Vaping Diaries #8: Vaping Side Effects

Ever since I made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, there are a number of changes I’ve noticed with my body. Most of them were positive and some of them were surprising. Keep in mind that my medical knowledge is pretty basic, so some of the things that I found surprising might have you going, “Well duh!” Now click on the video below of the Brady Bunch singing “Time to Change” as I discuss some of the side effects of switching from smoking to vaping.

One of the most immediate changes I noticed was a lower heart rate. Going by the inaccurate — but for the sake of casual observation, as good a measuring stick as any — heart rate monitors on the elliptical machines in my gym, I observed that my heart rate was significantly lower from when I was smoking. My standing heart rate and peak heart rate where anywhere from 15 to 25 beats per minute lower than before.

My sense of taste has surprisingly become more sensitive. Between smoking, having Indian roommates in college, and briefly living in Thailand, I was certain that my taste buds were mostly annihilated. These days, my spice tolerance is lower than it used to be. I noticed this the first time I ate at CoCo Ichibanya (my favorite Japanese curry chain) after I switched to vaping. When I was a smoker, I usually ordered spice level four, sometimes five. To my shock, spice level four is now mildly uncomfortable for me when it was a cakewalk in the past. While I’m happy that my sense of taste is more sensitive, I do feel less manly that my standard CoCo Ichi order is now a spice level three.

One of the changes I expected was that my teeth would be a bit whiter. Between smoking, coffee, and not having dental insurance, I was a little embarrassed by the color of my teeth. Thanks to vaping and my trusty Oral-B toothbrush, my teeth have gotten a bit whiter.

Anyway, those are some of the groovy changes I’ve noticed since I’ve been vaping. I’d love to hear from some of the vapers out there. I know that RPadholics N8R and Big Blak are current vapers, while CamiKitten is starting this week. If you guys and gals have noticed any changes with your bodies, please let me know. And if you don’t vape, please feel free to chime in with your comments as well!

Author: RPadTV