Thank God For Lucifer (S02E10)

Lucifer S02E10

The mid-season finale of Lucifer was the best thing I’ve watched on television in 2016. The writers, directors, and actors did a stellar job of deftly mixing comedy, drama, and action. The big reveal at the end was fantastic…though a bit evil (*snicker*) considering that the next episode won’t air for seven weeks. Lucifer S02E10 was, quite simply, the show at its best. Here are some random thoughts on the mid-season finale. (Kindly put on your spoiler wings!)

Lucifer (Tom Ellis): Similar to the excellent DC Comics character, TV Lucifer is utterly charming and surprisingly vulnerable. Ellis has done such a great job with this character that you can’t imagine anyone else doing it nearly as well. He’s perfect for the role and his performance in Lucifer S02E10 was a shining example of why. His one-liners killed, his courtroom testimony was dashing, and his interactions with other characters were fantastic. I love the way he played off of Chloe, Detective Douche, Maze, Amenadiel, and Linda. Tom Ellis’ Lucifer is an irresistible scoundrel. He’s Han Solo turned up to 11.

Lucifer S02E10 Maze
Mazikeen is the hottest demon on television.

Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt): While she only had a supporting role in Lucifer S02E10, Maze was arguably the MVP of the mid-season finale. Her fight scene was excellent. The way she teased Detective Douche about boning Charlotte was hilarious. And for her coup de grace, the way she toyed with Amenadiel (culminating with his car being blown up) was brilliant. The hottest demon on television was awesome and left viewers with the fantastic visual below.

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside): This wasn’t Amenadiel’s strongest episode, but he played two key roles. As mentioned in Maze’s section, he was the victim of her excellent trickery. He also helped advance the overall plot of season two by discovering a big reveal. While he’s normally a great straight man to Lucifer’s rogue, the show’s other fallen angel didn’t have too many bright spots in Lucifer S02E10. That said, the image of him holding his steering wheel while in a session with Linda was outstanding!

Lucifer S02E10 Amenadiel
Amenadiel complains about Maze being so…Maze.

The Reveal: I loved, loved, loved the reveal at the end of the mid-season finale. It will lead to all sorts of Chloe theories. Since she’s a mystical child, I’m curious about the extent of her abilities. All we know so far is that she nixes Luci’s otherwordly gifts. If she’s the “key” and Luci is the “gatekeeper,” will Gozer appear if they bone? How exactly do Charlotte and Amenadiel intend to use her to get back into Heaven the Silver City? Why would Lucifer oppose them? Does she have to die in order to open the gates to Heaven the Silver City?

A Theory: While there have been several deviations from the wonderful comics, many of the core themes are in the TV show. I’m guessing that Chloe isn’t an obstacle to Lucifer, as Charlotte suggested. I’m guessing that she’s a gift to Lucifer from God. Similar to how God planned to “retire” in the comics, I’m thinking that television God wants Lucifer to take over Heaven the Silver City. The millennia he spent running Hell was God’s way of preparing him. Chloe is his reward for the ordeal. This would lead to two obvious conflicts. First, I’m sure that Chloe will have a problem with being a “reward.” Her existence will tie into the show’s/comic’s theme of free will vs. predestination. Secondly, Amenadiel is going to lose his sh*t. He was always the good and faithful son. Yet God wants to give Heaven the Silver City to Lucifer. Anyway, that’s just a theory. What do you think?

One Minor Bad Thing: I could’ve used more Ella Lopez in the mid-season finale. Aimee Garcia’s face is adorable and I love staring at it. Let’s do that now.

Lucifer S02E10 Ella Lopez
Aimee Garcia’s face is adorable!

Bottom LineLucifer S02E10 was so good that I’m definitely going to watch it again this week and will likely watch it a bunch of times. It was a perfect episode of one of my favorite shows.