RPadTV 3000 Episode 6: John Foster and Jon Robinson

John Foster was a longtime PR executive for Bender Helper Impact, one of the most respect agencies in the business. He started as an account executive and finished his career at Bender as vice president. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in writing, but got sidetracked by the wonderful and wacky world of videogames.

Jon Robinson was a longtime editor for numerous videogame publications. Many GamePro fans know him as “Jonny Ballgame,” while many IGN fans know him as the editor for IGN Sports.

Both of these guys have become award-winning authors.

John Foster is known for his thrillers, such as Rooster and The Isle. Even while we were busy being idiots (mostly me) at videogame events across the country, we often spoke about writing — Stephen King in particular. While I miss working with Foster, I’m thrilled that he’s found so much success as a book author.

Jon Robinson’s first books were for WWE. He’s a lifelong fan of WWE, as well as a talented writer. His WWE work includes books about NXT and WrestleMania, as well as an award-winning book on the Ultimate Warrior.

I’ve enjoyed Jon’s books about WWE, but was very much surprised by his latest novel — Sunshine and the Full Moon. Great WWE books were what I expected from him, so a young adult novel about a teenager dealing with werewolves threw me for a loop. It’s very cool and I hope it brings Jon some Twilight-like success.

Click on my chat with John Foster and Jon Robinson above to hear:

  • How they went from videogames to books
  • The writers the influence them
  • Their latest books
  • What they’re doing next
  • Stories from videogame events we’ve attended

These are two excellent people that have created some really wonderful books. Check out their author pages linked in the first two paragraphs if you’d like to check out their work.