Vaping Diaries #367: Beard Vape Co Interview

My buddy Corey has been raving about Beard Vape Co ever since he discovered the company’s vaping e-liquids in 2014. At Vape Nights 2015, I finally got a chance to chat with the company. Beard Vape Co director of sales Lucas Kraft was kind enough to walk me through the company’s history, talk about three of its flavors, and tell me what’s coming next.

Beard Vape Co was started by a local Culver City vape shop. The company made more than 100 flavors to test out and kept a handful of its most popular ones to launch. Two of the brothers that started the company refer to their father as Beard. The company and its logo are an homage to pops, which is very cool.

The juice Corey is enamored with is No. 32, which tastes like a cinnamon funnel cake. The emphasis is on the baked goods side, with enough cinnamon so that you know that it’s there, but won’t overpower you. As a vaper that’s sensitive to cinnamon, the amount in ┬áNo. 32 is just about perfect. While Corey found it first, No. 32 has become my favorite juice from Beard Vape Co.

Lucas also spoke about two of the company’s other flavors. No. 71 is the newest flavor from Beard Vape Co. It tastes similar to the peach o-ring candies you’ll find at a candy store. Lucas mentioned that this flavor wins over vapers that claim that they don’t like peach vapes or fruit vapes in general. No. 5 is Beard Vape Co’s take on the popular strawberry cheesecake e-liquid. Lucas mentioned that it’s one of the most popular flavors among the people that work in the company.

Currently available are Beard Vape Co’s limited edition holiday bottles. Lucas said that these bottles will appeal to the numerous collectors out there and give the company’s customers a new way to interact with them. Expect more limited edition bottles in the future.

To learn more about Beard Vape Co and its flavors, please check out my Vape Nights chat with Lucas below. You’ll also get to see a super-cool pumpkin carved with the Beard Vape Co logo!

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