Vaping Diaries #336: Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid Interview (ECC 2015)

Dr. Juice Vaping Liquid ECC 2015

To be completely honest, Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid first caught my eye at ECC 2015 because of the crew’s t-shirts. While most of the exhibitors at the show were sticking to their cotton shirts, the Dr. Juice crew were cool as the other side of the pillow thanks to their synthetic tees. When RPadholic N8R learned that these cats are from Pittsburgh (Nate’s hometown), we had to chat with them more. When N8R and I learned that Dr. Juice makes delicious vaping e-liquids, we knew that we had to get the company for an interview.

In the ECC 2015 video interview below, Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid co-owner Jeremy Fuss talks about how the company got started. Originally, the juice was meant to be a fundraiser so that the boys could open up their own vape shop. The popularity of the flavors made it so that the gang dropped the vape shop idea and is now focusing their efforts on Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid.

Jeremy also described three of the company’s unique juices. N8R’s favorite was Crunchberry. Unlike most cereal e-liquids on the market. Dr. Juice’s is an original concoction made up of 12 ingredients. Most cereal flavors out there use a common base that may or may not be complemented by lemon. My favorite was Delish, which blends Oreo cookie, sugar cookie, and custard. Again, there are many cookies-and-cream juices out there, but Delish is more layered and complex than most of the ones I’ve tried. Lastly, Jeremy described Headless Horseman, which is a seasonal flavor that melds pumpkin and custard. If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes then you definitely want to check out this flavor.

To learn more about Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid and for a tease on what’s coming next from the company, check out my ECC 2015 with Jeremy below.