Vaping Diaries #246: Empire Glassworks Phillip Vuong Interview (ECC 2014)

If you’re a vaper that’s into comic books, videogames, science-fiction, or fantasy then you need to check out Empire Glassworks. The company makes a variety of glass atomizer caps and drip tips that feature all sorts of characters from pop-culture. Whether it’s Master Chief from Halo, R2D2 from Star Wars, Pikachu from Pokemon, or Cartman from South Park, Empire Glassworks will help you nerd out your vaping setup (and I mean that in the coolest possible way).

At ECC 2014, I chatted with Empire Glassworks CEO Phillip Vuong about how his company got started and some of the products he offers. While he has a number of great atomizer caps available now, he has more coming for the popular Cartel Mods Stillare and Tobh atomizers in the near future. Watch my chat with Phillip to learn more about his company, as well as to see several of his awesome glass atomizer caps and drip tips.

Empire Glassworks Phillip Vuong ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV