NPD Console Hardware Sales Figures for July 2010

July’s NPD numbers are the most interesting console sales figures in a long, long time. For the first time in three years (I think), a Nintendo console is not on top of the list! The quote Brian Fellow from Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet, “That’s crazy!!!” Let’s check out the numbers:

  • Xbox 360: 443,500
  • Nintendo DS: 398,400
  • Nintendo Wii: 253,900
  • PlayStation 3: 214,500
  • PlayStation Portable 84,000

Even though Nintendo sold a lot of hardware in July, it just feels weird that the company didn’t top the charts. It’s like when Hulk Hogan turned heel or seeing Joe Torre in a Dodgers’ uniform — it’s just doesn’t feel right.

Is this the start of Nintendo’s decline (until the 3DS takes over the world)? Can Microsoft sustain the momentum it generated with the Xbox 360 Slim SeXbox 360? Look at those lowly PSP numbers? Is there anything Sony can do to kickstart its handheld system? Or should Sony focus its portable efforts on the PSP2? Answer and discuss (please)!

Author: RPadTV