Rumor: ATI GPU to Power Next Xbox

The word on the street is that the Microsoft’s next Xbox console will be powered by an ATI GPU from AMD. According to Fudzilla:

We’ve learned from industry sources that AMD / ATI has already won the GPU deal for the next generation Xbox console. It looks like Microsoft was happy with first Xeons GPU and it wants to continue using the same, especially since the new ATI GPU should keep the compatibility with legacy games.

The move isn’t exactly surprising. Rival GPU manufacturer Nvidia has been struggling lately and Microsoft seems keen on using backwards compatibility as one of its key differentiators. Vulcan logic would dictate Microsoft going with AMD/ATI once more.

What do you guys and dolls think of the rumor?


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  1. sounds pretty cool. I guess a new Xbox may not be far off. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to drop a new one in the middle of the supposed PS3 10 year cycle to get another head start on the next gen.

    MS is definitely going to need to catch up on certain technologies if they are going to stay competitive with sony in the next 3-5 years. We can already see some PS3 games pulling ahead in the hardware and size dept thanks to bluray and the cell

  2. Always been a big fan of ATI and AMD, loved when the merged. I have stuck by them through thick and thin. Largely in part to the fact that I won a $10,000 Best Buy shopping spree through ATI back in 2006.

  3. I bought a new sound system for my truck, a viper car alarm, a $600 radar detector. A new cheap computer I sold for cash, A Sony record player, 2 $600 ATI Graphic cars (X1900XTX I think), a GPS unit. Then the rest went to just random crap. First thing I bought was a pack of gum, because the cashier has to read you out your remaining card balance. She went " you have $9,990…….are you kidding me? How'd You get 10k"

  4. Very smart of MS to keep compatibility. We've already seen the fury non-early adopters have brough to PS3. I have to agree with Shockwave i'm looking for a Novemeber 2012 drop for the new xbox.

    They will try to squeeze it before the supposed apocalypse in December.

  5. Backwards compatitibility is a nice feature that I like early on in a console cycle when the game selection is a little sparse. 3-4 years in it's not as much of an issue either way I don't think. But for those early-bird console buyers, this will be a definate plus.

  6. @ Slicky. I'm such a sucker for TV entert. I would have gotten the most ridiculous TV they had I think. maybe a good sound system to go with it.

  7. @Shockwave

    I almost bought a TV but if you think back LCDs and Plasma of a decent size were nearly $10,000. It would have blown my entire winnings. I almost did it though. Whats funny if I told my self I would save $600 for when the PS3 came out. Money didnt last that long though.

  8. haha, that's funny. at least you tried to plan ahead. good point though. $10,000 today would go a lot further at Best Buy

  9. I think M$ will definitely get a jump on the next gen consoles again. I wonder what M$ and Sony has learned from this gen and will do differently next gen?

  10. I think suffice to say both companies must have a better launch than last time. MS needs to not rush their next project. I want the consoles to be more readily available and a lot more reliable when they are first released.

    I think Sony will have their act together too. I'm not sure they could have predicted the economic downturn but I think it greatly affected sales.

  11. New console launches are almost always botched. There's never enough new consoles on the market, and a ton of the early ones end up on E-Bay because people try to cash in on the high demand vs the low supply. Microsoft begining production just 2 months prior to launch cannot happen again for the obvious QC reasons. And Sony cannot price themselves out of the game again.

  12. My question is what will be the big new feature it will include to convince us to part with another $4-500? I'm not sure just more gpu power will be enough. Thoughts? Probably bluray, but they'll need something more than that to avoid the "me too" issue with Sony.

  13. Oh, understand Natal is coming, but my impression has been that it will be released as an add on before the next console.

  14. pastorscott. that's all speculation right now really. I think the general opinion is that a built in Natal 360 will likely be released next year. it sort of makes the next generation still a little confusing. I would guess you won't see a new Xbox or 720 for another 3-4 years.

    By then though I'm sure certain things will have improved including storage space, capability and the like. trust me, new consoles don't come out unless there is a huge leap in technology over the previous gen.

  15. Honestly it doesn't seem like the DVD format lasted all that long in the grand scheme of things, so I have to wonder what may happen 4-5 years down the road with Blu-Ray. Will something new come out to replace it shortly after it hits it's stride like happened with DVD? It's possible. Technology jumps forward in leaps. So to speculate on that is kinda hard to do.

  16. Speaking of Natal, are you guys interested? I just don't think I am. I would rather put that money into finally getting a PS3 so I can play Uncharted 1&2 rather than MS's version of Wii Play.

  17. agreed, I don't know if MS will go with Bluray or some other form of technology. how about game thumb drives, lol… I think those can hold as much as 256 GB these days

  18. I'll give you that Scott. I will say though I just haven't seen enough of Natal to know if I'll like it. show me a game that I actually want to play that has Natal and I might get it.

    Same with the Sony motion stuff

  19. I'd like to see a world of only Digital Distribution. however, it seems that games are growing a lot faster than the average bandwith in the US. We really need to catch up with the rest of the world. I'm tired of being ripped of for slow speeds

  20. @Shockwave Agreed. Plus, my three kids give me enough of a workout. When I get game time, I want it to be relaxing.

  21. Netal looks really promising to me, but I need to see more to really make a judgement as to whether I'd pick it up or not. I think if they can integrate it well into the more hardcore types of games, I might be sold.

    Sony's magic wand/personal pleasure device appears to be more of a direct rip off of Nintendo, except with the possiblity of actually delivering on what Nintendo originally promised with the Wii and never really delivered on.

  22. you do have a point nightshade. but I hope third party support and vastly improved graphics could help the Sony idea.

    To me the Wii just gets old really really fast. great graphics or not even the fun games get old pretty quick

  23. The only reason my Wii gets any use is because that is the platform that I have Rock Band on. Otherwise, it would just collect dust. After Prime 3 I just lost interest.

  24. I consider myself a very deep gamer and most wii games lack depth altogether, wii sports, lots of fun, not complicated at all, same with Boom Blox.

    Mario and Zelda were probably the best for that but when you compare Zelda to another game in that fantasy RPG area like Oblivion it just doesn't match up on any level

  25. I'm not too worry about sony the new ps4 chip with be design by intel…. Intel is still better than amd…. Speed, performance is already a given…. Amd have not yet to match the speed of the I7 chip and its been out for what 4 years now. Blu-ray is great I think what they are missing is at least 2 gig of ram… What ever sony decide they are still ahead of xbox this generation….Xbox have alot to catch up and improve on there system if they want to be sony in 2012… Sony ps4 wont be 600 dollar if it is they haven't learn anything yet lol….

  26. The only game that's come out on the Wii so far that has generated any interest from my household so far was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Thanks to the fact it was originally supposed to be a GameCube game and Nintendo put it off for so long, it was released on the GameCube as well as the Wii. So I bought it on the GC to keep my wife happy. Nintendo saved me $250 on a new system by doing that. And they've never offerend me any reason to revisit that decision since.

  27. Everytime sony comes out with a new system they make it hard for developer jump straight in… ROFL I hope ps4 will be more friendlier but I doubt that will be the case…

  28. the sad thing nightshade is theoretically they could release all games that aren't focused on motion on the gamecube still today. now that's ridiculous.

  29. they do like to throw curve balls snipe. but they need to keep third party support. when the PS3 first came out and I got it there were some games that I would have rather gotten on the PS3 if they were released on it same day. I'm the kind of person that has to have a game day one so I want it available on both or I'll just get who ever is first. That's one of the main reasons I don't own any third party games on my PS3

  30. @nightshade. I kind of feel that way about sixaxis too. To be honest I wish I could just turn it off when I play games that have it. the joystick is a lot more precise if you ask me

  31. I thought i read somewhere that the new system you can mind control movements… or was that sci-fi stuff that i read about :/

  32. haha, now that sounds good snipe. just give me a sandbox game like GTA in the holodeck of star trek.

    in all seriousness though there was supposed to be some head gear for the PC you could wear to detect facial expressions to an action. apparently it didn't work too well

  33. S@hockwave: I don't have PS3, so I couldn't say for sure on that one. But I never got the point of it to be honest. I like to relax when I'm playing games. Sometimes I'll be laying back in my recliner or on the couch with the controller behind my head.

    I know, it sound ridiculous, but it works for me…..

  34. again I agree. I think motion control is a niche aimed at an entirely different game demographic. I gave up on Nintendo when they gave up on me.

  35. Anyone see the "video game" on House a couple of episodes ago? I think it set back the image of gamers about three decades.

  36. Ok Shockwave, but imaigne Star Wars: the Force Unleased w/ Netal capabilities. You make the motion of the specific force power and it happens on screen. You slash the lightsaber with your hands. Awesomeness ensues.

  37. @Pastorscott: TV sucks in general, which is probably why I play so many video games. But I really can't stand that show. It's so formulaic that it's absurd. Someone get's sick, House guesses 10 times, almost kills the patient at least twice, and then suddenly with six minutes left in the show it magically all comes to him and he gets to pretend he's good at his job while being an asshole for an hour on primetime TV. Is this really the best we can do for entertinment these days?

  38. I am curious what Natal has to offer, I'd like to see it used in that way to make my judgements. but ya I could see it being cool if it was used like that. I would also like to turn that off for a game if I decided to be lazy and sit on my ass

  39. Yeah, the season premier gave me hope. Very One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. But, now it's back to the formula you describe.

  40. @Shockwave: yeah, I agree. As long as it's an option for hardcore games and not a requirement, then I'm good with it. If I've gotta go buy it to be able to play the big new releases (a la Nintendo and thier absurd pile of periphials), then I'm not interested.

  41. I hope mind control comes out before my hands give up on me. I like to still be able to play games at the age of 80 if i live that long

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