Vaping Diaries #261: True North Tonics Pedro Benito Interview

This interview with True North Tonics owner Pedro Benito is longer than my usual chats with e-liquid makers, but it’s also more interesting. Pedro talks about moving from a touring indie-rock musician with The Jealous Sound and Sunday’s Best to composing music for film and television to crafting e-liquids. True North Tonics offers some of the cleanest e-liquids out there, with several unique and complex flavors. In my opinion, the company is one of the most underrated in the vaping business.

There are several things that help True North Tonics stand out in the highly competitive field of e-liquids. Pedro’s wife is a biochemist, allowing True North Tonics to offer pure flavors with an emphasis on safety. It was fun learning how heating up different ingredients to different temperatures results in various flavor combinations. It was interesting to learn that these juices are made in a laboratory-style fashion, so that each bottle’s individual components can be traced back to the exact ingredient bottle used on the day it was made. On the outside, True North Tonic uses glass vials for its 15ml bottles and wine labels instead of common stickers.

As for the flavors themselves, Pedro talked about three of the e-liquids he launched with and some of his newest flavors. The new flavors are really tasty. As a fan of dessert vapes, I’m really high on the Bavarian cream-inspired Captain’s Daughter. The day this interview was filmed, Pedro had a new raspberry-lychee blend that he was testing. I may or may not have finished what was left of his bottle. (I did…and it was frickin’ delicious!)

Please check out my True North Tonics interview when you have a chance. I’m sure that many of you will learn more about what goes into making e-liquids by listening to Pedro. He was, perhaps, a bit too forthcoming. Ha!

True North Tonics Pedro Benito

Special thanks to Monster Vape Lounge for letting me film and hang out!

Author: RPadTV