Michael Pachter Predicts $50 Project Natal and $100 Sony Wand

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has given his price guesstimates on Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s wave motion sex toy EyeWand. He recently told IndustryGamers:

I think that Natal will cost $50, as it only really involves a camera (a three-lensed camera, but a camera nonetheless). The EyeWand, on the other hand, involves a camera and two controllers, so it may be slightly more expensive. I would be surprised if the EyeWand retails for more than $100. Neither impacts the other, as neither is intended to compete with the other.

That last sentence sounded like Professor Trelawney’s prophecy on Voldemort and Harry Potter…but I digress. I’m surprised Pachter doesn’t feel that these are competing products. Am I missing something here? Both are aimed at expanding the audience for their respective consoles. Both will be used to attract more mainstream gamers. Seems like competition to me, but I’m not some highly paid analyst, so what do I know?

Sony Motion Controller

What do you think of Pachter’s price estimates for these motion-control add-ons? Do you agree with him that they’re not competing products?


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6 thoughts on “Michael Pachter Predicts $50 Project Natal and $100 Sony Wand”

  1. I love reading the thoughts of "Professional Guessers" like Pachter, and then going back later to see just how wrong they are. It makes me feel like I know more about this industry than people who are PAID to know about it.

  2. Fifty bucks huh? Damn. That's cheaper than a game. I'd expect at least 100 honestly.

    I will never buy this or the Sony wand. Here's why: I got my girlfriend WIi Sports Resort for her bday (shoot me) and I'm not impressed at all with the extra responsiveness of the motionplus. It is still clunky motion controls that require me to point at the tv. I just can't get into this fad. To be honest, if consoles go this route I can see myself becoming a PC / mac gamer for good.

  3. @Nightshade386 Yeah, a lot of Pachter's guesses are off the mark, but keep in mind that the stuff he says to the media is such a small part of his job. Still….

  4. WTF? How are they not competing? That's like saying MacDonald's and Burger King aren't competing….

    I'm betting on a $100 price tag for both Sphere(they haven't un-named it that have they?) and Natal.

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