Top 10 Most Popular Xbox Live Avatar NFL Jerseys

Pittsburght Steelers dolly clothesMicrosoft’s Major Nelson has revealed the most popular NFL jerseys for Xbox Live dollies avatars. They are:

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. N.E. Patriots
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. Philadelphia Eagles
  5. NY Giants
  6. Chicago Bears
  7. Minnesota Vikings
  8. San Francisco 49ers
  9. Green Bay Packers
  10. Denver Broncos

Does the list surprise you? Any of your Xbox Live avatars rockin’ an NFL jersey?


Author: RPadTV

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Popular Xbox Live Avatar NFL Jerseys”

  1. Ohhh… I'm lovin' it.

    To be honest though, I've been around a bit and everywhere I've been the Steeler Nation is strong. There are Steeler bars in every major city.

    I have a friend who's dad did missionary work in Africa. He saw a guy sitting on the steps of a shack in a very poor part of the world wearing a Steelers shirt. He had to get a picture. After taking said picture, he asked him if he got the shirt randomly or if he sought it out. Turn's out dude was an actual Steeler fan and traveled pretty far to get the shirt.

    I can't say "one for the thumb", nor can I say "one for the other thumb"… that leaves me with "one more to piss off the Cowboys"! Here We Go!

  2. Follow up:

    2 teams that are NOT on the list… the Saints and the Falcons.

    (you know who you are, and yeah… I'm callin' you 2 out.)

  3. @ R Pad

    Oh.. I did.

    But… they won't see this until morning since it's 3:30 am in the ATL and 2:30 am in NOLA.

  4. damn… I might actually have to get a Broncos jersey… that's pretty cool… first money I might spend on Avatar clothing. in fact, first time I might even visit the clothing store

  5. I'm fine with my polyester suit and Pompadour.


    I can't really say anything to put down the steelers. 6 rings….

    BUT I don't see you winning your division this year.


    Falcons suck

  6. I broke down and bought the Les Paul Guitar for my Avatar, but it makes toddler smile because he loves it when I play my real Les Paul. Otherwise you'd have a hard time getting me to spring for online dolly clothing….

  7. Have you seen the halloween stuff they have for the avatars? I still have not spent points on any of that stuff. they seriously need to drop the price

  8. It's a black Studio model with the gold hardware. It was an $1100 guitar at the time, but I caught it on sale for $800. I went in to buy an Explorer for $700, saw the Les Pauls on sale and said, "You know, for the extra quarter I will take the large."

  9. @ Hrolf

    That skeleton outfit is a little tempting.

    @ Smartguy

    It really depends on the Ravens. We've had some bad injuries, but we were 6th seed in 2005 and played through the playoffs on the road. We all know how that ended.

  10. @N8R

    Yeah, your team played in a superbowl against a weak seahawks. A win is a win though.



  11. @ Smartguy

    I can think of a certain team from New Orleans who couldn't even accomplish that.

    Also, we went through St. Manning and the Colts to get there.

  12. Even though the Redskins are repugnant this season, I am suprised they are not on that list. They are #2 or #3 highest grossing team in merchandising in the NFL. I am an Eagles fan…and bought one for my avatar….I feel ashamed.

  13. Everybody hates on Michael Vick…but he spent more time in jail than Daunte Stallworth and he killed a man.

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