Coffee Talk #1: Does Replay Value Impact Your Gaming Purchases?

Welcome to the first edition of Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, the return of Barry Allen, Chris Jericho carrying the WWE for two years running, or how awesome the NY Yankees are, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

Today I want to talk about replay value. It’s mentioned in practically every videogame review you see and many critics use it as a scoring factor, but does it really have a role in your purchasing decisions? For me, it’s not really an issue when it comes time to plop down cash on a new game. It’s more of an added bonus that I enjoy after I’ve beaten a game.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Don’t get me wrong — I appreciate games that have extraordinary replay value, but that’s not why I buy (or pass) on a title. I’ll pick up every game in the Final Fantasy Tactics series because I love the world of Ivalice and the gameplay style. The fact that I’ll play it for dozens of hours after I’ve beaten it isn’t the point. That said, I completely understand that I’m not a normal customer since I get to play a ton of games for free and can be picky with the ones I buy.

My question for you on this fine Monday is whether replay value impacts your purchases. Are you more likely to buy games that you can play over and over again? Will you skip on a game because it’s not really worth playing after the initial 10 to 15 hours? Or is it a case-by-case basis? Leave a comment and let me know (please)!

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  1. I usually only buy games that I know I will replay many times, no point to spend 65 dollars on something you play 5 or 6 times

  2. Replay value is probably the driving force in my game buying decision. There are other reasons I buy a game, but without a doubt replay value holds a solid numero uno.

  3. sometimes it's replay value, if it's a new game that i'm playing. you know like Uncharted.

    If it's a franchise like Fight Night or Killzone or Grand Theft Auto. I already know what i'm getting and probably find various to amuse myself.

  4. @N8R You always bring up that time you trounced me in Uno, don't you?

    @Thundercracker Well, you guys are! Also, I'm hoping to have some cool guest writers in the next week or so.

  5. glad to see you back in Action Ray. This is probably going to be my morning discussion anymore.

  6. No. Replay value means little to me at the time I buy a game. Whether I will enjoy it or not is what I really consider.

  7. @ R Pad

    Hey, I trounced other people as well.

    Would you believe that was the first time I ever played Uno in my life? I was seriously figuring it out as I went along. I've been playing it alot since. The thing about the SF deck is that people can get loaded up pretty quickly because of that Haduken card. That pads the score for whoever wins nicely.

    Besides, lots of girls play Uno with their Live cam… that's for real.

  8. If a game is great then it will have high replay value for me. I've played through Uncharted 1 at least 5 times. Well worth $60.

  9. i honestly think that co-op is the future

    the addition (or lack thereof) has a lot to do with which games i purchase

    thats my only problem with killzone 2

  10. I do agree with Thundercracker. I find myself saying "that game really needed co-op" more and more often.

    I also agree RROD. I still have my copy of Dead Rising and play through it regularly.

  11. I think Co-op lends itself to destroying great narrative games. I like that Arkham Asylum was built for the single player experience. It is something that is really lacking these days.

    That said, Demon's Souls is made for the individual but with a very interesting online aspect. I can't say enough about that game.

  12. I love to play good games over and over again. replay value is huge to me. games like kotor, mass effect, oblivion and fallout are games that I have put well over 100 hours in to them. Keep in mind that those don't have MP either.

    To me, multiplayer doesn't make up for a lack of SP replay value. I know people like it and it belongs in games but I don't think it can replace a good SP experience.

  13. @smartguy

    i see your point with arkham asylum, but i find that to be the exception

    has anyone ever played through the original contra by themselves?

    what fun is that? You gotta have a friend to play with and from whom to steal lives once youve depleted yours

    same concept

  14. @Thundercracker

    LIfe stealing is always fun. Even in Super Mario World. Uncharted was all about the single player and I had a blast with that game. I just don't care for co-op that much. Except of course if there is friendly fire…..

  15. @ ray and thundercracker to an extent

    I feel that RE5 was seriously hampered by Capcom forcing co-op on the player. They built the whole game around the co-op experience that you had to play with that AI. I just think it is rather short sighted. Granted the japanese developer doesn't have to worry about Japanese gamers not having internet like US gamers. I think forcing co-op definitely hurt that game.

  16. Guys, co-op is only good for shooters that are not story driven. Co-op is not productive in story driven games. In fact, co-op can ruin a good story. Smartguy said it best, it destroys narratives.

    Does anyone see motion controls as the future. I think it's just a casual fad.

  17. @Thundercracker You're helping out plenty by just being here!

    @Smartguy RE5 offers a great co-op time if you're playing with another person. With the dumb ass AI-controlled character…not so much.

  18. I think co-op has to be done right. Some games where you're just floating in someone else's game can get boring or worse. Other times, the person you're playing co-op with can demolish your save file.

    It's tricky, but I do crave it in alot of games. But, imagine if Fallout 3 had co-op and some dude just went genocidal through the game and saved it on you.

  19. I think for me co-op has its place. It can add replay value to an already good game better than vs multiplayer for me. I prefer to play a game with people I know rather than against people I don't. I think co-op caters more to my preferred type of MP experience. I like going back to the old days of good co-op.

    @RROD. I think you could have a point with motion controls. I imagine a future where we are much more integrated in to the game than a controller but it is hard to tell how we will reach that goal IMO

  20. @ray

    sure i do, i actually have no problem with games like warhawk that actually have NO campaign

    Co-op should be mandatory for certain genres of games

    hack and slash games, fps'

    I think that if companies force the issue with co-op, that speaks more to the fact that those companies rushed an incomplete game to market as opposed to tweaking it and making it work

    that new lost planet has a decent co op feature, im actually considering getting that game on the strength of that alone

    what can i say raymond, im a lonely guy, i need friends to play with and to be occasionally awestruck by my gaming ineptitude

  21. haha, so easy. I remember seeing a t-shirt with the code on it that I thought was pretty cool.

  22. @RROD

    I have never said to myself "motion controls would be great for this game!" or "I wish I could use motion controls for games!"

    Maybe I'm biased…maybe I'm old school….but I cannot sit in front of my Wii and point the damn controller and nunchuk at the TV for extended periods of time. It's uncomfortable and imprecise. Don't they do some kind of arms outstretched event in those tough man competitions??

  23. It few and far between that many games have a ton of replay value with me. Fallout 3 did/does and inFAMOUS did (but not so much now that I have beaten it twice). I literally just have too many games to go back and play them very much. The only time I'll pick up an older game it to play some Co-op with friends. I wish more games had good Co-Op with a good storyline rather than what Resistance 2 did with its crappy Co-Op.

  24. @Ray

    Yeah that was my point. Fun with another person as long as they aren't jumping and constantly speaking to you ruining the narrative….yet a horrible experience if you want to do the narrative because of the AI.

  25. are you kidding me RROD? you know I am, I use that code every few months even today. I still own my original copy of Contra

    up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right b, a, SELECT (this is a co-op discussion) Start

  26. HAHA I was helping a friend crack his palm-pre and to get into the dev mode we had to put in the contra code.

  27. I agree Slicky, I always like to play a game a second or third time on co-op after beating it on my own. but I also love a well done SP experience too.

    thanks Ray

  28. Damn you rpad!!

    I was going to touch on that subject of publishers throwing in MP just for the hell of it. i'm sure we could all think of at least one title that was more than lacking on the MP experience.. like turok.. WTF!? the idea of it was interesting but it sucked nuts…

  29. Ray has a good point about games forcing co-op like RE5. If you play with the computer then you're stuck with a stupid partner.

  30. just so you guys know I think I'm done with the Feed. I only went there for the morning hangover and that was really only for R Pad's input. This is my new home

    (I know you said to keep going to the feed ray but I only have time for one website to distract me from work)

  31. I agree RROD and Rpad. Army of 2 did the same thing. don't force co-op just include it if you can make it work

  32. Would RE5 had the same level of replayability if it was strictly a single player game? Although the controls were similar to RE4, the atmosphere was more like an action game – kinda like X-files meets Lost Planet.

    I don't think people would've played RE5 as much as 4 if it didn't have co-op. I know I wouldn't have even played the game if it wasn't a feature. But I was disappointed in the package as a whole anyway.

  33. @empyu

    I don't think having co-op is the issue here. forcing co-op on people who would like to get a SP experience out of the game was frustrating to those who played it that way

  34. @smartguy

    im with you man, this is my new home too

    although i will poke my head in the feed from time to time

  35. I like Co-Op even if it doesn't work well. My friends don't like to play death match against me so I am always looking for games like Halo, Kane & Lynch, Army of Two that we can play through together. Even a crappy co-op is better than watching someone else play a game for a few hours.

  36. Coffee Talk trivia:

    What happened to the Steelers secondary? Where did they go?

    I know that Polomalu wasn't the only thing that made our D the champions. Watch, he'll get better and we'll still be struggling for the wins.

  37. @N8R Polamalu is the Steelers secondary. that guy is everywhere. Not looking forward to him being healthy when the Broncos play those guys. Of course at least we don't have Cutler to throw it right at him

  38. Also I was thinking about Uncharted 2's MP. It is a game I never expected to see have a multiplayer or how they would do it, but it has worked out beautifully. It makes me wonder what other games should have some MP

    Maybe Fallout 3 (huge fight in Megaton would rock) or Ratchet and Clank (without the R.Y.N.O.)

  39. you know Slicky I was just thinking that Uncharted will be well suited for Co-op too. I like how they are doing a different story for it, that will add to the replay value of Uncharted 2

  40. RE5… i tried.. i really really tried to play it but i hated the controls, camera, and that dumb ass AI. oh well. on a side note, i really wish that L4D was on the PS3..


    does the PS3 have any cool games similar to L4D that i should look into/ know about?

  41. true cornflake. I couldn't get past the controls of the game enough to really complain about the AI of your partner.

    fans of the series will say the controls are classic to the game but the game world has changed. RE should change with it

  42. @N8R

    Larry Foote is gone. I also think your division got alot better.


    Make me feel fuzzy, and then you take it away. Damnit.

  43. @ Shockwave

    I must admit, he is amazing. Even when you don't see him in the play, it's because the QB did everything he could to avoid him. I like to refer to him as "the human missile".

  44. he really does just dive in there man. to be fair no one likes to see such a talented player go down so I'm happy he's ready to play again. we're looking forward to playing you guys, as always it will be very tough for us

  45. @cornflake

    I don't think there is anything like L4D on the PS3. I just played that all weekend. I love that the Zombies feel like they are from the movie 28 Days Later (sprinting rather than dragging along)

  46. @Shockwave562, Thundercracker Wow, guys. I'm flattered and honored by the support!

    @oOcornflakeOo Similar to L4D? I dunno about that, but in terms of shooters, Borderlands is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

  47. @ Smartguy

    Dude… we barely creeped past the LIONS yesterday!?!

    The only person in our division that we've played is the Bungles and they got a little lucky. We haven't played the Ravens/Ratbirds yet but I must say I'm sweating the game.

  48. @n8r

    im not trying to knock your team, but i think that the steelers of last year were maybe the weakest super bowl champion since the bucs back in, what?, 03?

    you guys are definitely a great team, and very well coached, i think age is becoming a factor for your offensive line…hines ward is now 34 or so, matoaca high school's own james farrior is getting up there as well

    the good thing about the steelers is that your organization is solid from top to bottom, so slumps just dont exist

  49. well its almost noon here in virginia, so that means its my bedtime

    see you kids tommorow


    thanks for the heads up about ray's site, this is where ill be every morning from now on!

  50. @Shockwave562

    It sort of started as part of the issue. That's why co-op was brought up in the first place. Plus I'm genuinely curious about it.

    To me, co-op is always a welcome addition to a shooting title. I can't think of very many situations where co-op is a bad thing – although I'm sure Infinity Ward and Guerrilla would disagree with me. Part of the appeal of some games is being able to enjoy them with your friends in any way you like. I can't imagine that people would've liked Crackdown as much if it didn't have co-op.

    I'm more willing to play LBP again over Bioshock simply because I can enjoy LBP with someone else.

  51. @Ray

    What time are you going to post Coffee Talk? And I assume it's daily, right? I just like to be here on time and not miss the discussions.

  52. @ Thundercracker

    I think we were weaker in '05. Both us and the Seahawks lost that game, they just lost a little bit more. Last year's bowl was a great game.

    and you're more than welcome.

  53. I definitely agree with you empyu. what I liked about a game like crackdown was that I played through the game and loved every minute of it.

    After completing the game and searching for all the hidden items and collectibles there was still co-op to fall back on. and let's face it, not even co-op could affect a tack on story, but it was a fun game nonetheless.

    furthermore, they added cheats to the game months later which caused me to put the disc back in and have some fun with keys to the city. a well done game

  54. @N8R

    You are lucky you don't play the Saints this year. HAHAHAHAHA!


    Your avatar……

  55. Crackdown was great, but the "Co-Op" pissed me off. I would pack up my a TV, console, and my game and go over to my friends house to play together. I really hate "chatting" through a headset, but I do it in MP occasionally. But Co-op is one of those things that I want to be right there and say "watch this" or "did you see that". The co-op for Crackdown was fun, but the way of getting to it sucked.

  56. Replay value is not a main factor in my purchasing of a game. I do need to have 1 or 2 games that I can rely on whenever no one is around or people want to play a multi-player game.

    Fallout and Halo have been holding that, one for a year and the other 2+ years now.

    A sequel to a game coming out also adds to its predecessors replay value. Since Mass Effect 2 deals directly with your decisions in the first game, I am going to go back and play the game a third time. I want my character to have the good decisions qued up and not the bad guy I played as on my second run through.

  57. well if were going to talk football… my texans seem to not understand that you need a big back who doesn't continually f up (Chris Brown), he has cost the team dearly in the last two losses

  58. lol i like my zombies on the athletic side as well! W@W had a nice mix of creepers, crawlers and sprinters, dont you think?

  59. ya slick, but sometimes chatting is what co-op turns in to. I remember that's usually what became of Horde in Gears 2. once strategy was discussed it just became a chatting session, lol

  60. @Redtail



    i think co-op is best served in a few genres…FPS, and Music games. That is it.

  61. add MMO to that list. Oops.

    since coffee time is discussing stuff….is anyone else disappointed in Aion? I got flamed as a wowfanboy because I thought WoW was a better game.

  62. @ Smartguy

    Dude, the Saints pwn this year. I can't deny it.


    I will always laugh at the Bungles… no matter what. I will dig up old wounds even if they went undefeated. They've been our whippin' boys since their inception in the league.

  63. @ smartguy. I don't know much about MMO other than the fact that The Old Republic will be my first true MMO experience.

  64. @ ray

    no shizz? for real 5:30/8:30ET?! dude is that a joke or are you for real? its actually pretty smart if you do… you'll beat theFeed outa the gate/sack lol damn i need to figure out how your new site is arranged and ordered.. like Mcdonald's, I'm Lovin' It!

  65. @redtailman

    Matt Shaub had made his share of mistakes too. He did overthrow the game wining TD you know.

  66. @Ray

    The quests were bugged alot in the beginning of the game for me. So I'd have to switch channels in order to resolve the issue. When i'd switch channels the quest would still be bugged and I'd be on a cooldown to switch channels. That really bothered me since the game had been out for a year or close to a year already; albeit in Korea but still. I also thought the game was becoming a grindfest and would take too much time to play. Crafting items took forever. To buy new wings, I'd have to play the hell out of the game for a few months. I understand WoW was dumbed down a good bit, but at least what I wanted to do I could do eventually. Maybe Aion was too hardcore for me. To a lesser extent I didn't like the funky music that played every time I went into a fight. Really I just found the game to be too slow of pace and deliberate for my tastes. I just didn't feel the game was worth 15 dollars per month.

    I did like the chain system though. Very nice and adds a good dimension to strategy.

  67. @RROD

    Haha, as an NFC south rival, I must hate on the Falcons logo a bit.

    Turner looked good yesterday. Let's see how you fare against a team who will score points though. Nov 2nd will be a good game.

  68. I've been on the fence about Aion. The only think keeping me from getting it is that I don't personally know anyone who's picking it up.

    I used to play MMOGs a lot, but now they feel more like chat rooms with objectives. Most of the time I'd be chatting about anything while doing quests or crafting. It's only during the really difficult parts that MMO games become more interactive.

    But apparently the replay value of that is golden seeing as playing WoW for 2 years will set you back over $250.

  69. @Ray

    Maybe they are anti wow so much that they will like anything not named World of Warcraft??

    Dunno. However if they are a ranged fighting class their opinions will be jaded!! Ranged absolutely pwns in pvp in that game. They fly up, kite, repeat. They could even land and just nuke you. Repeat.

  70. @Smartguy

    Nov. 2nd will be a good battle indeed. But, as a division rival I must pull for the Giants next week. The Bucs are winless and the Panthers stink so your Saints are the only team in our way of division dominance.

  71. @RROD

    Understood. I was pulling for the 49ers yesterday. The Pats two weeks ago…etc. haha.

  72. This generation has been different for me. Last gen, I played nothing but RPG's. As you know, RPG's don' have that much of replay value unless you want to experience the story again. This generation, I've branched out into different genres and it's been awesome, so now I've been looking for games that can keep me busy until the next gem comes out. Achievements/Trophies really have made gaming much more fun and it does add a lot to the replay value.

  73. @Smartguy

    I hear Bush is back together with that Kardashian tramp so I hope he gets distracted and start fumbling again, haha.

  74. @Smartguy

    I just thought of something. We do have a worst to first tradition in our division and the Saints did finish last in the division last year. Hmmmmm.

  75. Obama MUST have gotten it for not being Bush because he sure hasn't done anything as of yet to merit it.

  76. @RROD

    I love football…and I love women….I'd hate to have to choose between her and football. Though the fact that i did get damn near 40 million guaranteed plus the endorsement money I would have made by now would surely help me choose wisely…….

    I kinda hope he lights the Falcons up though! Either him or the PT Cruiser.

  77. Hey Ray I hope you stick with the single page of comments liked the Feed USED to be. I feel like it makes for a better back-and-forth and you don't have to rely on the "show replies" or next page buttons working or not.

  78. The Nobel Prize lost alot of credibility when they gave it to Al Gore. No matter which side of the fence you are on about ppl causing global warming, it was still ridiculous!

    If you want to think of Obama's peace prize in a different, more infuriating sense look at it this way: He was in office for 12 days and was nominated and subsequently awarded a prize that gifts its winner 1.4 million dollars. Wonderful.

  79. @ Slicky

    I voted for him, I support the healthcare thing… but I have to agree. He really hasn't done much. My mom was saying he got alot of talking done in the middle east but she's FAR left where I'm kinda in the middle.


    No… I saw a show with far less viewers called SNL.

  80. I just realized something awesome about being laid off this month: I get to pick up Brutal Legend tomorrow and play it til my eyes bleed. Thankyou economy.

  81. @SlickyFats I was actually planning on doing one page of comments with threads. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, this theme was listed incorrectly — it said it supported threaded comments, but it doesn't (or I'm doing something wrong).

    For now, I think I'll leave it this way.

    @Everyone I'm truly amazed and humbled by all the comments in this article! You guys rule.

  82. Man, 115 comments. I don't have time to catch up on what i missed out on but i didn't want to feel left out.

  83. @ R Pad

    I hate to say I told you so.

    I posted 1 link on TheFeed and tokz reposted it.

    BAM! Independence FTW!

  84. @Smartguy

    I'm going to Toys R Us tomorrow to take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free deal and I was planning on getting Uncharted 2, Fallout 3 G.O.T.Y. edition, and Demon's Souls but Toys R Us didn't get any copies of Demon's Souls for some reason so I may have to settle for Brutal Legend as my free game.

  85. story time, So I pre-ordered uncharted 2 at gamecrazy and I had already paid it off, then I find out that pretty much all the gamecrazys in Houston were closing, so I go to get my money back since they weren't going to have uncharted 2 when it came out and I find out some guy who used to work there jacked money out of a couple people accounts and I was one of them, so I have no idea how I'm going to be able to afford Uncharted 2

  86. @N8R

    Oh the memories, but RedRingOfDeath is no more. Those days are over. I did drive them crazy though, didn't I.

  87. @RROD

    I'm playing Demon's Souls right now. Really a good game. I don't think there is a settling for Brutal Legend. The game is supposed to be at least 20 hours and Tim Schaffer does some good work. To be honest, I'd pass on FallOut. I just didn't like it. Oblivion was great, MorrowWind was great, DaggerFall was awesome….I don't know, Fallout just wasn't worthy to me.

    You can't order Demon's Souls from Toys R Us and get the promotional pricing? I'm thinking of doing the thing tomorrow and getting BL, UC2 and Operation Flashpoint because it looks neat.

  88. @ RROD

    Pure hilarity. You're the guy that made me realize how seriously people take their video games.

  89. @RRODisHere and N8R

    thanks, I think I'm done with game stores like gamestop and gamecrazy, both really have caused me problems over the years

  90. @ Smartguy

    See, I'm not the type of person that's in to the whole medieval magic thing. Doing spells to counter melee weapons is just not my cup of tea. Notable exceptions of course.

    But… post nuclear armageddon and lots of references to Nikola Tesla… I'm lovin' that. I haven't gotten so deep into a game since Ocarina of Time. That's saying alot.

    The thing about the Zelda franchise is that I rarely used magic and the magic I did use was all close range stuff.

  91. @N8R

    In all honesty, RedRingOfDeath was just a character and nothing like me. It started as a joke but I was shocked to see how personal the Xbox fanboys took it so I ran with and ran with it good. Anyone who took RedRingOfDeath seriously was the real idiot, and there were a lot of idiots on the Feed.

  92. Props to Raymond for having a Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions pic in the title :)

  93. 120+ Comments :)

    I personally consider replay value to be a big determinent, If I don't see myself playing the game multiple times after I have passed it once then I will not pick it up first day. I may wait for the price to drop.

  94. @N8R

    I hear ya. I wanted to like Fallout…I just didn't like the VATS system. That really ruined the thing for me.

  95. @SkullOne360 Thanks for noticing! The original FFT is probably my all-time favorite.

    @RRODisHere You sure RROD is "nothing" like you? You play the part so well. I think our best "characters" are just us turned to 11 — kind of like Stone Cold and The Rock.

  96. @ Smartguy

    You don't HAVE to use VATS. In fact, that's one of the coolest things about that game. You really can play it a ton of different ways.

    I personally liked making the heads pop.

  97. Yea I rarely play through games more than once. I actually rarely ever complete a game. There's about a 15% chance I'll beat a game I bought. Rarely do I buy new, now that I've found Goozex.

  98. @ R Pad

    I said what you just said to RROD once and you said "I'll be sure to tell Goldust that the next time I see him."

  99. Replay value is very important in my decision to purchase a game. Most, if not all, of my favorite games have medium to high replay value. Beating a game in 10-12 without replay value makes me feel like I wasted $60.

  100. @Raymond Padilla

    Well, maybe I shouldn't have said "nothing" like me. He's just a little like me. I do love and prefer my PS3 but I don't care if anyone else doesn't like the PS3. People taking shots at the PS3 doesn't bother me and I certainly don't take it personal.

  101. @Raymond Padilla

    Ahh, The Rock and Stone Cold. We don't get feuds like that anymore. It pains me to watch Smackdown and see CM Punk and Jeff Hardy headlining shows and PPVs.

  102. Why can't it be the 13th already?! I want Uncharted 2 already! I've been playing Drake's Fortune all weekend (first playthrough on hard, don't kill me) and I'm loving it, doing it to keep the story fresh in my head.

  103. @RPad I can't even watch anymore…makes me sad. Last wrestling I watch was a live ROH show here in the DC Metro area. That's were my Brian Danielson in a towel story came from.

  104. @ R Pad

    Yeah, I saw that. He's always been a good sport.

    I do have to say that I'm happy to see Jericho getting the biggest spotlight. I remember when he was in WCW bringing out that poster of Dean Malenko every week with the "Jericoholic Ninja" dude. That's when I first noticed he was a superior talent.

    Although, it seems like he's still holding back in WWE. I bet if he unleashed himself to his ultimate potential the ratings would skyrocket again. But… he does know how to work the showmanship.

  105. @TheJediRevan I dunno, I totally love the work Chris Jericho has done this year. He elevated the IC Championship and the Tag Team titles. His feud with Rey Rey was pretty awesome. And he's made The Big Show the most interesting he's been in years.

    @RROD It's hard to top those two. They were fantastic entertainers. That said, I really like Punk…though I seldom trust people that don't drink.

    @N8R Jericho has been amazing for the last two years. I do miss the goofy Jericho — similar to how I miss goofy Edge and Christian — but he's selling more tickets as a heel.

  106. @SkullOne360

    I hate that games get released on Tuesdays. That means I gotta buy the game, then wait the rest of the week before I can really get into it on the weekend.

    Why couldn't Uncharted 2 come out last Friday?

    Oh well… I finally found out what I'm doing with the Toys R Us deal. I'm gonna get Brutal Legend and two copies of Uncharted2 – one for me and one for my brother. Now I'm guaranteed to have a co-op partner.

  107. @RPad Jericho has always been there best worker bar-none. I will try to start DVRing RAW every week and see if I can get back into it. I was the kid in high school that knew EVERYTHING about wrestling. I even had my own wrestling hotline…I miss the late 90s-early 00s.

  108. @Empyu Yeah I agree with you, Uncharted 2 will own my life for a while, but with the tv season I really have to wait for the weekend like you said to put in a good decent 10 hours or so.

  109. @ R Pad

    I miss Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell.

    And I don't drink… but I did work in the medical marijuana industry for 4 years. That's how I ended up on TheFeed. I was Director of Operations for a co-op in San Bernardino County and between taking calls from patients I'd be online chatting with you guys.

    Those days are behind me now though. The industry is no longer about compassion, it's more about greed.

  110. @ RROD

    The whole saddening of what Smackdown has become and lack of monstrously huge feuds like Rock v Stone Cold.

  111. @RROD,

    i enjoyed reading all of the negative comments ppl would write towards you lol i caught onto your games instantly and i would even try to bait them into it even more! i love xbox fanboys [no h0m0]

  112. Jericho is awesome and the only man who can make the Big Show interesting.

    On a side note, I laugh every time I hear them call him an athlete.

  113. @oOcornflakeOo

    Haha, I enjoyed reading them too. I really got a kick out reading all of insults and the fact that they actually thought it hurt my feelings. They tried so hard to bait me but never could. You and N8R saw what I was doing but the Xbox fanboys never caught on and fell for it every time.

  114. @ray,

    can i start the first flame war on your new site?? Please? RROD is more than welcome to fuel the flames =P

    Fuq it, PS3 PWNS 360!! RawR!!

  115. @ N8r

    Buff Bagwell was the worst! He has a horrible attitude and isn't even really a good worker. That's why the WWE dropped him like a month after they started putting WCW talent on their programs.

  116. I'm sorry, but CM Punk has got no business with the world title and he has no business in a feud with the Undertaker. Nobody buys a ticket to see CM Punk.

  117. @oOcornflakeOo

    I have too much respect for Raymond to start that here. If, better yet, when the flamewars come it won't be because of me. I may put out a few fires but I won't start any.

  118. umm, so has anyone been back over to thefeed this morning/afternoon? i haven't lol unintentionally of course but still..

  119. I liked the Steiner Brothers. They were incredible. I remember the first time he pulled off the "Frankensteiner". I was amazed to say the least. It was just that great. I liked Scott's solo stuff, I just think WCW didn't use him correctly.

    Steiner Brothers ftw!

  120. Buff was funny, I liked him. I just wish Kurt Angle and Booker T come back to the WWE and then people like CM Punk and Jeff Hardy would never be world champ.

  121. @ Smartguy

    Back when he first did the Frankensteiner, it probably was the most athletic move there was. I'm a Big Poppa Pump fan though. I laughed my ass off the first time he said "Big Bad Booty Daddy".

    @ RROD

    Kurt Angle is from Pittsburgh… I gotta root for him.

  122. @Smartguy

    WCW didn't know how to use anybody. They fired "Stoned Cold" Steve Austin(Stunning Steve Austin). They also released the Undertaker(Mean Mark Callas)

  123. They're trying to force the Miz and Jack Swagger down our throats but I don't like neither of the two.

  124. I've watched TNA here and there, but Sting needs to stay off the mic. Also, Jim Cornette and JJ give me a rash.

  125. @tokz_21

    I don't know but I love Santino. He's a great entertainer and cracks me up every time I see him.

  126. @N8R

    I still think it is one of the most athletic moves to date. Someone that big doing that is amazing. I just had to youtube it to remind myself of the awesomeness.

    Haha, I forgot about Big Bad Booty Daddy. That's good.

    Big Poppa Pump is great.

  127. @rrodishere

    I agree Santino is getting there as an entertainer. I wish WWE would get better talent or get better writers for their talent. TNA is just asking for the mercy blow. I read somewhere that Booker T doesn't like where his angle is going and no show'ed a couple of matches. I hope he comes back but without the King Booker angle. Spin-a-rooney FTW!

  128. @Ray

    Our Yankees won and the Sox got swept? You more or less worried about the Angles being in our way for number 27?

  129. Thought I'd share that. Everyone who is an old school fan will like that.

    If for some reason in a real fight you could pull off a steiner screwdriver, you'd kill that person.

    RIP Bam Bam Bigelow

  130. @ Smartguy

    Great video link.

    You can tell that those were some of the first times he ever did some of those moves based on the reactions of the crowd.

  131. @ cornflake

    For The Win (Hollywood Squares reference)


    F**k The World (Tazz in ECW reference)

    But most of the time it means the former.

  132. @N8R

    Yeah as far as pure wrestler goes I'd have a hard time picking between him and Bret Hart. They were both great to watch because of the techniques they could do. As a kid though, I always liked Scott Steiner the best. For some stupid reason I also used to think Lex Luger was cool.

  133. @Smartguy

    Bret Hart was the greatest of all time in my opinion. His matches with Owen, Curt Henning, Davey Boy and Benoit were all amazing….too bad all the later are dead….QQ

  134. @ Smartguy

    I was a huge Macho Man fan back in the day. I was down with the Steiners but the Road Warriors were probably my favorite Tag Team.

    Looking back… I do have to give it up to Scott Steiner's innovation. The only person I can think of that raised the bar that high since him is RVD.

  135. N8R is my hero! lol i thought it meant "for the world" which kinda makes sense… ok maybe because i wanted it to make sense! its hard keeping up with internet acronyms!! ugh fml! lol [haha]

  136. lets get over 200 comments, how about college footbal, I'm looking forward to my horns kicking OU's ass

  137. @ cornflake

    We've discussed the Nature Boy at length in the past.

    I don't think anybody sold moves as well as Flair. We've even determined that wrestlers nowadays aren't as worried about selling the moves as they are worried about high spots.

  138. @ Smartguy

    Sabu would really take a real beating. He actually got banned in a few states for wrestling with a broken neck.

  139. @ tokz

    But the talent was immense. They would have run-ins all the time. People from both WWF (then) and WCW would just show up with a chair.

    I loved old school ECW. What Vince has done to the name is an atrocity.

  140. @N8R

    oh i'm not saying that it sucked, it just didn't draw me to watch the story line. it didn't draw me in to see why they were feuding. The WWE did waste ECW's talent and they are wasting their own right now. You know it must be hard for them right now too. The last RAW they had in Chicago in September i just walked up and got tix. I can remember when they would sell out and you could only get tix two ways. Scalpers or through pre-sales.

  141. @ tokz

    The last event I went to…

    A friend of mine drove from Pittsburgh to Louisville KY because he got corporate seats to Judgment Day. I forget what year, but it was the Ironman match between HHH and The Rock with HBK guest reffing. I want to say 2000 give or take a year, but we had like 7th row seats.

    It was badass.

  142. @N8R HBK sells pretty well. I'd put him up there with Flair.

    @TheJediRevan Bret had some incredible matches, but it was sad to see him become so bitter. I also don't like how he put down Flair. And remember, Vince didn't screw Bret. Bret screwed Bret.

    @tokz_21You must read about The Miracle of Mikey. That was a fun ECW storyline. Austin's promos in ECW were fantastic. Cactus Jack refusing to be "hardcore" was frickin' hilarious.

  143. @rpad I will check that out. I'm trying to catch up on all the DVD's that WWE has come out with. i'm remembering how good Smackdown used to be and how it basically killed Thunder.

  144. @ R Pad

    I hear that… but when Flair would take a slap to the chest, it REALLY looked like it hurt as opposed to just about any other chest slap I've ever seen.

    HBK is good… but Flair is the master in my opinion.

  145. Holy Freaking Cow R-Pad!!!!! This site Rock! I guess my morning coffee will be here from now on hehe

  146. I like HBK he's my all time favorite. Did you watch him vs Undertaker? Even though he lost he went out with a bang !

  147. It looks like we're running out of things to comment on.

    I saw that G4 posted that Bryan Singer wants another crack at the X-men films.

  148. @Xsnipe2KillG4Feed Thanks! I'm glad to have you here. HBK/Taker was one of the best matches I've ever seen. I was lucky enough to be there live!

    @oOcornflakeOo I actually JUST finally got around to making my coffee a minute ago. Ha!

    @tokz_21 Nobody has been talking about the Yankees. *sniff* *sniff*

  149. I normally don't replay the game again after I beaten it. I play the highest level that is given and once I beat it i'm done. I get bored of playing it again knowing what I can do sorry thats just me. But the factors that makes me buy a game is… Single player story line have to be good! Multiplayer is a must! 2player coop is a bonus! That is what I look for when I decided to get a game. Replay value is good but it shouldn't be 20 points if the game have it and -20 if it doesn't. A lot of sites like Gametrailers likes orginality! There is no game that is original. All games have some stuff from other games but I think thats oky. Uncharted2 have a decent score but because it wasn't orginal it can only be given 93? Halo3 is original? I don't get these writers sometimes…. What also gets to me is that Klep said HaloODST is like a new ip and that they take risk? I Don't I don't think they took any risk everyone knows they Halo game that comes out will sell…even if it only have 3 maps people will still flock and buy it. Oh well thats just me….. I don't look at the reviews I watch the game play on youtube and other sites than come up with my own judgement. But I do kindda take reviews into some considerations. You know like bugs, glitchesss things that you can't see just by watching the game video.

  150. @rpad

    I guess we can talk about how great the Yankees are but why talk about something that's sooooo obvious.

    Or we can talk about how Jermaine Taylor might lose and actually retire after his loss to Abraham.

  151. @Ieyke Ha! We both know that's not true. It's also not something I want to do. Those guys are big time and I hope they do well. I also hope this place can become something fun too! Day one (the real day one) has been a great start.

    I'll be pushing the content more heavily later in the week and I have some cool stuff in the works. I honestly didn't think this many people would visit and leave comments (feel so lucky!!!), so I have to speed things up. Ha!

  152. Sorry, I had to adjourn to work on my tax project….and read up on my pre-lecture tax notes….and then I took a nap.

    Who's grabbing Brutal Legend tomorrow?

    (there are some articles on here guys besides Coffee Time)

  153. @Smartguy

    If Toys R Us don't have Demon's Souls then I guess I'll pick up Brutal Legend as my free game tomorrow.

  154. @RRODisHere Ohhh, that omission seems criminal. I'd put Benoit and Guerrero up there too. They were all great at blending technical wrestling skills and sports entertainment flair.

    @Smartguy There will be plenty more too! I just wasn't planning on this many visitors and have to work on a contract job so I can keep paying rent. Ha!

  155. @Smartguy

    I'm getting it, but I won't really get much time in it until the weekend.

    To tell the truth I liked the demo and am really interested in the game, but I find the RTS elements a little intimidating. I haven't played an RTS well since Starcraft. I never had enough patience to get good at another one – never even finished Dawn of War2.

    From what I've seen, Brutal Legend presents itself very differently, but I still feel that bit of hesitation.

  156. @RROD

    Dude, get Operation Flashpoint as your free game. Borrow someone's Fallout. Though I didn't like Fallout haha. N8R has high praise for it though.

  157. @Smartguy

    I refuse to pay $60 for a game that has nothing but low review scores for it like Operation Flashpoint.

  158. @Smartguy

    thats right, RRODishere goes by the reviews and dont you forget it!! and if you do, he'll be sure to tell you why! ::cough cough haloODST cough::

  159. I think you and I both underestimated the effect of you leaving G4. A lot of posters weren't happy to hear you'd left, but I'll admit I didn't exactly notice. NOW though…now there's a noticeable difference over there. We used to just bitch at each other all the time, now the "new guy(s?)" are catching a LOT of flak for not being up to snuff.

    Be proud man. You certainly left a dent over there that they're having a hard time compensating for.

    Maybe you set the bar too high :P

  160. @Ieyke I'm certainly proud of what I accomplished at G4, but I also have a ton of respect for the people that are still there. I know they'll do well after adjusting to some changes. I don't doubt that for a second.

    Hopefully we'll have a bunch of fun here too!

  161. @RPad Of course I'm here to support you O.O Beside the Feeds of G4 takes 4hrs later to respond and by than I have move on to the next topic =.= I'm glad to see soo many people here to support this forum and making it work! Looks like I have a new hang out hehe…I can't believe you get to see HBK/Undertaker Live!*Jealous* I like to see the one that time that they went to Sadi and put on a great show for the military…. All the sexie devasss were there! Which one of the Devas Do you like? Or do you not pay attention to them?

  162. @Xsnipe2KillG4Feed I love me some Diva action! I prefer the Divas that can actually work in the ring. Gail Kim is great. I interviewed Victoria once and she was a sweetheart. Trish was really cool too. Right now, Mickie James has a special place in my heart. I wrote her storyline for this month's SmackDown vs. RAW game. I met her at this year's WrestleMania and we had a fun interview.

    Here's a photo of her hugging me after the video. I wasn't expecting it at all and was completely surprised.


  163. @Ray

    That's awesome that your shoulder got some there. Here's 227, maybe not in the thread you had hoped though.

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