RPadTV 3000 Episode 12: Big Trouble in Little China With Jose Sanchez

For nerds of a certain age, Big Trouble in Little China is one of the most important movies of all time. This John Carpenter cult classic did not do well in theaters but became hugely influential after heavy cable rotation and changing sensibilities. Jose “Fubar” Sanchez dropped by to talk about why this movie is beloved by geeks all over the world.

Some of the aspects of Big Trouble in Little China that Jose and I discuss include:

  • Why the movie was so far ahead of its time
  • The legendary career of James Hong and how wonderful it was for him to finally get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • How Dennis Dun inspired Asian Americans as Wang Chi
  • The rumors of The Rock starring in a Big Trouble in Little China remake
  • How Braindumb Slob Brendan Schaub would make a fantastic Jack Burton
  • How the movie truly has something for everyone
  • Our favorite lines from the movie
  • The unforgettable lines being life lessons that transcend time
  • How the guy that played Thunder was so memorable while clearly not knowing how to speak English

Jose “Fubar” Sanchez also pointed out how our friend Robert Workman looks like an IRL Homer Simpson.

Seriously, this episode was just two friends hanging out and talking about one of their favorite movies of all time — a movie that informed our senses of humor, redefined what an action movie can be, and continues to entertain us after hundreds of viewings. If you’re a fan of the movie, please share why you love it in the comments section. If you’re not familiar with it then you should watch the video above so that you can have a better understanding of why nerds love it so much.

And remember:

Play your cards right! Live to talk about it!

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