Vaping Diaries #230: Cuttwood Austin Hopper Interview (ECC 2014)

Cuttwood is one of the fastest-growing e-liquid companies in vaping. Earlier in the year, it had a hugely popular hit in Unicorn Milk, but there was also some controversy about titanium dioxide found in the juice’s coloring. At ECC 2014, I caught up with Cuttwood president Austin Hopper to learn how the company got started, how he dealt with the Unicorn Milk situation, the company’s current lineup, and the upcoming Boss Reserve line. Despite the titanium dioxide issue, Cuttwood has become wildly successful, according to some numbers I was given from a third party (seriously impressive).

In addition to Unicorn Milk, Cuttwood currently has Monster Melons and Sugar Bear in its lineup. The former is obviously a fruit flavor, while the latter is a milky cinnamon e-liquid that’s reminiscent of sweet cereal. Austin didn’t reveal all the details on Boss Reserve, but noted that it has hazelnut flavor and a smokey taste.

The Cuttwood booth was really hopping at ECC 2014. The company drew thousands of fans with free juice, caps, t-shirts, and more. While I’ve met hundreds of friendly people in the vaping business, Austin is one of the most gregarious I’ve encountered. It was fun chatting with him as I learned more about his company. While I’ve enjoyed Unicorn Milk and Sugar Bear, I’m really looking forward to Boss Reserve. From the way Austin described it, the flavor profile seems right up my alley.

Check out the ECC 2014 clip above to get to know Cuttwood and Austin Hopper.

Cuttwood Austin Hopper Interview ECC 2014

Author: RPadTV