New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Baby Groot

The latest teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (embedded below) is glorious. It has elements of what people loved about the original movie, but with several new twists. Since we’re still in the “teaser trailer” stage, you don’t have to worry about spoilers or clips that give away too much (the latter of which is a concern of several RPadholics). The new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a fun video that doesn’t give away the farm. Now it’s time for some random thoughts on teaser trailer two!

Batista Brings It: It pains me to say it, but Dave Batista shines in this clip as Drax the Destroyer. As much as I hated his WWE career, he’s been utterly delightful in Guardians of the Galaxy. From cursing the skies to his hilarious comedic bit at the end, Batista was my favorite part of the new teaser trailer. Considering how much I disliked him as pro-wrestler, I never imagined Batista being my favorite part of anything. Well done, Sir.

Baby Groot = Money: Kids of all ages are going to love Baby Groot. He’s adorable and innocent (as opposed to the menacing and innocent Young Groot from the first film). More importantly for the Disney/Marvel empire, he’s going to sell a ton of toys. As successful as the first movie was, I expect the sequel to outperform it — especially on the merchandising front. Baby Groot toys will be everywhere in 2017. I know I want one.

Mantis Joins the Crew: One of the new additions to Guardians of the Galaxy is Mantis. I’ve always enjoyed this character in the Avengers books and loved her in the Abnett/Lanning run of Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t expect her to have a huge role in Vol. 2, but I’m happy that she’s in the mix. Plus, actress Pom Klementieff looks hot with antennae.

A Frantic Galactic Escapade: The second teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a nice vertical slice of the upcoming movie. It shows off its unique blend of action, humor, and heart excellently. It was cool seeing new twists on the fun too, like Baby Groot riding on Rocket’s shoulder. The teaser trailer made me want to see more. I can’t wait for the…uh…trailer trailer. How about you? Kindly share your thoughts on the new clip in comments section.