German Advocacy Group to Hold Protest Against Violent Games

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A German group called Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden is holding a protest against violent games on October 17. The country has had its issues with violent videogames over the last few years and things appear to be escalating. According to Game Politics:

A German advocacy group has organized an event designed to get participants to bring their “killer games” to in order to dispose of them in a trash can.

Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden, or Action Alliance (loosely translated), has setup the event for this Saturday, October 17 in front of the Stuttgart State Opera. One game tosser will win a signed jersey from the German national soccer team. No word on what will be done with the “donated” games, but presumably they will be smashed or discarded in some way.

I hate these kinds of protests. They’re stupid. Is the group holding a similar event so that people can trash their violent DVDs en masse? I thought it was lame when people protested The Beatles and The Dixie Chicks with mass album burnings or silly gatherings to destroy CDs. On a side note, I think it’s funny that the above quote says “game tosser”. That sounds like a phrase British gamers would use over Xbox Live.

What do you think of this protest?


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8 thoughts on “German Advocacy Group to Hold Protest Against Violent Games”

  1. Weird. In America we hold protests when we don't have free speech. In Germany they hold protests against free speech…

    Nah that's an oversimplification. We don't like free speech in America either.

  2. They can go ahead and hold all the 'game-burnings' they want to. A game-burning party can't hold a candle to good 'ol fashioned attentive parenting. I can understand why the German govt. or public would see violent games as some kind of threat (maybe that's not the right word), but it's still silly.

  3. @Redd75 Yeah, I'm totally with you! Violent games are a problem if four-year olds are playing them (for example). Attentive parenting helps ensure that doesn't happen.

  4. @nightshade


    its probably because the germans tend to be the bad guys in almost every WWII game.. hmm

  5. Well when it comes to historically accurate games like Wolfenstien, I find it hard to believe that they have anything to complain about.

    (note sarcasm)

  6. First Jews, now video games?! Geez, the only way I could dislike Germans even more is if they were to worship David Hasselhoff.

    … oh wait.


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