New Day Rocks WrestleMania 33 With Final Fantasy

New Day Final Fantasy WrestleMania 33

WWE faction The New Day rocked WrestleMania 33 with an assist from the legendary Final Fantasy videogame series. Serving as the hosts for WWE’s biggest event of the year, the team came out dressed as characters from Final Fantasy’s job system. Xavier Woods was dressed as a monk, Big E was decked out like a samurai, and Kofi Kingston made for a dashing red mage. The team even had a pushcart (filled with New Day ice cream, naturally) adorned with chocobos and moogles. Check out the clip below to see  New Day’s spectacular WrestleMania 33 entrance.

Those of you familiar with New Day are probably aware of their love of videogames. I’ve met Kofi Kingston at several WWE Superstar Challenge videogame events and seen his formidable gaming skills up close. Woods is an awesome nerd that has his own YouTube show with a videogame-inspired name (“UpUpDownDown”). In addition to being an avid gamer, Woods is known to attend various nerd conventions (I’m fairly sure he’s the only WWE Superstar that gets excited about DragonCon). Big E’s gaming goes back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System and he’s still a hardcore sports gamer today.

When you add it all up, it makes perfect sense for New Day to rock Final Fantasy costumes at WrestleMania. In addition to being one of the most entertaining factions in WWE, the trio are lovable nerds. As a lovable nerd myself, I was thrilled that WWE permitted the group to go full-geek at its biggest pay-per-view event of the year. The costumes were true to their real-life personalities and looked great. As a huge fan of the Final Fantasy Tactics games and someone that appreciates the awesome power of red mages (doublecast completely owns), I was particularly fond of Kofi Kingston’s costume. Thanks to Final Fantasy, New Day found a whole new way to rock. Now say it with me — New! Day rocks!!! New! Day rocks!!! New! Day rocks!!!