Christian Bale’s Batman Audition With Amy Adams

Here are some bits of Christian Bale reading for the Batman role in Batman Begins. A lot of people are talking about the far-less-ridiculous-than-in-the-movies voice Christian Bale used in the auditions. That’s certainly an interesting topic for (nerd) discussion, but what really grabs me here is Amy Adams. (And yes, I would love for Amy Adams to actually grab me.) Adams read opposite Bale as a favor, but imagine what Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies would have been like with Adams onboard?

I’m a huge mark for Adams. I think she’s beautiful, talented, and absolutely delightful on film. Some would argue that Katie Holmes is physically more attractive and/or that Maggie Gyllenhaal has more range as an actress. (For the record, I can see the argument for the former, but vehemently disagree with the latter.) As the total package (not Lex Luger), Amy Adams trounces them both. She’s fantastic in dramas, comedies, musicals, etc. She’s just an utterly charming woman that would have given the Rachel Dawes character several additional layers. Ah, what could have been….

Now back to Christian Bale’s voice. While I agree that Batman and Bruce Wayne should have different voices, most fanboys would say that Bale took things too far. The voice he used in the auditions could have used a bit more gravel, rather than the 57 layers he added in the movies. It makes you wonder, who told him that voice was a good idea? Nobody stopped to say, “Dude. You sound like a dick.”? You mean to tell me that not a single person involved in pre-production or early production had a Kevin Conroy clip to play for him? In the immortal words of Chazz Michael Michaels, “It’s mind bottling.”

Check out the clip when you have a chance and let me know what you think in the comments section (please!). Do you agree that Amy Adams would have knocked it out of the park as Rachel Dawes? How much better is Christian Bale’s voice in the auditions than in the movies? Lastly, why is it so difficult to find saucy photos of Amy Adams on Internet?!?

Author: RPadTV