RPadTV 3000 Episode 2: Jose “Don Fubar” Sanchez and Joey Abitia

Jose “Don Fubar” Sanchez, Joey Abitia, and I have been lucky enough to attend numerous pro-wrestling events, including several WrestleMania and Summer Slam shows. All three of us are lifelong wrestling fans and were thrilled to attend so many amazing wrestling events. With zero exaggeration I can say that I’ve had some of the best times of my life with these two gentlemen.

Millions of people know Fubar from the Electric Playground — the longest running show about videogames. He’s parlayed his following from Electric Playground into a successful (and hilarious!) Twitch stream. I’m normally not a fan of gameplay streams, but Fubar’s is supremely entertaining and I watch him play several times a week. You should too!

Joey recently launched a YouTube show called Infinite G. It started as a way for Joey’s son, Gio, to stream his Fortnite gameplay, but transformed into something more. It’s a really precious father/son show that’s surprisingly honest. You get to see the love and challenges of single father raising a son during a crazy time. Naturally, there’s a ton of pro-wrestling and videogame content in each episode.

In addition to talking about the Don Fubar Twitch and Infinite G, the three of us discuss:

  • The best wrestling event we’ve attended together
  • The current state of WWE
  • Joey’s hot sisters
  • The infamous “Book of Batista”
  • How Fubes and Joey got into shape instead of getting dad bods
  • Joey’s hot sisters
  • WWE’s use of “premium live event”
  • Joey’s hot sisters

We also recreate one of the very best scenes from Nacho Libre, drop some lines from “Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet”, and add more cowbell to the conversation. If you’re into pro-wrestling and videogames then you’ll enjoy this conversation between three pro-wrestling/videogame nerds.

Oh yeah! Don Fubar and Joey want to do a recap and review of the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view premium live event. Stay tuned for that at the end of the month.