Vaping Diaries #195: Royal Vapour and Interview

Earlier this week, I caught up with Royal Vapour co-owners TJ Stephens and Ali Mumin at Vape Star Los Angeles. The two told me about their backgrounds, the Royal Vapour approach to making juices, their favorite juices, upcoming flavors, and the web site. The company started last year, officially kicking things off at ECC 2013. Since then, the company has become very popular in Southern California, with burgeoning national exposure.

Two of the hottest Royal Vapour e-liquids at the moment are The King’s Chew and Queen’s Custard. Stephens made the former as an homage to his childhood, when he’d chow down on Big League Chew bubbgle gum during little league baseball games. Mumin is big on custard juices, so Stephens made Queen’s Custard to satisfy his tastes.

Another project the two have launched is Designed by Mumin, the web site is an online marketplace for vapers. The buying and selling of vaping products is done between users, without the heavy moderation found on some forums and Facebook groups.

Check out the video clip above to hear the Royal Vapour story and learn about the company’s juices, as well as

Royal Vapour interview

Author: RPadTV