Coffee Talk #29: How Many Gaming Consoles Have Died on You?

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On Tuesday, I wrote about a recent CNet UK poll that showed some nasty numbers on the Xbox 360’s failure rate. I found your comments on the article interesting. My experience with console failures is limited to my Xbox 360 Elite. Every other console I’ve had has worked fine until it was retired for a next-gen system. Sure, I’ve had to blow on my fair share of cartridges (did that really do anything?), but I haven’t had a gaming system die on me until my Elite.

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Magneto Was RightI was surprise by how many of you had multiple console failures. Nightshade386’s comment was particularly alarming — dude had seven consoles die on him! Either he’s one of the unluckiest gamers in America or he’s really Magneto. While my experience of one dead console might be unusual, his situation is on the other end of the spectrum…or so I think.

Today I’d like to know how many consoles have died on you. Leave the number in today’s poll and elaborate in the comments section. I’m curious to learn which systems failed you. While today’s consoles are more advanced than ever, they also seem to be far more fragile. Maybe it’s because the parts they’re using are so complex and delicate. Or maybe they don’t make ’em like they used to. Either way, I can’t wait to see your comments today!

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139 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #29: How Many Gaming Consoles Have Died on You?”

  1. Gamecube 3 times

    PS2 1 time

    360 1 time

    PS1 1 time ( after 6 months of having to play games with the machine upside down)

    I have never had a cartridge game system fail on me. Including a handheld. Perhaps installing a whole game to a HDD would increase longevity in the new machines?

  2. PS1- once

    PS2 – 4 of them

    360 – once

    No, blowing on the cartridges in fact did nothing. It was all about the copper connections either connecting completely or not. Sometimes they'd corrode and the best thing to then would be spray Lysol straight down it and scrub it down with a toothbrush.

    I worked at a game store when all of the cartridge game were coming in used. It's a tried and true method.

  3. you guys had an awesome conversation about food yesterday, im sorry i missed that

    anyways, i voted for one cause my psp bricked, but ive never had a console break

    i have had a console which required the user to furiously blow into the cartridge slot in order for games to properly function, but never had one crap out on me

    also, i was the only one who could manipulate the cartridge slot of said console that it would work right, no one else could do it right, it was like biff tannens car

  4. @n8r

    you are wrong

    blowing in the cartridge made ALL the difference. The harder you blow, the better

    passing out whilst blowing in the slot was held in an especially high regard

  5. comparing the NES to Biff's car….I like your style.

    I don't know if it counts as a failure or not…but my Saturn had corrupted memory. Really made the machine unplayable.

  6. @smartguy

    conversely. virtua fighter was the only thing that actually made the system playable

  7. @ Thundercraker

    I'm pretty sure you did blow pretty hard. (joke)

    It may have seemed like it, but when you put it back in the deck and it worked it was because you finally got the connection right. Example, all the times you blew on it and it did nothing. The science will prove it too.

  8. @thundercracker I completely disagree. The last few Saturn games were lots of fun — Panzer Dragoon Saga, Burning Rangers, and Shining Force III were all good to great.

  9. Blowing into the deck… occasionally a different story. But, all the saliva from you blowing on/in it made it corrode even more.

  10. @ray

    never really owned a saturn, dude, just really wanted virtua fighter on a console. I was more of a 3Do guy (samurai showdown ftw)

  11. @ Thundercracker

    In the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth. Then he put dinosaur bones in the Earth and made them appear to be mighty old.

  12. believe me

    nes cartridges had little demons in them. Only when offered proper tribute would they allow you play

    sometimes the demons would ask for carbon dioxide, other times their demands were…..much more taxing

  13. @N8R – God created man in his own image, and the dinosaurs in the image of his brother Ted, the scaly monster of the family.

    @Thundercracker – Biff Tannen's car for the win – "How'd you do that, old man? I'm the only one who knows how to start this car."

    @Topic – only had a PS2 die on me. Been really lucky with everything else. Roommate had two 360s die.

    @NES – I blew the shit out of that system (literaly and figuratively)

  14. Don't get me wrong, I spent a large part of my childhood blowing cartridges as well. I didn't learn the Lysol trick until N64 (after I graduated high school).

  15. off topic

    dont know if the wal mart black friday catalog is officially out yet, but we had a box of them "bust open" at work today….seems to happen at ups every year…


    pretty good deals on tvs, but the models just scream "OLD INVENTORY!!!" to me. They have 7 dollar games. command and conquer seemed a good deal for 7 bones anyways.

    10 dollar games:

    need for speed undercover grand theft auto 4, midnight club LA

    25 dollar games:

    ufc unleashed

    madden 10

    nba 2k10

    wwe sd vs raw 2009

    also good blu ray deals


    boondock saints


    all 10 bucks

    i will not comment on whether or not i stole one of these catalogs

  16. if nothing else, if anyone is strapped for cash, i would suggest going after some of those 25 dollar games, and then selling them on ebay,

    selling for 45 bucks on ebay right now…20 bucks profit per game

    i know that may seem to some like its below them. But lots of folks dont make 20 dollars an hour, nevermind in the few minutes it takes to post an ebay ad

  17. im just in a mood to spar with n8r today, although i always end up broken and bruised after the exchange

    one last thing and ill shut up about wal marts black friday

    ps3 slim


    batman arkham asylum

    dark knight blu ray


    if you dont have a ps3, you need to get one after that deal (if you can afford it)

  18. the xbox arcade comes with

    madagascar 2 game

    and madagascar 1 and 2 dvds for 199


  19. its true ray, even in the occasional instance when im not feeling guilty, i feel guilty because others might feel guilty


    we have freedom of religion in this country, if i want to feel guilty all the time and spend hours praying to 24 different deitys whilst living my life by absolutely unachieveable idealisms, i still have that right, dont i?

    that was kind of harsh….inexorable guilt shall be my curse

  20. @ Thundercracker

    This is how I learned it:

    Catholics feel guilty

    Jews feel victimized

    Protestants feel pompous

    Muslims feel scornful

    and Buddhists feel that feeling is it's own feeling.

    Me, I worship Elvis so I feel like shooting some TV's and dying on the toilet.

  21. @n8r

    my feelings about you can best be described by a monologue in the academy award winning film "good will hunting"

    Most days I wish I never met you.

    Because then I could sleep at night, and I wouldn't…and

    I wouldn't have to walk around with the knowledge that

    there's someone like you out there……… And I didn't

    have to watch you throw it all away………>

    sometimes when im nervous i like to put my fingers under my armpits and smell them real quick

    not sure if anyone will get my mary katherine gallaher reference, but truly, i dont care…

    thats just how i roll

  22. @ Thundercracker

    My feelings can best be described in a monologue from the non-Academy Award winning film "The Goonies"'

    -"Everything. OK! I'll talk! In third grade, I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade, I stole my uncle Max's toupee and I glued it on my face when I was Moses in my Hebrew School play. In fifth grade, I knocked my sister Edie down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog… When my mom sent me to the summer camp for fat kids and then they served lunch I got nuts and I pigged out and they kicked me out… But the worst thing I ever done – I mixed a pot of fake puke at home and then I went to this movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony and then, t-t-then, I made a noise like this: hua-hua-hua-huaaaaaaa – and then I dumped it over the side, all over the people in the audience. And then, this was horrible, all the people started getting sick and throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life."-

  23. @Thunder – Thanks Superstar, the visual was amazing.

    Honestly, I'm just waiting for the flying spaghetti monster to populate the world with a lot more pirates.

  24. superstar

    oh wow, NBA 2k10 for 25 bones?? Sweet. Been waiting to hear about a deal for it.

    So my black friday game buying goes to Bestbuy for L4D2 $35, Riddick for $20, and Walmart for 2k10. WOOT.

    then i get drug to the damn christmas tree lot with my girlfriend. we never had a tree in any previous year (no space, not because we are xmas haters) but now in our new house we have enough space for a damn 12 foot tree. I keep telling her the only way I will go is if we can take her Camry and tie the tree to the roof. She isn't budging yet though.

    Anyone have an idea what Apple is offering on Black Friday?

  25. @smartguy

    i dont know if you heard, but i read in the paper that a judge in NOLA has established the precedent that the army core of engineers can be sued for their negligence surrounding their ineptitude after hurricane katrina

    totally get in that class action lawsuit if you can…i would

  26. Lets see, one NES, one Xbox, and one 360. The NES died after I got a Gamecube so I can complain about when it broke, the Xbox lasted a couple of years before the disc drive started to quit, and my first 360 RRoDed about 2.5 years after I got it. I still haven't had to replace any of my consoles out of my pocket, so no complaints out of me. (The NES and Xbox were replaced by next gen consoles I would have bought anyway.)

  27. Sandrock reminded me, my original xbox (halo 1 machine) got RROD actually. So add that one to the list.

  28. @thundercracker

    Yeah I saw that. Unfortunately I didn't live in the 9th ward or The Parish. (for anyone interested St. Bernard Parish is the called The Parish. Those people are in a world of their own.)

    What really sucks is that the barge that broke loose from its moorings and crashed into the canal wall on Harvey St. was a foreign vessel. Therefore the company who owned it really isn't liable.

    To be honest, I've moved on, replaced everything that can be replaced and am better off now. There are alot of people who aren't as fortunate as me, but honestly there are many more people here who want everything for free. It's pretty sad.

  29. If it was just Xbox 360s it would be 1 but I think I'm sitting at 4 unfortunately. I guess when you're an above average gamer that is more likely to happen.

  30. trust me, although im a liberal, i am horribly conservative when it comes to fiscal matters.

    lots of entitlement in this country. If i owned a home in the lower parts of nola, i think i would just want replacement value for what i lost, because i wouldnt have stayed for the ensuing chaos. Im lucky enough to make a decent living, but ive worked HARD to be able to do so. Some people just dont feel obligated to put forth the effort.

  31. @thundercracker

    there in lies the problem. if most people were going to take a payout of what the property was worth before Katrina, it would barely buy a new vehicle. Now after the storm, the land is worthless really. You can't insure anything you put on it. Then you run into the problem of people don't know who really owns the property since family just moves in and out and claims ownership all the time. Like I said, a place all its own.

    I worked with a guy for about 6 months who complained about having to move out of his FEMA trailer. Bear in mind that was THIS year.

  32. I should put my numbers here. looks like I accidently hit 5+ but it was really 4. 1 NES, 2 PS2s and 1 360.

    @NES – I don't know that it really went out so much as the connector went bad. I bought a new one on Ebay and installed it about 4 or 5 years ago. then I took all of the cartridges, opened them up and cleaned the connector part with rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips. it worked for a little while but my greatest success has been buying an FC Twin from Amazon. it plays both SNES and NES games. the controllers it came with sucked though but you can use your own SNES controllers

  33. My Fat PS2 had that disc read error, but I took it apart and readjusted the laser and it work perfectly, it is also one of the launch consoles. So I guess that still counts as 1.

    Then I loaned someone my PS2 slim and they put it in a plastic bag to return it, but the power cord was still plugged in and it got forced upwards and pulled out of the motherboard. So I assume that counts as a 2nd.

    My original Xbox the power and open button went out. Bought a new one and fixed it myself, but still counts as the 3rd.

    Then my 360 has done it twice. So 5 consoles total.

    Still working without problems: my Atari, NES, Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Sautrn, Sega Genesis, Game Cube, Playstation & PS1, & PS3

  34. ok

    so i go to to see the soapbox every week, because im still a fan of the sess.

    this weeks soapbox was about pandemic studios and how badly adam feels about his "friends at pandemic" losing their jobs.


    lets just say i might be banned over there now

    my comment


    let me start of by saying that im a huge fan of adam sessler, hes the best in the world at what he does

    that being said, dude….

    you feel bad for the people at pandemic studios? You made a soapbox to discuss how bad you feel about the people at pandemic losing their jobs?

    Yet when people at g4 are fired (via EMAIL in berhamammers case) we get nothing? You guys had an opportunity to at least let your readers know that youve went in a different direction. I find your empathy to be severly disengenuous.

    i prolly misspelled that last word

    point here being, those guys are screaming f___ing hypocrites

  35. @thunder – nicely done. and spelled correctly. I like the Sess generally but he just strikes me as a holier than thou gamer.

  36. He's not a hypocrite as much as foced to tow the company line. It's a huge HR breach to discuss the terms and conditions of people leaving the company you belong to. While it sucks, acknowledging in a public forum the specifics (or even non specifics) of someone being let go is a huge legal no-no.

  37. To be honest, most companies just don't communicate with their employees well enough anyway. Evereything is so shrouded in this "Fog of War" that even simple things like moving buildings is completely and utterly held onto until the very last moment. I hate the corporate culture that has currently taken hold in America.

  38. I like Sess, but he can get to obsessed with completely minimal issues. However, he is human and he does keep them to a minimum so I won't complain. (Except for his MW2 F.A.G.S. soap. That one pissed me off.)

  39. @larcenous

    i dont think sess is a hypocrite

    i think hes a solid guy, i just think they (not adam) could have be a little more classy about the whole thing. I really dont care about the terms and conditions of what they did. I thought it was totally sophomoric of them to just try to play it off the way they did.The people at g4 seem like they are beyond reproach, and they can NEVER be wrong.

    but i never mentioned rays name, i pretended like i pissed about berghammer, who i like, but ill never communicate with again

  40. @LarcenousLaugh

    Direct General Insurance belongs to that group. That methodology is severely counter productive. We recently moved a group of employees to one part of the building in order to keep them away from another group, and after "I" moved them they moved the other group out side their door because they had plans to do that before hand but never told anyone else.

  41. @ Sandrock – I had so much fun fishing for trolls with that one. I think it's been my favorite soapbox since the one he did on Killzone 2. I actually had to break out a logical formula with that one too.

    The other reason why I thought it was awesome is because it's something that everyone thinks about at one time or another. Freedoms are so awesome, but the inherant responsibility that comes with them is where the majority of the non-thinking herd mentality get lost. Just cause you have the right to say something doesn't mean that you should. I love people being forced to think and reason. And reading all the ridiculous posts after that was completely worth it.

  42. @ Sandrock – I hate that crap. I worked for a tech support outsourcer in Ft.Lauderdale that put me in a position of telling everyone on my team that their jobs were safe, only to immediately walk into a meeting the next day where they were all let go. I felt like such a dick when it was quite obvious that they knew from the beginning what was going on. That's when I lost my love for the company line. I hate, HATE, telling people what they want to hear. If you have to step on toes, the best way to do it is be honest about it. I have always held to the belief that if you are honest to people, their initial reaction might suck, but they respect that decsion in the end.

  43. I also think the F.A.G.S. Soapbox was a way too much. it's like people can't even take a joke anymore. we're all so concerned about being PC. I'm not for hate but I can certainly laugh about certain things, especially when they are funny

  44. @Thunder – completely agree with you. They way they handled it was really the opposite of class, especially in the way they just continued on with Feedback without mentioning anything. I liked Berghammer, even added him to twitter and bother him about the Pack every so often, but I think they could have handled it a lot better. Companies forget, especially now with the internet and forum boards, that they service not just consumers, but a community. We grow to like, respect, and sometimes loathe the people they give to us, and just like family, we want to know what's going on. That's one of the reasons why I like this site so much. Rpad gets it. You post, he responds. You tweet, he responds. Class act Ray. Class act.

  45. i have to admit that i call people "fags" when they camp while playing cod multiplayer. Im

    not proud of it, but id be lying if i didnt admit it. Doesnt mean i think they want to have sex with other dudes, i dont care about that. unfortunately that word has evolved into something thats not specific to ones sexuality. Like i said, im not saying that that is ok. I have no qualms with any race, creed, sexuality, or religion

    actually i dont like certain religions, but its not the fault of the brainwashed herd

  46. @Sand and Shock – people can't take a joke anymore. There is no more thick skin. My friends and I trade horrible, absolutely horrible, barbs with each other on a daily basis for express purpose of not taking anything to seriously.

    At the same time though, I think IW was stupid for releasing it. If you know how the world is, and you know that people are going to flip out, what the hell are you doing?

    Eh, whatevers. I'm done with that one.

    Does anyone remember Shaq Fu? I stumbled across it on Wikipedia, and remembered renting it when it came out. God it was awful.

  47. ^^my girlfriends sister is a lesbian, i have many gay friends…its hard to get rid of that word though.

    theres just no other word that describes an obnoxious little jerkoff who hides in a corner in the same spot the entire game waiting for you to walk by and then talks smack about his skill

    i never play with a microphone, so they dont hear me, but i still know its wrong. Its kinda like smoking, shouldnt do that either.

  48. @larcenous

    i had the foresight to know that shaq fu would be horrible before i saw it, even at a young age.

    However, i did purchase the fu schnickens cd where that he rapped on, and i did have the wu tang tape with "no hooks", which also featured shaq

    punks be tremblin

    my name aint shaq no more, call me "superman emblem"

    great beat to that song though, the rza is awesome

  49. @ Thunder and Larcenous – I completely agree. my friends and I also exchange some pretty rude stuff. hell my brother is gay and I call him a girl all the time, accuse him of wearing panties and the like. I don't have anything against any religion, sex, race, or orientation either but I can certainly find humor in all of those areas

  50. i think its cause we arent prudish like some people. Any of you want to make fun of italians or catholics (n8r), go right ahead

  51. Fag is an interesting one, my friends/brother wouldn't be too thrilled if I used that one but like I said on the soapbox I don't think it has nearly the connotation the N word does. at any rate I try not to use it but it's funny that Fag is bad but yet when I tell a guy to "go lick a di!@" that's ok. I do like to find clever ways of calling people gay which I think is funny. but I'm also very immature and stupid stuff makes me laugh

  52. ill give you an example. One of my fellow supervisors, a black dude, thought my last name was hard to say (and it definitely is if you arent italian). Well he tells me that i need to move back to italy. I laughed it off, and actually kind of agreed with him.

    Later i thought, "wow, if i told a black dude to go back to africa or something, id totally be fired and al sharpton would be on my front lawn with nancy grace before i could even get back to the house"

    i guess it was kind of a dick thing for dude to tell me, but i have a high humor threshhold

  53. haha thunder – I know what you mean. but some stupid people would like to make a few bucks off a comment like that. The American dream right?

  54. @shockwave

    i live in va, but i wasnt born here. I dont have generations of being raised in the south in my history. Why the hell do people still re enact the civil war?


    I tend to get along better with black dudes than white dudes, cause im not part of the old boy network, if you know what im saying. There will ALWAYS be cultural seperation between races. Thats unfortunate in ways, but it is definitely a 2 way street. If you think im wrong, take a beautiful black girl, put your arm around her and go to the mall on a saturday night. See if you dont hear some ignorant shit

  55. actually thats not true, my brother spilled dr pepper on my 3do, but we talked the dumbass at kmart in believing it was like that when we got it

  56. The only console I've ever had die on me is the Xbox 360. Funny you should ask because #4 died on me just last week. I'm waiting for the shipping lable to be sent by mail. Luckily, I've kept a few of the return coffins from Microsoft, so I'll use those to ship the bricked console.

    Also, I have a spare 360, so I'm using that one now. I hope that one doesn't die on me as well. Knock on wood.


  57. I can't wait for Sunday. I need me some Saints football.

    I'm pulling for Larcenous and Iceman's team tonight.


    geaux giants

  58. Woot woot. Hopefully Ricky reaches back to the 1800 yard season he had for us a few years ago and pulls out a big one.

  59. @Ray: You know, when you break it down by console it doesn't seem quite so bad. That's why I say "I had 3PS2's, 2 XBOX’s and 2 360’s die" instead of saying, "I've had 7 consoles die on me overall." Saying the number seven just makes it sound like I use them for target practice or something.

  60. @Smartguy: WAY back from Comment #1 – Dude, you had 3 Gamecubes burn out on you? Isn't that the system that "Morgan Von Webb" dropped a brick on and it still worked?!? What the hell were you doing with those things?

  61. @ Nightshade386

    Both the Xbox and Gamecube survived that test. It was the one story fall that broke the Xbox and left the Gamecube lid broke but still functional.

  62. Out of my husband's old NES, my SNES, the cube, 2 ds, the dreamcast, ps1, 2 and 3, it's the 3 that crapped out on me. Luckily people at SCEA are friendly. Some overly friendly lol.

  63. Oh my god!! I almost forgot the 'Fins are playing tonight! I'm going down to the Grove and watching the game at a local bar with some buddies and hopefully my wife if she can make it.

    If anybody wants to join me, I'll buy you a free round on me! Two if we win.


  64. The only console I have ever had die on me was one of my old and very used NES systems. Eventually it took too much abuse, it was already in some bad shape, but I decided to go on a playing spree of about 6+ hours. At which point it decided to suddenly freeze up on me never to turn on again.

  65. Have you guys seen the nominees for GOTY from the Spike TV VGAs? The nominees are:

    Uncharted 2

    Batman AA

    Assassin's Creed 2

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Modern Warfare 2

    What do you guys think? What do you think is left out and or don't belong?

  66. 2 xbox 360's and that's it. i still have my nes, n64, psone, ps2, famcom, genesis, and ps3 working fine and dandy since i bought them. none of them ever broke down on me.


    everyone knows modern warfare 2's gonna win. but i wouldn't be surprised if uncharted 2 wins. both are great games. i just think the best one this year is uncharted 2.

  67. if MW2 wins I'll be pissed. but since it's going to come down to mass votes I suppose it probably will

  68. @shockwave

    that's what i felt when gta 4 won last year. and that's probably what im going to feel too, if mw2 wins.


    so i have 3 friends who don't buy any game at all except call of duty games. and one of them labeled himself a gamer at a party, then got laid that night.

  69. Sorry, didn't know Ray already posted this. The hype train is too big for MW2 so I'm sure it will win but Uncharted 2 is clearly the real winner.

  70. @GOTY – the Fanboy/heart of me screams for Batman:AA. The gamer says Uncharted 2. The cynic says MW2.

  71. @Rbee – I don't know about last year. I mean, my vote would probably be Fallout 3 over GTA 4 but that's a close call. I loved both of them for very different reasons. I'm probably more partial to Rockstar than Bethesda as I thought Oblivion was better than Fallout 3.

  72. @rbee – there are tons of add response I have for that, but I think I'll just stick with thanks lol.

  73. You site just told me to slow down Ray. No one tells me to slow down. That makes me angry. You wouldn't like when I'm angry!… *HULKS OUT*

  74. @shockwave

    fallout was my second pick alst year, but unfortunately, it lost as well. i wanted mgs4 to win, but unfortunately, gta 4 had to win. i respect rockstar, but gta 4 was just a big letdown for me. and yes, oblivion was better. but i fallout 3 was my bitch last year, i loved it, fed it, and taught it how to poop.

  75. @Rbee – haha, that's funny about Fallout. I bought MGS4 and thought it was a pretty fun game but not amazing. the story makes me check my brain at the door and the movie clips bore me to tears.but that's one of those games that has a cult following like Final Fantasy.

    Unfortunately GOTY contenders have to appeal to the masses in a way. No offense to Ray or anyone here but I don't see FF contending for game of the year 2010 in America at least.

  76. @shockwave

    well, i do agree about the cutscenes that are ridiculously long. but i've been a fan of the series since i was like an 8 year old filipino boy learning how to speak his own language. I would play mgs1 3 times in 24 hours, skipping a few cutscenes. i played replayed mgs4 9 times actually. first 2 times on normal, then the rest on the boss extreme getting all the rewards of the game. i even have the big boss badge. if only there was trophy support that time to prove my statements. *sigh*

  77. @rbee – haha, I'm not knocking the series at all I do think they have done some impressive things. I've only played 2 and 4 but I did genuinely enjoy playing them. I can understand the following like FF though.

    Whether for good or bad unfortunately GOTY is going to be a game that anyone can jump in to. hence the popularity of MW2 but I think that's why Uncharted 2 deserves to win. My girlfriend's parents were in town and watched her play Uncharted 2 for a couple of hours. and they don't even know anything about video games. any game that cool has just got to win

  78. @Nightshade

    I kept getting duds I guess. The memory card slots would go out, the discs couldn't be accessed, and finally my last one wouldn't even come on. I was disappointed. Fun little system.


    I wouldn't be upset if Batman won honestly. It was a great game. UC2 should win though. It did everything right. I won't be upset if Batman beats it though. It kinda came out of nowhere compared to UC2.

  79. @shockwave

    If you weren't a follower of the series then MGS4 was not a good game for you. It was most definitely a game made for fans of the series. No other game has ever done that that I know of. I think Kojima for that.

  80. @ Shockwave and Rbee90;

    I am playing through Oblivion IV now for the first time (I'm almost done with the main game along with the majority of the side quests), and I just want to know how you guys have dealt with such horrible texture pop-ins and laggy frame rate in the open world, especially the loading from one open area to another. It is so bad that the game has frozen on me a couple of times. And no, I cannot install the game on my HD, because it's the old 20gb one and I'm just about all out of space.

    Don't get me wrong; I like the game and I think it is really cool and pretty epic, but the technical glitches are really frustrating the hell out of me. How do you guys deal with that?


  81. @shockwave

    indeed, kojima did an awesome job on the series, although i liked sons of liberty the least. it was the shortest mgs game i had ever played. and i used to be a final fantasy fanboy, i wouldn't buy any rpg back then if they weren't made by square, but when legend of legaia came out, it just blew my mind away, that game made my square fanboy heart to an open minded rpg lad.

    @rpad or anyone

    legend of legaia, and legend of dragoon were two awesome games, the battle systems of both games were superb during that gen, wish they would do a remake or something. i heard vagrant story's coming to the EU ps store

  82. @smartguy – it was fun I just didn't really care for the story. I see what you mean though about people who have been following that story

  83. @iceman

    you learn to accept those pop-ins as just something is part of a bethesda game. The sword and board titles in particular.


    Did you ever play Grandia? How about Grandia 2? I think G2 had the best battle system of any RPG to this day.

  84. @shockwave

    Exactly. That game is very heavily entrenched in the MG lore and tied up damn near all the loose ends. You can argue that it tied all of them actually. Regardless, that game could have been just a few sneaking missions and 12 hours of cutscenes for fans who wanted conclusions. Go play the others.

    For what it's worth…I thought Snake Eater was the best of the bunch in the whole series.

  85. @iceman

    i dont mind glitches on my video games at all. if i enjoy the game so much, i wouldn't even mind if my character would walk through walls or something. some games with good gameplay experience makes me forget all the bugs and crap. oh, i have the orange box on ps3, and i didnt even notice ay glitches playing half life or tf2. i dont know why people are bashing that port so much.

  86. @Iceman – you're playing a game that I played for the first time in March 2006. back then it was the prettiest game I had ever seen up to that point. to be honest I didn't really care about technical glitches. I could just stand there and admire the world for 20 minutes.

    When you go back and play a game you notice things. I just played star wars Shadows of the Empire for N64 a few weeks ago and let me tell you I have a different vision in my head of how good that game looked when I was 11

  87. @smartguy

    never played them. im missing out i know. im just waiting for sony to release it on the ps store. one of my friends were addicted to it though. we would play a lot of tekken 3 at his place but when he got his hands on grandia, he wouldn't even invite anyone on his birthday. and we were like 10 years old at that time. birthday parties were awesome when we were 10!

  88. @rbee

    I can't speak for the PS versions, I played number 2 on my DC. I'm sure it is the same though.

  89. @smartguy

    i like your taste. mgs3 was the best of the series.

    cool james bond like theme song + hot female lead + awesome and dramatic story = masterpiece.

  90. @rbee

    definitely. I think MGS4 had the best "last fight" but the fight with The Boss in SE was just awesome. I also prefer Revolver Ocelot or Ocelot without Liquid lol.

  91. the last fight with the boss was just awesome. the white flower field made it more dramatic. emotions were about to explode that time. i didnt want the boss to die. it was the second video game that made me cry. the first was FF10. liquid ocelot was just meh for me. and i was dissapointed that the voice actor doing the voice of the original liquid wasn't joining the cast for mgs4. his accent made liquid so diabolical, and so badass.

  92. Ocelot is probably my favorite character…Revolver Ocelot anyway.

    "The Colt single action army, the greatest gun ever made. Six shots, more than enough to kill anything that moves."

    I like how he carries 2 of them lol.

  93. curious article here. looks like Sony is planning on charging subscription for something…

    I think Kaz's comments don't necessarily mean PSN will always be free to play MP but maybe they'd have some other subscription? I just can't think of what subscriptions PSN members would pay if it didn't include online gaming

  94. I always liked how it was Snake's suggestion that Ocelot try the revolver that started him down that path.

    Bets part about MGS3: 1. The End – epic sniper battle. 2. The fact that if you try to kill Ocelot/Someone important, it messes up the space-time continum

  95. Hmm…perhaps better connections? Preferred status as far as updates/demos and possibly even PSN store prices are concerned?

  96. @shockwave

    "PSN will remain free for your usual everyday frag fests, it's just premium services and content that you might have to shell out for, much as you do across the wider internet and well, just about everywhere."

    its just the premium stuff they're planning to subscribe. and i dont like premium stuff. even on xbox live.

  97. ya but RBee that's the article suggesting that. Kaz Hirari said

    "SCE will further increase sales by offering users new entertainment through the combination of hardware, software, peripheral and PlayStation Network. Especially in the on-line area, we are studying the possibility of introducing a subscription model, offering premium content and services, in addition to the current free services."

    I don't see where he says PSN will continue to be free to play. I could be wrong but it just sounds like he's beating around the bush with some corporate speak

  98. @rbee – no worries but still leaves room to wonder what the plans are. MS has made a lot off of Live and I'm sure Sony would like a piece of that pie but I hope they keep it free

  99. @larcenous

    you created a time paradox! lol…best parts in mgs3 for me.

    1. sex scene.

    2. col. volgin being gay.

    3. the end sniper fight.

    4. the last BOSS fight

  100. I guess I joined the party late… My friend went through 5 PS2's and 2 PS's, but on the other hand my sister still has her original PS2.

    Xbox 360 – 1 (After 3 years use)

    Xbox – 0

    Gamecube – 0

    2x N64's – 0

    Playstation – 0

    SNES – 0

    Genesis – 0

    NES – 0

    Atari 2600 – 0

    Gameboy – 0

  101. @x_nation – lol no kidding you did. get that postmarked that night. they extended your warranty now didn't they?

  102. @ Shockwave562

    I was told only for 3 months after they fix it… I think if I want I could extend it for a couple more years but I'm not sure. So far it's been working well past it's 3 months now without incident, it's been much cooler in the back than before with the same play through.

  103. @N8R;

    Wow… just… wow. If that was my kid, I might have gone Homer Simpson on his ass. "Why you little…"


  104. holy crap resident evil 2 is out on ps store! MUST GET!!! i miss playing rookie mode and blasting off every zombie with MAH ROHKIT LAWNCHA!!!

  105. Console – Failure/Owned:

    NES – 0/1

    SNES – 0/1

    N64 – 0/1

    Gamecube – 0/1

    Wii – 0/1

    Gameboy Color – 0/2

    PS2 – 0/2

    PS3 – 0/1

    PSP – 0/1

    XBOX – 0/1

    Dreamcast – 0/1

    Gamegear – 0/1

    PCs – 0/? (My original PC still lives on as pieces of my current PC several rebuilds later….)

    Yep. I've NEVER had a console or gaming device fail on me. It's probably a big part of why I find the XBOX 360 to be a complete rip-off. Just criminally unacceptable.

    Add "0" to the poll so I can vote :D

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