Vaping Diaries #305: Praxis Vapors Interview (Vape Summit)

Praxis Vapors Kamillion Derringer

The Praxis Vapors crew had a lot going on at Vape Summit III. Amidst their busy schedule, Praxis Vapors CEO Ivan Lee and CMO Brett Reed spent some time with me to talk about what’s new with the company. First, we spoke about the recently launched Praxis Potions line of e-liquid. Starting with two flavors — Amethyst and Quartz — this line of vaping e-liquids is off to a hot start and extends the Praxis brand beyond hardware. Ivan went over the two launch flavors and spoke about what Praxis Potions does for Praxis Vapors as a company.

Next up, Brett and I chatted about the very special “Kamillion” edition of the Praxis Vapors Mod and Derringer Atomizer. In photos, the Kamillion simply looks like a torched steel version of the popular mod and atomizer, but it’s more than that. The video below shows off the gorgeous Kamillion finish a bit better, but it really needs to be seen in person and under different lighting conditions to be fully appreciated. After playing around with it in person, I promise you that it’s one of the most unique and beautiful finishes I’ve seen used on vaping hardware.

Enthusiast vapers are well aware that the Praxis Vapors Derringer has been one of the hottest atomizers of 2015. In fact, two guests onĀ RPadTV’sThe Vape 48” mentioned it as their current favorite. Ivan and Brett spoke about the popularity of the Derringer and how they feel when new minimalist atomizers are labeled as “Derringer killers.”

Wrapping it up, the two spoke about what’s next for Praxis Vapors. Using comical and vague answers, the company may or may not be working on a new box mod. Also, the company may or may not be working on a new atomizer that could be a tank or could be another dripper. Their answers reminded me of that time I spent 12+ hours helping Asika study for her statistics exam. I heard a lot of information, but didn’t retain any of it. Ha! You’ll have to see for yourself in the Praxis Vapors interview below.

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