good combination. On the other hand, his book — Batista Unleashed — is one of the most unintentionally funny things I've ever read in my life. THQ gave me a copy and it's the gift that keeps on giving.

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