RPadTV 3000 Episode 1: Chris Taylor

Kanoogi Founder and CEO Chris Taylor was kind enough to join me for the first episode of RPadTV 3000! Chris has entertained millions of gamers with his critically acclaimed strategy games in the Total Annihilation and Dungeon Siege series. His new company is making a strategy game called Intergalactic Space Empire and building a cloud platform that allows independent developers to realize their visions.

In addition to being an outstanding creative, Chris Taylor is a hilarious man that’s excellent to hang out with. Check out the video above as Chris and I talk about:

  • What’s new with Kanoogi and Intergalactic Space Empire
  • Getting his start in game development by making baseball games
  • How he discovered and came to love making pottery
  • The “Here I Go Again” Whitesnake incident from his DJ days
  • Why he always wears black t-shirts and jeans at industry events
  • And all sorts of silly things

As I told him in the livestream, Chris Taylor was my only choice for my first guest on RPadTV 3000. He’s smart, funny, and easy to chat with. More importantly, he can carry the entertainment for when I’m sucking. That said, he couldn’t stop me from messing up the first 30 seconds of audio (100% my fault). Thankfully the I was able to delete the mistake from the YouTube version of the stream. Unfortunately, the mistake will live forever (like Damian Priest) on Facebook and Twitch.

Speaking of Twitch, the platform is new to me and I would appreciate any follows. It would be even cooler if you could ask a friend or 20 to follow me on Twitch too!

RPadTV 3000 will be back on Tuesday 11-January with guests Jose “Don Fubar” Sanchez from Electric Playground and Joseph Abitia from Infinite G. Hope to see you then!