Better Than Batman vs. Superman Trailer (Dawn of Justice)

Batman vs Superman logo

As some of you know from the RPadTV Google Hangout, I wasn’t a fan of the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. It did absolutely nothing for me. It didn’t show me anything new (control your photo leaks, Warners!) and it didn’t get me more excited for the movie. It was two minutes of banality. Thankfully, the crews from How it Should Have Ended and Screen Junkies have whipped up videos that are far more entertaining.

First up is a conversation from the always excellent “Super Cafe” on HISHE:

Next is a special “Honest Teaser” version of the recurring “Honest Trailer” bits from Screen Junkies:

While the Batman v Superman trailer didn’t work for me, I’m happy that it served as the source material for two videos that cracked me up — silver linings and all that good stuff.