Vaping Diaries #74: Best Vaping E-Liquids of 2013 (Thus Far)

Since half the year is over, I wanted to use this column to talk about some of the best e-liquids I’ve tried in 2013. While most of these juices aren’t new, they were all new to me. Most of them have been reviewed in previous¬†Vaping Diaries columns, while a few of them will be reviewed in the near future. Given my love for NET (naturally extracted tobacco) e-liquids, it wasn’t surprising that most of my favorites used real tobacco. However, a few synthetics and one dessert flavor made the list. Janty’s DK RY4 is considered by many to be the original RY4 and I’ve yet to taste a synthetic RY4 that’s as good. Five Pawns’ Gambit is ridiculously complex. As for the rest, here’s my list:

  1. Peachy Criminal (Ahlusion) — A mild but complex tobacco accompanied by Ahlusion’s delicious, natural peach flavor
  2. Honey Cured (Ahlusion) — A striking blend of strong, authentic tobacco and a bright honey sweetness
  3. Vurley (Ahlusion) — A delicious burley tobacco complemented perfectly by sweet vanilla
  4. Gambit (Five Pawns) — Easily the most complex dessert vape I’ve ever had
  5. Louisville (Want2Vape) — A delicious burley tobacco with a slight, slight touch of sweetness
  6. Patriot (Goodejuice) — Burley boldness, distinct perique, and sweet cavendish make up this delightful tobacco blend
  7. GJ4 (Goodejuice) — The classic RY4 formula with an authentic tobacco “oomph”
  8. DK RY4 (Janty) — Often copied, but never duplicated, this is the best synthetic RY4 I’ve ever had
  9. Full Virginia Flake (Mountain Oak Vapors) — A NET RY4 that emphasizes sweetness, but with authentic tobacco in the background
  10. Organic RY4 (Orb Vapor) — An atypical RY4 that’s given a nice twist through hazelnut and French vanilla flavorings

Author: RPadTV