Vaping Diaries #349: Kalied Custom Designs Interview

Kalied Custom Designs

If you want the look of a high-end mod but don’t want to pay high-end prices then you should look into what Kalied Custom Designs offers. For a relatively low price, the company can customize the look of your mod with custom patina work, cerakote finishes, and exotic metal plating (black rhodium, gold, etc.). If you want a slick, one-of-a-kind mod out of the box then you should check out Kalied Custom Designs’ iPV D2 box mods. For $100 shipped you can have a unique box mod with a beautiful and durable finish.

In the interview below, Kalied Custom Designs owner Kato Bryan told me a bit about the services and products his company offers. For his custom patina work, he uses an alcohol-based ink for the patina coupled with a heat process. Once the color is set, the metal is coated with seven layers of clear coat to ensure durability. Kato mentioned that one of his customers has a custom patina Zero Mod sleeve that he made two years ago and the sleeve still looks fantastic.

It’s very cool that Kalied Custom Designs is using the iPV D2 to show off the company’s work. On its own, the iPV D2 is a solid performer that’s inexpensive. When you add Kalied Custom Designs’ work into the mix, the mod becomes more unique and personal. High-end mods certainly have their place among collectors, but most people aren’t willing to spend $600 or more on a rare box. These custom iPV D2 boxes make the looks and rarity of high-end mods accessible to all vapers. As someone that gets bugged by the elitism in vaping, I love what the company is doing with these boxes.

To learn more about Kalied Custom Designs, see five of the beautiful boxes Kato worked on, and hear about the company’s other services, check out my chat with Kato below.