Vaping Diaries #338: Cafe Racer E-Liquid Interview

My colleague Charles from Blue Orb Vapor grabbed me at ECC 2015 because he thought that I’d enjoy a certain Cafe Racer e-liquid. He knows that I enjoy tobacco vapes and am a fan of the history of RY4 e-liquids. With that in mind, he introduced me to Cafe Racer’s Lucky 13. This juice is a blend of vanilla, caramel, tobacco, and almond. The profile is similar to other Western RY4s, but the almond gives it a unique twist. I was glad that Charles introduced me to Cafe Racer and Lucky 13, because the juice’s novel spin on the tried-and-true RY4 formula intrigued by tastebuds.

RPadholic N8R, on the other hand, was taken by Cafe Racer’s Peach Guzzi. Another unique blend, this juice mixes peach, blueberry, and custard flavors, touched with a bit of green tea. While it certainly has a lot of fruit notes, I wouldn’t classify Peach Guzzi as a fruit vape. It’s more complex than that. Even though I’m generally bored with fruit vapes, I enjoyed Peach Guzzi as well (thought not as much as N8R).

In the interview below, Charles told me about the Cafe Racer style of e-liquids. He was quick to point out that while a lot of juice companies claim complexity and premium flavors, Cafe Racer truly makes complex e-liquids made from premium ingredients. I certainly enjoyed the two Cafe Racer launch flavors and was intrigued by the latest addition, Yogurt Bomb. Like the company’s other juices, this is a multi-flavor blast. It combines yogurt, berries, orange, almonds, honey, and bavarian cream. Charles pointed out that the yogurt in this flavor is on the soft side and isn’t as in-your-face as competing yogurt e-liquids.

To learn more about Cafe Racer, kindly check out my ECC 2015 chat with Blue Orb Vapor Charles below. Based off of the three flavors I tried at the show, I’m definitely keeping my eye on this company.