Vaping Diaries #379: Klir E-Liquids (TFN)

Klir Absolute PB&J

Klir is a line of vaping e-liquids made with tobacco-free nicotine (TFN). Produced by Ventura Vapor in Southern California, these e-liquids feature classy packaging and clean flavors. The main draw is, of course, TFN, which is still relatively uncommon in the vaping world at this time.

For those of you not familiar with TFN, it’s a lab-produced nicotine, as opposed to the plant-derived nicotine the vast majority of vaping e-liquids use. The advantages of TFN are that it offers a remarkably clean taste, it vapes noticeably smoother than plant-based nicotine, and there’s no risk of other substances from the plant entering the mix. The disadvantages are that it’s more expensive than common nicotine and some e-liquid companies successfully use the taste of plant-based nicotine in their flavors.

Klir has launched with three e-liquid flavors. Here are the official descriptions.

  • Absolute PB&J: Fresh strawberry jelly & rich smooth peanut butter filled inside creamy dough balanced to perfection. You won’t even need a glass of milk.
  • Fresh Fruit: Delightfully fresh tastes of honeydew melon, sweet berries, ripe mango and our signature cream base. Perfectly light, crisp and creamy.
  • Pure Pie: Indulging fresh apple crumble pie, with the perfect balance of warm apples, sugary graham cracker crust and a dab of vanilla whipped cream. No fork necessary.

As I prefer dessert vapes over fruit vapes, I enjoyed Klir’s Absolute PB&J and Pure Pie more than I did Fresh Fruit. That said, I found all three flavors enjoyable. As for the TFN, it definitely tastes cleaner than regular nicotine, but it also feels “lighter.” I vaped several puffs of three-milligram nicotine Klir and the sensation was closer to zero milligrams than it was three milligrams of traditional nicotine. I’m curious to see how TFN e-liquids measure up throughout the course of a day, as I have no idea (yet) if TFN e-liquids satisfy nicotine cravings the way plant-based nicotine e-liquids do.

Klir TFN e-liquids are available on 30-milliliter and 60-milliliter bottles. They come in 0, 3, and 6 milligram nicotine options. If you’ve vaped any Klir e-liquids or other brands that use TFN, I’d love to hear about your experiences with them. If that’s the case, shoot me a line in the comments section (please!).