Vaping Diaries #342: Revol Vapors Austin Hopper Interview

Revol Vapors co-founder Austin Hopper is affectionately known as #TheFaceOfVape within the industry. He has been an executive at some of the biggest e-liquid companies in the business, such as Space Jam and Cuttwood. His latest venture is much more personal. Revol Vapors (Revol is lover spelled backwards) is his very own juice line and he told me all about it at ECC 2015.

Revol Vapors has launched with three e-liquid flavors. Friends With Benefits (FWB) is aimed towards vapers that like candy and is reminiscent of Fun Dip. For fans of tangy e-liquids, there’s Date Night, a melange of Greek yogurt and blueberry. Last, but not least, is Her Addiction. My personal favorite of the three Revol Vapors launch flavors, Her Addiction is a lemon poundcake e-liquid. Austin was quick to point out that all of his liquids are free of acetylpropionyl and diacetyl.

Continuing with vaper safety, Austin also spoke about the “Vape Responsible” campaign that Revol Vapors is involved with. The first initiative is getting vapers with children to lock up their e-liquids. Similar to how parents should keep alcoholic beverages away from children, Vape Responsible wants adult vapers to treat their e-liquids in the same fashion. In the vaping community, Austin is known for his proactive work for vaping political and social causes. He also talks a bit about that in our chat.

Not to kiss his ass or anything, but I really appreciate vaping executives like Austin Hopper. He has helped some of the biggest and most popular juice companies attain success, while also promoting awareness and informing vapers about political situations. The vaping business is better when people like him are involved and I hope, on a personal level, that Revol Vapors becomes a very successful e-liquid company. Anyway, check out my chat with Austin to learn more about Revolv Vapors and the Vape Responsible campaign.