Vaping Diaries #316: Steam Crave Aromamizer RDA Interview (Vape Summit)

Steam Crave’s Aromamizer RDA is a unique atomizer aimed at flavor chasers. The atomizer uses cyclonic action that not only intensifies flavor, but also offers convenience. Since the Aromamizer RDA doesn’t use traditional side holes, it’s pretty much leak proof (unless you’re vaping upside down or in zero gravity). The Aromamizer RDA comes in two styles — round and hexagonal. The round model looks great on tube mods, while the hexagonal model looks sharp on box mods. In the interview below, Steam Crave consultant Barry Tang goes through the features of the Aromamizer RDA.

I’ve been using the Aromamizer RDA for a few weeks and I’m impressed with what it offers for the price. As a flavor guy, I appreciate that this atomizer was made with flavor enhancement in mind. That said, it’s no slouch when it comes to the cloud department. Sure, you’re not going to win any cloud competitions with this atomizer, but the Aromamizer RDA can generate some decent clouds. Barry was quick to point out that as far as flavor atties go, the Aromamizer RDA puts out the biggest clouds in his experience. Keep in mind that Barry isn’t just a consultant for Steam Crave, but widely known in the vaping community for his excellent Pegasus Vapor Academy work. He chooses his words carefully.

In addition to talking about the Aromamizer RDA, Barry told me about some upcoming tanks from Steam Crave. One model will be a rebuildable tank atomizer, while the other will use replaceable coils. I’m curious to see how these Steam Crave tanks will perform. The Aromamizer RDA offers nice performance for a low price; if the tanks offer a similar experience then vapers should definitely keep their eyes peeled for them. To learn more about the Aromamizer RDA, check out my Vape Summit III chat with Barry below.