WrestleQuest Review With Special Guest Ray Carsillo

Former EGM editor, excellent friend, and fellow pro-wrestling smark Ray Carsillo was my guest for this episode of RPadTV 3000. This time around, Ray joined me for a WrestleQuest review. This game is the latest from the fine folks at Mega Cat Studios. Some of you might have played Mega Cat’s Coffee Crisis, which is a retro beat-’em-up that’s reminiscent of Double Dragon. The studio’s latest game is an old-school turn-based RPG infused with pro-wrestling awesomeness.

On paper, Ray and I should have loved this game. We both love classic RPGs and we both love pro-wrestling. However, as you know, videogames are not played on paper. They’re played on your television. In the WrestleQuest review above, Ray and I talk about how numerous pacing issues and even more bugs combined to turn a game that we should have loved into one that we merely liked.

Before we started the WrestleQuest review, Ray and I caught up on other news in the world of pro-wrestling. All Elite Wrestling’s historic PPV event, AEW All In from Wembley Stadium, was a great success. Unfortunately, it has been overshadowed by a backstage altercation between CM Punk and the man formerly known as Jungle Boy, Jack Perry.

Last week was a sad one for wrestling fans, as the legendary Terry Funk and the well-on-his-way-to-becoming-legendary Bray Wyatt passed away. Both came from hugely influential pro-wrestling families. While Funk lived a full and amazing life, Wyatt (real named Windham Rotunda) was only 36. Both men provided pro-wrestling fans with unforgettable moments.

When you have a chance, please check out the WrestleQuest review that Ray and I recorded. In addition to discussing what we liked and didn’t like about the game, we also spoke about the graphics, sound, and surprisingly wonderful writing. If you’ve played WrestleQuest then please leave your thoughts on the game in the comments. Do you agree or disagree with Ray and me? Share your thoughts below (please)!

WrestleQuest Review