The Vaping Diaries #272: The Big Levapeski Brandy Tseu Interview (Vapecon USA)

Inspired by the cult classic filmĀ The Big Lebowski, The Big Levapeski is a line of vaping e-liquids that will appeal to fans of The Dude, Donny, and The Jesus. At Vapecon USA 2014, I met up with The Big Levapeski manager Brandy Tseu to learn more about this line of juices. There are a few notes here. First, I didn’t realize that I still had Lilly Evans lipstick on my face while I was interviewing Brandy until I edited the video. So, oops. Secondly, with juice names like “Shut the F*ck Up Donny!” and “Nobody F*cks With The Jesus,” I had to make ample use of the censor sound. Ha!

Check out the The Big Levapeski interview above to learn more about the four launch flavors in this line of juices.

Big Levapeski interview