Five Reasons Why March 2017 Will Be an Awesome Nerd Month

Logan Iron Fist Beauty and the Beast Nintendo Switch March 2017

March is going to a be a glorious month for nerds and people with nerdish tendencies. There are so many wonderful things to look forward to — potentially fantastic movies, a new videogame console, and an all-new, all-different television series from Marvel. While I’m still adjusting to life in America after a month in Asia, these things will certainly make the transition easier. Let’s take a look at all the brilliant nerd stuff coming in March 2017.

Logan — March kicks off in earnest with a two-fisted (clawed?) attack. Huge Jackedman Hugh Jackman returns as Marvel’s most popular mutant, Wolverine. This time around, we get to see an old and weary Logan that’s at the end of his rope. The early reviews of the movie have been stellar, with many calling it Fox’s best Marvel effort to date. What I’m truly excited for is the debut of X-23. The current Wolverine in the comics, Laura Kinney has been one of my favorite mutants for the last decade or so. She rocks and I’m excited to see if movie Laura rocks too. Her scenes in the trailers have been promising.

Nintendo Switch — While many older gamers have abandoned Nintendo and some younger gamers don’t appreciate its enormous contributions to gaming, the company still has a considerable audience. While the Nintendo Switch might not move as many units as the current PlayStation and Xbox consoles, there are still millions of gamers that will always buy Nintendo newness. It’s hard to argue with a new Zelda game, as well as upcoming MarioMetroidMario KartFire EmblemPokemon, etc. games. As long as Nintendo’s venerable franchises remain exclusive to its consoles, I’m always down for a new machine.

Beauty and the Beast — The original movie is my favorite 2D Disney animated film of all time. Emma Watson is one of my favorite women of all time. Ergo, this movie will rule. As excited as I am about the movie and its songs, I can’t wait to hear Alan Menken’s tremendous score playing on IMAX speakers.

Iron Fist — The first season of Daredevil was great. Jessica Jones was even better. I enjoyed Luke Cage even more. While I don’t expect Marvel’s Netflix efforts to continually top each other, I do expect a high level of quality. Some people were disappointed with the casting of Finn Jones as Danny Rand, but I think he brings a nice contrast to the other Marvel Netflix heroes. Besides, Iron Fist is just an awesome character. Read The Immortal Iron Fist if you doubt his awesomeness. It will floor you nearly as hard as a chi-infused punch to the throat.

Power Rangers — The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were cool when I was a kid, but look cheesy AF when viewed through the retroscope. Shockingly, the movie looks like it will modernize and unstupify the franchise. I was surprised by how appealing the trailers were for children of all ages. Hopefully the film lives up to its potential.

Your Turn! — As always, I want to hear about the nerd stuff you’re looking forward to the most in March. Kindly share your feelings (like a Care Bear) in the comments section.