Vaping Diaries #306: Njoy Artist Collection Interview (Vape Summit)

Known for its cig-alike products and an investment from Bruno Mars, Njoy surprised the vaping industry with the Njoy Artist Collection. A collaboration with five well-known and respected juice makers, the Njoy Artist Collection launched with five e-liquids that have been getting rave reviews for their complexity and deliciousness. While many enthusiast vapers associate Njoy with inexpensive products found in drugstores, gas stations, and the like, the Njoy Artist Collection is very much geared towards vaping enthusiasts. I first heard about the line from Craft Vapery’s Josh Krane and learned more from POET’s Randy Freer (one of the juice makers involved with the project). At Vape Summit III, Njoy’s Mike Maybaum told me more about the line and the thinking behind it.

For those of you not familiar with the flavors and creators behind the Njoy Artist Collection, here’s a brief rundown. Paramour by Daniel of Flavors is a blend of pear, peach, vanilla, and custard. Hedon’s Bite by George of Mr. Good Vape is a blend of different apples, caramel, and melon. Longtime friend of RPadTV Randy of POET has Dragonscape, a mix of Indian spice, tea, custard, and vanilla. Anne-Claire of Vaponaute has Sacre Couer, a melange of berry, rhubarb, custard, almond torte, and bourbon. Last, but not least, is Samba Sun from Jeremy of Good Life Vapor, a mix of clementine, peach, apricot, and marshmallow. As you can see, these are not simple one-note flavors that many vapers would expect from an e-cigarette company. The Njoy Artist Collection e-liquids are complex flavors aimed at vapers with discerning palettes.

Having a powerhouse like Njoy make products for vaping enthusiasts is a fantastic thing for the business. The company is highly influential and its distribution dwarfs the majority of most e-liquid companies. In many ways, it helps legitimize the vaping enthusiast segment of the market and helps mainstream consumers learn that there are better products than cig-alikes available. While some of the smaller juice companies I know are intimidated by the Njoy Artist Collection, I think it’s simply a sign of the vaping enthusiast market growing up. For the industry to grow, it doesn’t need another line of juices that’s only available in Southern California and made in the back of a shop. It needs products like the Njoy Artist Collection — juices that are made under the safest conditions and easily available to stores (not just vape shops) around the world.

Watch the Vape Summit III interview below and learn more about the Njoy Artist Collection.