Sailor Freddie Mercury Rules!

Sailor Freddie MercuryMy friend Justin knows that I adore Queen (the band, duh) and have enjoyed Sailor Moon anime. He thought that I would love this photo of a cosplayer dressed as Sailor Freddie Mercury…and he was right. This is such a nerdy-awesome mashup! It’s absolutely brilliant. Snapped at the Civic Center station of the San Francisco BART, the picture reveals an ingenious man that that looks (somewhat) like Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and is dressed like Sailor Mercury from the Sailor Scouts.

It got me thinking about other music-and-anime mashups. Unfortunately, all of mine suck. Dragon Ball Bob Marley? Definitely no. Lady Ranma? That’s terrible. Ugh.

Okay, I’m sure you guys and gals can do better. Please think of some anime-and-music mashups and kindly leave them in the comments section. If you whip up something really awesome, perhaps I’ll dress as your mashup character at E3 2014 (but don’t count on it)!


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3 thoughts on “Sailor Freddie Mercury Rules!”

  1. Conan The Barbarian O’Brien
    Huey Lewis Lane
    Ludwig Van Helsing
    Johann Sebastian Shaw
    Brian “Aunt” May
    David Ras ‘al Grohl
    Wyclef Jean Gray
    John Luke Cage
    Keith Moon Knight
    Little Richard Reed

    Don’t know too many anime characters, so I used comic book characters instead.


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