Krista Ranillo Uses Facebook to Discuss Manny Pacquiao Affair

Krista Ranillo

After defeating Miguel Cotto on Saturday, boxing great Manny Pacquiao returned to the Philippines with news of his affair with actress/model Krista Ranillo making almost a big a splash as his historic victory. Pacquiao is huge in the Philippines — I’m talkin’ Elvis huge — so an affair is a tremendous deal. What’s interesting is how social networking has played a part in the whole thing. Showbiz Gossips has reported that Ranillo broke her silence through Facebook:

In last night’s report in 24 Oras, GMA-7 reporter Nelson Canlas was able to talk to Krista Ranillo through Facebook chat. The actress is still in the US with her family and is set to go back to the country by the weekend. Krista revealed that she is aware of the negative issues about her rumored relationship with Manny Pacquiao.

Twitter is getting in on the action too. CNet Asia’s Joey Alarilla wrote about Twitter users sending messages with the hashtag “#teamjinkee”, in support of Manny’s wife, Jinkee Pacquiao. It’s just crazy how social networking services have changed the way we consume information, including 411 on adultery by superstar athletes…or would this be Adultery 2.0?

And yes, even though I’m genuinely interested in this story as a Filipino-American and a social networking junkie, I used the whole thing as an excuse to post a picture of a hot girl on my site. Hit the break for another picture of this sexy home wrecker.

Krista Ranillo 3

Author: RPadTV