Vaping Diaries #311: Hyon USA Pugio & Pi2 Interview (Vape Summit)

Hyon USA Zombi Pi2 Atomizer

A relatively new company to the vaping world (opened for business in November 2014), Hyon USA has made a big splash in a short amount of time. The company has released a series of quality mechanical mods available in several unique and beautiful finishes. Vapers have been digging the looks and performance of Hyon USA’s mods. Following up on these products, Hyon USA is set to release a pair of rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs). At Vape Summit III, I chatted with company president Fernando Solis to learn more about these vaping atomizers.

First up is the Pugio. A versatile atomizer with atypical features, the Pugio is a flavor atty out of the box, but will satisfy cloud chasers with accessories. The Pugio has a simple and elegant style (my personal preference), with some interesting features under the hood. Instead of using traditional post holes, this atomizer has vapers place wire between a screw and a wall. Solis proudly said that this makes the Pugio easier for builders of all skill levels to work with. As someone that can build okay-ish (I can make good coils, but I am slow), I’m looking for to seeing how easy the Hyon USA Pugio is to work with. As a flavor fiend, I like what the atomizer offers (on paper).

The second atomizer coming from Hyon USA is the Haus of Zombi Pi2. Labeled as the vaping industry’s “first post-less atomizer,” the Pi2 atomizer is geared towards flavor chasers. This “flat-top atomizer” has vapers slip the wire into four holes on the deck. Looking at a still photo of the Pi2 atomizer, I thought that it looked cool, but had no idea how it worked. It’s way different from any atomizer that I’ve seen. Thankfully, Fernando explained the Pi2 atomizer to me in the interview below.

You can learn more about the Hyon USA Pugio and Pi2 by checking out the video below. Both atomizers should be available in June 2015. Fernando also teased a few Hyon USA products coming later in 2015. After checking out the company’s atomizers at Vape Summit III, it looks like Hyon USA will follow up on its successful mods quite splendidly.

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  1. Of course Ivogo released a poleless atty one month earlier and now Hyon USA is sueing ivogo for “cloning” their design

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