New FFXIII Character Revealed: Oerba Yun Fang

New information has been revealed on the unnamed character shown in the Final Fantasy XIII TGS 2009 trailer — ladies and gentlemen, I give you Oerba Yun Fang! Kotaku pieced together some information off of this Famitsu scan posted by The site’s Brian Ashcraft deduced:

Her name is Oerba Yun Fang — she’s a mysterious L’Cie lady with a nifty tattoo. Her summon is “The Dragon King”, Bahamut.

FFXIII Oerba screen

A few questions for you:

– What do you think of the Australian voices being used in FFXIII? One of my friends finds them disturbing and weird. Personally, I find it hot in that Olivia Newton John way.

– Any guesses as to what Bahamut’s gestalt mode will be? The whole concept of gestalt mode is bugging me and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned into a toilet bowl or something.

– What do you think of Oerba Yun Fang?


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7 thoughts on “New FFXIII Character Revealed: Oerba Yun Fang”

  1. She looks alright. . .and is she really gonna have an Australian VO?

    Bahamut's Gestalt mode will be a pickup truck. LOL

    By the way…did you know that the next firmware update for the PS3 is going to have the cross game voice chat? Someone from Naughty Dog "accidentally" posted it on one of the live blogs in the PS3 Blogs website. (IGN)

  2. @FLP_BO1 I'm not sure about her, but other characters have Australian voice actors in the English version. I'm all for it!

    I did read about voice chat. I thought about writing an article about it, but decided against.

  3. While I've never professed to be any sort of FF fanboy, I do try and give each game their fair shot. I'll probably play XIII, but I'm not super excited about it either. Bahamut is one of the more recognizable summons in FF lore and I think any bastardization of him in Gestalt mode is really going to upset some people. Maybe he'll turn into a giant gun like Megatron or something. Who knows.

    -tha pie

  4. I just can't get into a female lead character for an epic RPG. I guess it is because I'm a guy. I just don't do the whole "tough chick" thing. I also have concerns that maybe some of the story translation will come off poorly or even overly preachy because it is female.

    Speaking of…we need some females on this site.

  5. Somebody from Square Enix has a fascination with Kristen Stewart, because Oerba Yun Fang looks almost exactly like her. Plus the fact that she has Bahamut makes her badass. I just hope Bahamut's gestalt mode isn't a toilet like Raymond said. I'm looking forward to these female characters, especially Lightning. I hope she turns out to be along the lines of Agrias.

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