Coffee Talk #3: Gaming Guilty Pleasures

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Yesterday, I was incredibly pleased to have R.A. Salvatore’s The Ghost King arrive at my doorstep. His books about Drizzt Do’Urden and friends are one of my guilty pleasures. Some of them are pretty good (The Dark Elf Trilogy and Jarlaxle’s books are my favorite), but a lot of them…aren’t the best. Still, I read all of them — sometimes over and over again — and thoroughly enjoy them.

Britney's Dance Beat

This got me thinking about my gaming guilty pleasures. I’m sure you know what I mean — games that you know aren’t great (or sometimes not even good), but can’t stop playing. The two biggest offenders in my collection are Britney’s Dance Beat for PlayStation 2 and Wakeboarding Unleashed for Xbox. For the former, I should really just be playing Bust-a-Groove, but I love how corny the game is with Britney’s music. As for Wakeboarding Unleashed, it’s certainly not in the same league as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, but I may or may not have dated one of the girls in the game and it was always amazingly amusing to play as her.

Today I’d like to know about your gaming guilty pleasures. Are there any mediocre or bad games you can’t stop playing? Why can’t you shake them?

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  1. May I be the first to say:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Britney's Dance Beat.

    I like Superman Returns. I'm a fanboy and that game sucks.

  2. I'll pay anything just about once, but I won't play a bad game multiple times. My wife on the other hand, while acknowledging how bad it is, has played FF-X2 at least 5 times. At least.

  3. id have to go back to my genesis days for guilty pleasures

    beavis and butthead?

    duck tales? no wait, that game was awesome

    if you were to ask me about MOVIES, then absolutely

    you should change the topic to games, or movies

    so we can talk about hunk

  4. @Nightshade386 That's still completely awesome that your wife even plays X-2.

    @Thundercracker Hey, it's Coffee Talk. Feel free to talk about your guilty pleasure movies!

  5. i did used to like shaun whites snowboarding, and matt hoffmans bmx…those games kinda sucked…

  6. @R-Pad: When I encounter loudmouth braggarts online, my favorite thing to say is, "Shut up, my wife has a higher gamerscore than you." It's generally true, and for some reason guys don't like being beat by a girl, even in something as meaningless as gamerscore.

  7. Movies… I love me some B horror flicks. If there's one person who can actually act in them, it almost ruins it for me.

  8. @n8r

    i may have asked you this already, but have you seen student bodies?

    has ANYONE seen student bodies?

    its legendary

  9. Oh my favorite game to play was on the NES. it was the Yo! Noid game. *sighs* if anyone on here to old enough to remember what the Noid or who the Noid was or even remembers the game. I look back on it now and realize it had no point but it was addictive & hard.

  10. I don't have that problem at all. The only game that got me playing over and over was ninja gaiden. I have all the ninjagaiden game even though its revised over and over again it just seem fun to me. I got into GOW not because of the game play but because I got to fk 2 hot chicks… Idk it just seem amusing to me….

  11. @ Thundercracker

    You have asked me before and I want to say yes. It definitely rings a bell but i think I saw it a long time ago.

    I imdb'ed it and it sounds even more familiar, but like I said, I think it's been a while.

  12. @ Tokz

    I managed to avoid the Noid… but I got the ROM.

    @ RROD

    I play Mario Party with the kids all the time.

  13. Uncharted 2 is EPIC!!!! Did anyone play co-op survival? I played one game of survival yesterday and had a blast.

  14. Hey everybody, how's it goin'?

    I unfortunately had a LOT of layoff time this year, and I played a lot of Age of Empires II. I don't remember when exactly that game released, but I've always been able to go back and play it, and I probably always will.

  15. @N8R

    Yeah, I like playing Mario Party 8 and Mario Kart Wii with my son. I didn't know you had kids.

  16. I have a question:

    Has anyone played the WWE Legends game for iPhone? What's it like? I saw it last night on iTunes and there weren't enough reviews for me to go ahead and get it.

  17. @RROD

    I really don't think of Mario Party 8 as a guilty pleasure game. I play that game with my sisters all the time, when we're bored. It's like a board game to us but i guess since your playing the wii instead of the other consoles, i can see your point.

  18. @redd75

    Yeah i thought he ruined pizzas to but for some reason you had to collect pizzas to keep your health, i think.


    I saw it too, i'm interested in picking it up but if the console versions got boring after a while wouldn't the iphone version. Have you jailbroken your iphone?

  19. @ RROD

    I got 2… a 7 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I have a picture of my daughter playing 64 and lately she's been playing Phineus and Ferb for DS.

    My son… he's hooked through and through. He beat Ghostbusters, Kameo, and Lego Indiana Jones all by himself. I'm crazy proud.

  20. N8R: wait Mario Kart isn't a manly game? I play that all the time growing up!… Getting to blast/annilate kart while driving!!!! I play that with my wife still today. Thats why I can't wait until Modnation comes out! I just like to let my wife pass me up and shoot her down right before she gets to the finish line! Epic!! Well I don't do that all the time… If she gets mad no dinner for me ;;

  21. @ Tokz

    It looks nothing like the console version.

    No, I rock AT&T on the 3G. I really don't want to jailbreak it.

  22. @tokz_21

    Well, I think it's a guilty pleasure because it's something I would not play on my own. I only play it because of my son.


    I have a 10 year old son and a 2 year old son. My 10 year old has lost interest in the Wii and wants to play my PS3 badly. I let him play Ratchet & Clank and we'll play LBP together but that's about all I have that I will let him play. Everything else is rated M.

  23. @N8r

    Oh i know it doesn't look like the console versions. I'm referring to overall game play. I saw the screen shot of it. You know it reminds me of the old WWF Wrestlefest or Wrestlemania with those type of graphics.

  24. @ RROD

    My son is very well behaved at school and gets straight A's. He also knows the difference between fantasy and reality. I'm not so worried about the violence in games as much as I am language and sexual content. However, my wife is even more liberal than I am.

    She showed me that the language isn't that much of a factor either. I'm still sketchy about it, but he doesn't repeat any of it, ever. I won't let him play like GTA… but I'm cool with the Army games and stuff. However, he still wants to play games like Sonic and stuff.

    He's a crazy smart kid. We're strugglin' with the decision to skip him a grade next year because he's already younger than all the kids in his class. Come Jr. High… that's a big deal.

  25. Ok so here goes, guilty pleasures are the True Crime games, they were pretty bad but I loved being the cop who kicked asses for once. Also the matrix games, I know they were terrible but a long time ago I had a huge crush on that movie. Last one is the Sims. I bought the original when it came out and I was obsessed with it. I played quite a bit of 2 also and someone gave me a copy of 3 which I didn't really get in to. The Sims is probably my worst offender by far

  26. @ Tokz

    That's exactly what I thought.

    I'm just curious about the gameplay because… well… it's an iPhone!

  27. by the way, I only had time for about 40 minutes of single player Uncharted 2 last night and let me just say this game is better than Uncharted in every single way. The story telling so far has been awesome and the platforming has vastly improved. I'm looking forward to getting in to it more this week

  28. Any Dragon Ball Z fighting game….yeah the show came out when I was in second grade and had a big impact on my life growing up. I may buy a Nintendo DS later this week and will pick up Scribblenauts and Pokemon probably (another gaming guilty pleasure).

    As for television, Hell's Kitchen is the only reality show I watch. I can not stand reality shows at all and constantly bash them but there is just something about Hell's Kitchen that gets me to go over to a friends house every Tuesday and cheer for people's cooking skills

  29. Games – I like Outlaw on my Atari. It is so simple and outdated but its still fun to whittle away at the cactus (cacti) and then one hit wins.

    RC ProAM on the NES – i played is so much I know where all the pickups are around each corner, but again by todays standards its pretty piss poor.

    Pilot Wings – I just love that game and I want a second one.

    Movie – Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon. Who's the baddest "Sho Nuf" Who's the baddest "I AM". Awesome corny movie

  30. @N8R

    It's the language and sexual content that I'm concerned about. Mine is doing great in school to and I plan to keep it that way. He really wants to play online and at 10 years old that's out of the question right now.

  31. @Dricknasty

    I love Hell's Kitchen but I cannot stand Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race or any other "reality" show. I was happy with who won last night.

  32. hmm, patrick decided to have a fantasy game discussion in Morning hangover today… gee, seems like I was just talking about fantasy games…

  33. @N8R

    That's one of the best scenes in the entire movie. The music cranks up and its like watching a light saber battle without swords. Sparks flying. Man its lame, but its my Rocky.

  34. @ RROD

    I'm with you on the online thing. Several reason's why, but mainly the fear of predators holds a solid #1.

    Besides, on XBL… I don't want him calling everything gay. He knows he's not allowed to have an account and he really doesn't care… yet.

  35. @SlickFats

    Dave was the man! Going on 10 weeks with one arm cooking at that level, he truly was the one arm bandit. The only other person who I would have been okay with winning was Kevin. They were the best two from way back when and neither rarely messed up.

  36. isn't there a way to mute conversation online? I mean, I rarely use my headset and I usually mute the annoying guy when a match starts up. isn't there a way to mute everyone? I know that can hinder strategy but let's be serious, how much strategy is in a deathmatch game?

  37. @n8r

    speaking as someone who skipped a grade, it really depends on the school. I had a few issues in my public middle school and high school for the first 2 years. I transferred to a prep school in 11th grade and had no issues whatsoever those two years, i actually think it made me more popular there.

    People will be terribly jealous of your son

    i cant imagine you would have an insecure child though, just knowing your pedigree :)

  38. @ Thundercracker

    Dude, kids are already jealous of him. All the girls in his second grade class flock to him.

    We considered a prep schoo; already but the omly one in the area worth it keeps him from like 5:30 am to 5:30pm (bus ride included). I just don't want him away from home that long. He learns alot right here as well.

  39. @N8R

    Yeah, that's a good reason. But being that my son and I are black, I don't want him to have to endure the racists online right now. I'm old enough and mature enough to ignore it but he's not ready to have to hear that stuff when he's just trying to play a game.

  40. As far as my 3 year old goes, i dont plan on telling her anything is inherently wrong

    I just think that if you tell a child that something is naughty, that only encourages them to learn about those things on their own

    this strategy might totally backfire

    as far as gaming goes, she goes to and

    its kind of scary how well she can use the computer

  41. @ RROD

    You don't have to be black to want your kids to avoid racism. I'm actually very adamant about that. That's the other problem I have with the prep school i mentioned to Thundercracker. There's not enough ethnic diversity.

    I'm in CA and the school he's at now has a pretty fair blend of whites, blacks, and latinos. I like that. The school i went to was about 60% black kids and my dad played bass for a catholic choir in an all black neighborhood. Why, who wants to be in a choir full of white people? Needless to say, they ended up being invited to the Vatican and my dad played for the pope.

    The asian diversity was about the same at my school as it is at my son's too.

  42. @Shockwave

    Are you talking about on Uncharted 2? If so just before the match starts when it says select your boosters you can go to the right side where the people names are and select one of the them and you'll get a menu that says Mute Mute All and Cancel. I always mute everyone. Mostly because people tend to listen to pretty shitty music in the background, or have conversations with people in the room, or have dogs barking babies crying, or they don't speak english but consistently scream what i can only assume is profanity into the mic. People just annoy me in general.

  43. @n8r

    your dad played for a LOT of people


    just make sure your kid knows you love them and are proud of them. The most important thing in a childs life is that they are happy with who they are…its your job to facilitate that, easier said than done sometimes

    as far as the racism goes….do you remember in the matrix when neo asks morpheus if he can dodge bullets, and morpheus responds,,,

    when you are ready, you wont have to

    If your child is self confident enough, he wont even have to dodge racism

  44. @ Thundercracker

    I agree with you. The examples I'll bring up in my life are guns and music.

    When i was about 9, my dad took me out to the country and we shot guns. He explained how they work and to NEVER point one at someone EVER! Then he explained why as we popped off shells at bottles.

    With music, he was a musician and hated my music. That made me want to invest MORE time into my music. Ultimately, I think that was his plan all along.

    Once I hit about 18, I realized that everything recorded before I was born was just as new to me as stuff recorded tomorrow. I got in to the blues something fierce. Hell, I'm watching Cadillac Records right now for the 10th time or so.

    I also really get down with classic soul. Otis Redding, Joe Tex, Wilson Pickett, Motown, etc. (I don't count that as a guilty pleasure though)

    Jazz… still goes completely over my head. I don't want to think that much about music. I get it… I just don't crave it.

  45. @Dricknasty

    I liked Kevin but he just coasted through the entire thing. He only stood out a few times during the entire season. Dave however was always doing miracles with that one arm. Kevin was for sure my second runner up. This season was one of the first I actually agreed with the last few. Although Tenille and Suzanne should have been booted sooner.

  46. @ Thundercracker

    (I forgot my point)

    I never got in to guns the way I probably would have if music hadn't taken that place and I had no knowledge of guns.

  47. @rrod cont

    i played violin in middle and high school, that taught me a lot about self respect,

    i HIGHLY reccomend getting your child involved in music, particularly playing one or more instruments…i dont have time to list all the benefits music can have

  48. As far as muting goes, the problem is you can never mute people in the lobby. That's where the ignorance really is whether it be racism or just nonstop foul language in general.

  49. got ya. that's a shame. they should offer parental settings for multiplayer that does not allow voice communication? good idea?

  50. Lol. I was just thinking. Man I missed this long list format from the Feed. I like all of the @s and not having to dig through pages and replies (that work or don't) and not having to refresh several different times to see some comments only to have them disappear after another refresh and reappear 10minutes later.

    Nope its back to sitting here shifting through and reading all of the comments.

  51. i played baseball and football in high school as well, that gave me confidence, but it was more of a cockyness than confidence to tell the truth.

    I played football both in high school and college, but the best friends ive ever had and ever will have came from my orchestra class…im not a psych major, so i cant tell you why exactly

  52. @Thundercracker

    I hear you about the music. I'm the sound engineer for my church. I run a 32 channel Yamaha mixer and I love it. My wife is one of the lead singers too.

  53. @Slicky, Ya I usually mute anyone that's being obnoxious in the lobby. I just thought there would be a parental security setting for some of the kids that would like to play online. I know if I had kids I'd have less of a problem with the violence in the game than I would the language and hate that goes on in online games

  54. haha slicky. that's funny, generally I didn't mind the reply sections because it kept side conversations on the side but I do like the long list format. I think Control + F is my friend for this list type

  55. @Rpad

    BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. I forgot about that I went hunting for that on DVD. I love in when the guy explodes and salad goes flying everywhere.

  56. oh N8R… when I was a little kid that movie terrified me… Imagine how embarrassed I was about that when I watched it a couple of months ago.

    Same thing with Troll 2. anyone see that? about a town called Nilbog that was Goblin spelled backwards? the town's people would eat you if you ate fruits and vegetables. worst movie ever

  57. @ RROD

    That's cool as hell actually. Running sound in a church can be super hard based on the acoustics. All that reverb can make someone's head explode if not done right.

    Every time I played a church (I'm a bassist) we (especially me) had to turn down much more than we would a club.

  58. @RPad

    I love that MythBusters used Big Trouble in Little China as a myth. The whole shooting locks off thing.

    This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express, and I'm talkin' to whoever's listenin' out there.

  59. @ Shockwave

    I totally remember Troll. The only movies that ever scared me were like Holocaust movies though.

    The Simon Weisenthall Story scared the crap out of me.

  60. N8R, it's funny when I was a kid movies like Leuprechaun would terrify me and now I can't even find a movie that will legitimately scare me. half the time I end up laughing when someone gets killed. Good scary films are hard to come by.

    @slicky shooting the locks off like every video game that I can remember since goldeneye? does that actually work?

  61. @SlickyFats I don't even consider The Last Dragon and Big Trouble in China guilty pleasures. If I meet someone that doesn't like those movies, there's a 99% chance that we won't click. My friend used to use Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as his barometer for dating; if a girl he went out with didn't like the movie, he ditched her.

  62. Snake Plissken. haha I also like the Escape from… movies

    I am going to ended up having a great movie weekend now. Well except for the whole Uncharted 2 thing

  63. @R-Pad: Is there a way to switch the color scheme like back on the "other" webpage? I tend to prefer a white backgroud as the dark one hurts my eyes. If not, perhaps in the future?

  64. so true nightshade. I look forward to reading it. If anyone here hasn't checked out you really should. it's very cool.

    as far as lobbies go I usually end up muting one guy. if he ends up on my team it is what it is. I too prefer co-op. especially if I have a friend to play with

  65. @n8r

    what does your brother do in doncab?

    you people are too damn talented…i definitely see the tool comparison, its more ecclectic than tool though. If i had one complaint about tool it would be that their songs sound too similar

    im watching the safari sams video now, i need to work on my fret tapping….lol

  66. @ Thundercracker

    He's the drummer (I know dude, I know). It's actually HIS band. he owns the name and everything.

    @ Slicky

    Give it a minute or 2, I just uploaded it.

  67. ok, jumping around

    what scared me when i was a kid?

    nightmare on elm street….yeah i know

    heres an interesting one….the show unsolved mysteries, whenever they talked about aliens, ghosts or satan worshippers…that scared the CRAP out of me

  68. I had to look twice also. I pasted them next to each other and yours says "picture.php" and the one I put says "album.php" i don't know why it makes any difference, but that was the only way i could access it.

  69. The stupid original Child's Play movies scared me to death when I was a kid. Now they make me laugh.

  70. @N8R

    now the link works for me that you put. I guess I clicked on it too soon or something. Sorry

  71. nice Slicky, I was a pretty mean kid. my cousins called me Chucky when I was little. those scared me too when I was little

  72. @R-Pad: Yeah I know most people prefer it this way. But I'm weird like that. I also have trouble driving a night because the bright lights bleed into the dark background of the night sky and blur my vision. So I'm guessing that it has something to do with my eyes being screwed up.

  73. @ R Pad

    You know the house that was used to film the original Nightmare On Elm St. (Freddy's house) is on Gennesse right off of Hollywood Blvd. You probably don't live too far away from Freddy.

    I got a picture of myself standing outside of Freddy's house last time I went to the Whiskey.

  74. I also remember crying from the Howie Mandel movie Little Monsters. I have no idea why though, that movie is funny "need 'em, need 'em, got 'em got 'em, need 'em"

  75. @Thundercracker: Jon Gruden is an immeasurable improvement over Tony Kornheiser. I for one don't understand why we need a 3 man booth though. Just get Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth to team up for every game and I'd be a pretty happy camper.

  76. @Nightshade

    I was the same way, until my birthday last month I procrastinated in sending in my Driver's License renewal by mail so I had to go in to the DMV. They told me to read line five but the bright light blurred everything. Turns out I needed glasses for the first time at age 28. 20/40 in left eye 20/50 in right with 2 severe astigmatisms. Now lights don't "bleed" into objects and everything is super crisp. I didn't realize my eyes were even bad.

  77. I was a pretty big wuss as a kid when it came to movies. I'm pretty sure Gremlins and Tremors scared me too

  78. Believe it or not, Resident Evil 5 because it is the one game me and my wife can play together because she cannot shoot and move at the same time.


    P.S.- I just found out that my company is hiring, Mr. Padilla. I don't suppose you'd like to move down to Miami and have an accounting-heavy job that has absolutely nothing at all to do with video games or journalism?

  79. @ Nightshade and Slicky

    I needed glasses around 28 as well. For me, it was from working on a computer for hours on end doing graphics that screwed my eyes.

  80. Guilty Pleasure Game: Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad

    Old School Guilty Pleasure: I beat Yoshi's cookie….thrice!

  81. @Slicky: Yeah, I have glasses, but they don't help. They're mostly for distance. I finally broke down about 5 years ago and got them when I realized that I had to keep getting up to see the score to the hockey game I was watching. I set up an appointment the next day. They say I'm "Light Sensitive," whatever that means.

  82. @nightshade

    yeah i know, i just wanted to make a chucky/jon gruden joke

    hes doing a fine job

  83. I can't read Salvatore's books anymore that have Drizzt's friends in them. In fact, I only like the Jarlaxle titles now. Artemis Entreri and Jarlaxle are great. I just can't stand the damn halfling or Cattie-Brie.

    Kingdom of Thorn and Bone Trilogy by Greg Keyes, check it out Ray and anyone else.

  84. Jumping back to the kids thing…

    I just went to check on my son and he's playing Star Wars: Battlefronts.

    I said "Hi Buddy."

    He said "I'm busy!"

    Gotta love the kid.

  85. Jon Gruden sucks on MNF. Tony Kornheiser sucked on MNF. Ron Jaworski is garbage. ESPN is just bad. Madden was fine. He's a known quantity and gets a pass on most of the knocks that can be put on him.

    Gruden is just there waiting on a new job. He is a bad coach who tries to critique and offer better advice. I just can't take the advice of a man who beat his old team full of HOF'ers in the SB with Tony Dungy's team. He has no real talent.

  86. Yeah I use AutoCAD all day everyday, and I used to play PC games for hours on end. Also I have to look through Surveying equipment most days too. So i am sure basically this job is what screwed my eyes.

    On the topic of my job anyone want to finish designing a headwall for a 15" RCP and e-mail it to me, because I am not getting anything done apparently. lol

  87. The Tegra chip huh? Nintendo just released the DSi though…they can't be actually that far along in their next handheld can they? Unless the DSi is doing dismal. To be honest, it would seem that Nintendo really isn't pushing DSi only software. Could that be because the DS is still selling so well DSi only software would crash and burn since there aren't enough installed units? Hmm.

    Tegra chip is pretty cool. Just look at what a ZuneHD can do.

  88. yikes I can't stand listening to Madden. truth be told I'd rather shut the sound off than listen to his babbling

  89. @Shockwave: When I was a kid I used to watch my beloved Hartford Whalers on TV with the sound off and the radio broadcasters on instead because the TV guys were just dreadful. I often find myself wishing I could do the same thing on the rare occasion I get my Giants on TV. But since I live in the AZ now, that's not an option.

    Interesting side note: I got the Giants/Raiders game on CBS this weekend. They switched the game at the half to the Steelers/Lions game. Now I understand that in a out of market blowout I'm gonna get screwed out of being able to watch my team, but apparently they thought that a blowout of the Lions was more compelling TV than a blowout of the Raiders. Raiders fans….I feel genuinely sorry for you…..

  90. Nightshade, my dad used to do the same thing when I was little. I'd probably do it not except my HD channels come in seconds after they actually happen. it really jacks up plays when I hear about them before I see em.

    that is pretty funny. The Giants are doing great I'm surprised they thought the lions would be a better game. but it was though, who knew the steelers would only win by 3.

    By the way Nightsahde Denver is my team but I used to love the Giants. they are my nfc team. I watched them as a kid. in fact the 56 in my name is because of LT. those were the days of Phil Simms, Rodney Hampton, Stephen Baker… good times when I was a kid

  91. @Nightshade

    You think that was bad, how about living in Chicago this weekend. I had no early games to watch! I had to choose from Steelers v Lions or Vikings v Rams. They wouldn't give me any extra games after the half! I had to resort to watching NFL network's Redzone, if you have a cable provider rather than satellite and you have the sports packages, i recommend this channel. They show you the most important parts of each game, when a team gets into the redzone or is getting there.

  92. @ Nightshade

    I hate the Raiders and love the Steelers, personally. That Lions game should have been a much bigger blow out.

    But… the Raiders have been getting pushed around alot this year. Was it 2 weeks ago that the one guy caught a pick, fell to hi knees to thank God, and they fined him for it?

    Sure, there's the rule about going to the ground, but the rule also says that if they go their knees in prayer, it's still legal.

  93. @Smartguy: I stopped watching after they took my team off the air. There was a close game in my division on FOX. As much as I hate the Cowgirls, I'd rather watch a game that matters to my team than either the Lions or an all AFC affair.

  94. @nightshade

    that steelers/lions game was competitive all the way

    calvin johnson killed my fantasy team though…how dare he get hurt playing football

    ok kids, see ya tommorow

  95. The Raiders are a greasefire, no doubt. I mean if the coach is in danger of being arrested on assault charges, the QB is fat, stupid and lazy, and the owner is crazy, it's not a good situation no matter what logo's on the helmet. No wonder Richard Seymour forgot to show up after he got traded.

  96. @n8r

    yeah aaron smith, your DE, just placed on IR

    if you didnt know that, sorry to break the news

    bye all

  97. @Thundercracker: I've got Megatron on my fantasy team too. But it would have taken a lot more than a productive day from him to save my team this past week. God, my team is dreadful this year…..At least I won my Baseball league.

  98. @N8R, that video looked more to me like he was praising himself rather than god. just my opinion

  99. @ Shockwave

    Maybe… I wasn't there to hear him.

    @ Thundercracker

    Smith is a key dude, but I still have faith.

  100. Well if anyone was a fan of Captain Lou Albano in the WWF or as the live action Mario Mario in the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, it is a sad day as he died this morning at the age of 76.

  101. @Dricknasty: That's the guy that used to staple rubberbands to his face, right? I have to ask this knowing how awful it sounds……

    Was it lead poisoning?

  102. @Dricknasty

    I am sad….

    He will live through WWE and SMBSS dvd's oh and as Cyndi Lauper's dad.

  103. Are you guys kidding me? Tony Kornhieser is awesome. I love PTI. He and Michael Wilbon are the perfect team.

  104. I'd like Tedy Brusci to stop pointing his pen at me to accent every word he speaks. I realize he's new to the whole TV thing, but my God man, put the pen DOWN.

    Frankly I wish they would dump Keyshawn, Cris Carter & Mike Ditka from Sunday Countdown and just go with Berman, TJ and Trent Dilfer. 3 guys would be more than enough to break it all down. 1 guy for offense, 1 guy for defense, and Berman stewards your ship and provides the comic relief. Keep either Mort or Shefter, but you don't need both. I wouldn't feel like they're just tossing to everybody so they get an oppurtunity to speak and say something ludicrous.

    I mean, the only show that's more absurd is NBC's Football Night in America. How many people are on that show now, 30? 50? And did they really need to sessy up Faith Hill for the intro song any more than she already was? She's classy hot. This year's intro makes her look a little less classy. Not that I've ever understood the need to have someone sing me into a football game. Just tossing the coin's enough to get me fired up.

  105. Mike Tirico is the best they have. One of the best play by play callers in the game today if not the best.

    I have never cared for Stuart Scott. That guy should be unemployed like me.

  106. I want them to dump John Kruk and Steve Philips becuase they are the biggest Yankee haters outside Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Good thing Fox doesn't do playoff baseball…oh wait…….fuck.

    Stephen A Smith is a great analysis when he is not yelling.

    I am a fan of just Berman, TJ, and Trent Dilfer as well. The rest of those guys could just go.

    I am also wondering what happened to Eric Wynoldi who called Soccer games for a while there. I am not a fan of the Carrot Top guy they have now.

  107. Joe Buck needs to never call another Football game in his life. His understated style works for Baseball, but how on God's green Earth is it humanly possible to undersell David Tyree's helmet catch in the Super Bowl any worse than Buck did?!?!?!?!? I mean, I realize he's trying to channel Pat Summerall, but don't do it, ok? That guy was one of a kind….and probably boozing right there in the booth to keep it together from working with Madden all those years.

  108. I like the Naruto games…., but I won't be playing the 360 ones twice. Ubi had a good idea and crapped on it. Just like RB6:V2. Good game innovative game first time around, shameless cash in the second time around.

  109. Ok i'm back. What did i miss?

    ooooo, Joe Buck bashing! I love it. I hate this guy, he's soooo full of himself.

    How does he still have his HBO show! Why are people watching it!

  110. Oh hey did anyone see this on G4tv. Jake G. says iphone/ipod touch version of Earthworm Jim.

  111. @Smartguy: Yeah, I started that last night and can't wait to dive deeper tonight. The choice of "Children of the Grave" as the first battle music in the game was PERFECT!!! Totally underrated track, and one of my favorite Sabbath tunes. Great game so far!!

  112. So it looks like I need to be getting up about 2-3 hours earlier to get involved in the conversation in its prime (I feel dumb jumping in so late, but catching up on 150+ comments just takes too much time in the day). I'll have to work on that.

  113. @Nightshade

    Yeah, the music is great in the game. I think Jack Black makes the biggest contribution though. So far he is spot on. Just great.

  114. Im still waiting for the D&D fantasy book talk, I was looking forward to that, and all I heard was talk of a certain dark elf. While R.A. Salvatore has some AMAZING books, has anyone read the Earthsea series? or the Shannara series? Anything by Terry Brooks is fantastic. Does anyone remember the disney movie The Black Cauldron? How about the old PC game? Remember the books it was based on by Lloyd Alexander? I still have most of the series from when I was a kid.

  115. @Hrolf

    Yes I remember that movie. It was pretty good. I have never read the Earthsea or Shannara series. I'll have to look into that.

    Check out "First Swords" by Fred Saberhagen. It's all three books put together. Pretty much the premise are these 12 or so swords are forged by the gods and then strewn about the planet. Each sword has a unique property. Shield Breaker can defeat any weapon, Sightblinder hides the true wielder and portrays the sword bearer to be someone incredibly divine or absolutely feared. It was pretty neat reading about how all the swords fought with one another.

  116. That sounds pretty interesting, Ill look into those when I am at a bookstore. I remember a friend talking about a series called Thieves World, which I never found. he always loved the books.

  117. @Hrolf Have you read all of Salvatore's Drizzt books? The early stuff was really good, but a lot of the later stuff is SO formulaic — Drizzt goes on adventure, whines about crap, twirls his scimitars, gets in a dire situation, triumph, lather and repeat as needed.

  118. I have read up to the SPine of the world books, and lack of money and time has not allowed me to continue the series. As much as I LOVE Drizzt, I feel his story has been done for awhile, and they should move on

  119. @Shockwave: Yeah, you can generally mute the morons. But I tend to prefer an open channel so I can warn people on my team when they’re being flanked and such. I do wish at times that they would return that favor. Oveall I prefer co-op to vs modes anyway.

    Oh and FYI, Brutal Legend is the $#!+. I’m going to be doing the review later this week.

  120. @Shockwave

    Mythbuster’s got it to work with 1)either really really cheap locks or 2)Really large caliber guns

  121. @Hrolf Yeah, a lot of his schtick is getting played out. The latest, which I haven't started yet, has the return of the frickin' crystal shard. Ugh.

    The Jarlaxle books are lots of fun. He's a really cool character.

    @Everyone Thanks so much for the visits today! It looks like today will be the best day yet, in terms of traffic. Please don't forget, if you have time, to thank the sponsors!

  122. @ Hrolf

    I rolled to see if I wanted to talk about D&D books…

    It didn't come out good. The dice said I took a nap.

  123. @Hrolf

    I had a friend who raved about Thieves World as well. Never could find any of them. That Swords book may or may not be in print anymore. Might have to check out the Amazon.

  124. I know this is a little off of the topics here at the bottom of the thread but does anyone think that MS will try using a cloud system with their new box? I don't see them really offering a bigger HDD than what they do now because of cost. I do see them sticking with the HDD for backwards compatibility and installs. However at the same time I can see them flashing emulation software onto the system and letting you buy access to titles on their cloud therefore eliminating the HDD and driving up profit margins. What do you think? Would MS still have to offer up a HDD of some kind for those who do not have broadband? I seriously think a move like that could kill you in the market.

    Makes you think though. I could see N or Sony doing it since they sell so well in Japan and Europe where broadband penetration is heavy. Can MS do the same?

  125. @Smartguy It's an interesting idea, but I think it's too early for that. A cloud-based console would work in countries like Korea, Finland, Estonia, etc. — countries with crazy broadband speeds with providers that are fairly liberal with bandwidth. With the way ISPs are now in America, I don't think it's feasible. It would require a lot more flexibility on the part of ISPs and it doesn't look like they're budging.

  126. @Ray

    Yeah, I'm just trying to see how MS can cut costs on their new box. The HDD is always a big cost really. Furthermore, do you think that digital distribution is anti-competitive? I do. Digital distribution is fine as long as it isn't my only choice. For example, I wouldn't be able to take advantage of my bestbuy rewardzone or sales or something awesome like Toys R Us or Amazon.

  127. @Smartguy HDDs aren't that expensive and get cheaper all the time. New CPUs and GPUs are the most expensive part of a console, especially at launch when the companies are trying to recoup R&D.

    As for being anti-competitive, I don't know. Do you find iTunes anti-competitive?

  128. @Ray

    No, I do not find Itunes anti-competitive. I still have the option of buying a CD and then adding that CD to my digital collection. Though it is a different animal when directly compared. Ninety Nine cents give or take for one track isn't so bad of a deal when compared to a digital copy of a game that will still sell for 50+ dollars. Also there isn't much of a market for used music so to speak. I don't know if that is a function of the type of media it is or what. It does however put a serious dampener on the claims of the game industry that used game sales hurt them and they will be better off without places like Gamestop. Seems to me that the music industry is sinking eventhough there is no second-hand market. I fear that the games industry will piss on its customers much like the music industry has.

  129. @Ray

    Also movies and TV shows are cheaper on ITunes than going into a brick and mortar store. That means the pricing is somewhat fair since you aren't being charged for packaging and labor to store and stock.

  130. @Smartguy I guess the other issues that makes it impossible for a cloud-based console in America is that a lot of areas to not have broadband access at all. In general, I don't care about boonies, but console manufacturers do. America is an extremely difficult country to wire and until that day comes, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will want people to be able to buy physical media.

  131. @Ray

    The boonies aren't the only places that don't have broadband. I live in the middle of pretty nice sized area and ATT won't give me internet because their antiquated equipment can only support 16 residences in the middle of the suburbs. Good thing Charter services me.

    Telco and Cable companies not wanting to expand at all is just as bad as the boonies.

  132. @Smartguy Yeah, it's really unfortunate. A lot of companies are holding back upgrading existing lines and upgrading to better technology, simply because they're not being pressured to.

  133. Exactly. Time Warner is putting docsis 3.0 in NY only because it is their most competitive market.

  134. @Smartguy Ah, the power of Verizon FiOS. My parents are in NY and I'm always floored by their cable modem speeds through Cablevision. The company really stepped it up due to FiOS.

  135. Yeah, Cablevision offers an absurd 101mbps speed just to compete with Verizon. I know Comcast is seen as intolerable by lots of customers, but they are upgrading their whole footprint to Docsis 3.0 by the end of next year. They are supposed to be 80% covered by the end of this year! Their softcap of 250gb isn't as bad as some of the other caps I have seen by other companies.

    If you want some good info, go here Ray

    Maybe steal that guy's page format! HAHAHA.

  136. @Thundercracker Ha! Coffee Talk #4 is an example of something I couldn't tell you while I was it G4. That article wouldn't work over there because it would undermine the reviews

    As for what I think about Comcast, I don't know…. As a cable provider, I was satisfied with them when I was in San Francisco.

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