Pokemusings Pokemon Go Edition: Ignoring EPS and Overvaluing CP

Pokemon Go Pokemusings EPS CP

Pokemon Go is a game full of numbers and stats. Many players overlook important numbers and place too much of an emphasis on certain stats. Two of the most common mistakes I’ve seen from dedicated players (that aren’t quite hardcore trainers) are ignoring energy person second (EPS) and overvaluing combat points (CP). The former is often ignored in favor of damage per second (DPS), while the latter can obscure the value of certain pokemon in some trainers’ eyes.

The Value of EPS

Ignoring EPS is a mistake many¬†Pokemon Go trainers make when choosing a quick move for their pokemon. Some trainers look at the DPS number and assume that the move with the higher DPS is superior, simply because it does more damage. For many pokemon, the point of the fast move isn’t to inflict damage, but to generate energy.

Energy is the metric that fuels a pokemon’s charged move. In a battle or raid, the charged move is the one that does the most damage. While a high-DPS quick-move can help whittle an enemy’s health away, a high-EPS quick-move allows a pokemon to use its charged move faster. In many cases, getting off a charged attack faster is much better than chipping away with a stronger quick attack.

Pokemon Go Pokemusings Mewtwo
For a focus blast or shadow ball Mewtwo, psycho cut is the better quick move because of its high EPS.

Naturally, it all depends on what moves are available to a certain pokemon. In many cases, it’s better to go with a high-EPS quick-move over a high-DPS one, simply because the essential damage is done with a charged move. The damage done with a fast move is negligible compared to the damage done with multiple charged moves.

Let’s use Mewtwo as an example. If you’re using it as a general attacker then it will have a charged move of focus blast or shadow ball. The quick move options are confusion (12.50 DPS, 9.38 EPS) and psycho cut (8.33 DPS, 13.33 EPS). [Data courtesy of GamePress] As a generalist, you’re not really concerned about STAB (same-type attack bonus); you just want to execute a charged move as quickly as possible. Choosing psycho cut over confusion will help you do that.

The Danger of Overvaluing CP

CP is a convenient metric that tallies all of a pokemon’s stats into one tidy number. That said, it’s not the end all and be all for a pokemon. Recently, I heard a fellow trainer dismiss Steelix since it has a relatively low CP cap. That’s a mistake.

Pokemusings Pokemon Go Steelix
Dismissing Steelix’s value because of its relatively low CP is a mistake.

Despite Steelix’s somewhat modest CP and unimpressive attack, it makes an excellent secondary gym defender because of its fantastic defense and decent amount of hit points. Top trainers often load up gyms with Blisseys, Snorlaxes, Tyranitars, and Dragonites. If you’re late to the party, Steelix is a good choice that can bolster a gym’s defense nicely.

The lesson here is to look beyond CP. Take the time to learn a pokemon’s individual stats. There are a number of useful pokemon with CP caps under 2,500. Overvaluing CP leads to missing out on these hidden gems.