Vaping Diaries #384: Vape Master App Insults Vapers

Vape Master For iOS and Android

Vape Master is a recently released game for Android, iOS, and Flash, published by Play Chocolate. The app’s creator claims that it’s supposed to be a parody — something that pokes fun at a certain subsection of vapers. In reality, Vape Master is an insult to every vaper that’s not a “cloud bro.” Before I get ahead of myself, here’s the app’s (sophomoric) official description.

Description: Are you ready to become a Vape guru? Grab your mod and blow massive clouds to fill the room with vapor! Beware of security guard, beat your noob opponents at different locations, like bar, theatre or even stadium in this first vaping game ever!! Change your style! Lots of items, from haircut and caps, to eyeglasses and stickers, are waiting for you. Upgrade you vaper and battery! Begin with low capacity battery, end with gigantic MOD with ultimate vaper! Compete friends in “vape duel” online, earn points, rank up and become Vape Master!


Yes, it’s supposed to be a fun parody that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but Vape Master is a danger to vaping. It’s often said that perception is reality; if people that aren’t familiar with actual vapers see this game then they’ll perceive vapers to be a-holes. With its awful concept, art, and music, Vape Master perpetuates a negative image of vapers.

Vaping is a form of harm reduction that has helped many people successfully quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. That’s an excellent thing. With the industry still growing and government agencies (funded by pharmaceutical and big tobacco money) trying to kill the business, the perception of vaping is fragile. Vaping needs to be portrayed in a positive way. Vape Master does the opposite.

As a lifelong gamer and someone that has covered videogames for around two decades, I have an appreciation for how games can shape culture. Gaming is a powerful medium that influences millions of people. As a vaper, I’m appalled by the Vape Master game. Despite the creator’s intent, the game is insulting to vapers and dangerous for the vaping business.

[Special thanks to my pal Lawrence for telling me about this horrific game.]