NIS America is Calling All Badman Fans

Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman

NIS America is calling on all gamers that want Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! on UMD. The company is holding a pre-order drive to make this digital download a UMD reality. A NISA representative said:

We have received lots of emails from our fans about the UMD version of Badman, and we did a poll for it. Turned out, lots of people are still interested in Badman UMD. So we decided to support their needs. (And, we really REALLY wanted to make the UMD version of Badman, too!) We’ve decided to start the preorder, and if we get 1,000 orders we will go ahead and manufacture the UMD version of Badman.

NIS America is one of my favorite game publishers. The company puts out unique games with a quirky sense of humor (I love the Disgaea series!). I hope it gets the support it needs to make Badman happen on UMD. Click here if you’re interesting in helping the Badman movement.

Author: RPadTV