Vaping Diaries #351: Ohm By EDM Interview

Yesterday I caught up with Ohm By EDM co-owner Mike Chang at Monster Vape Lounge. My excellent friend Mel introduced me to Mike at a recent OC Vape Meet, raving about the company’s Lychee e-liquid. I was intrigued, since lychee is one of my favorite fruits and my favorite lychee e-liquid gunks coils. I was happy to discover that Ohm By EDM’s lychee is delicious and, according to Mike, vapes cleanly. The juice serves up the lychee flavor that I love, with a clean vaping experience.

While I was busy enjoying Ohm By EDM’s Lychee, Monster Vape Lounge boss Carlos was vaping the company’s Strawberry Milk. There are a lot of strawberry milk and strawberries & cream e-liquids on the market. In the interview below, Mike explains how his juice differers from the competition’s. I vaped a tiny bit yesterday and enjoyed it, but need to vape more before passing judgement.

The last flavor in Ohm By EDM’s current lineup is Melon Breeze. This juice serves up the sweetness of melon with a refreshing icy breeze. Mike was quick to point out that this isn’t a fruit and menthol mix. This e-liquid has a cool and minty flavor, but without the harshness of menthol. As a fan of fruit and mint medleys (not menthol), I’m looking forward to trying out this e-liquid.

In addition to rounding out the Ohm By EDM line, the company has plans to launch another line of e-liquids in the future. Mike didn’t reveal much in the interview, but shared some of his plans in a post-interview chat. While I can’t share that information with you at this time, I’d keep an eye out for EDM’s future e-liquids. From what Mike told me and from his initial flavor descriptions, the upcoming EDM juices sound delicious. For now, kindly check out the interview below to learn more about Ohm By EDM.