Jackie Chan Police Story Reboot Trailer

Jackie Chan’s Police Story series showed the action-movie legend at his comedic best. The four movies were loved by Jackie Chan fans for their mix of acrobatic stunts and goofy gags. Chan dazzled in these flicks with his inimitable physical comedy. The 2013 Police Story reboot is very different — stunningly so. One of the first things you’ll see in the trailer (embedded below) is Chan plugging someone in the head. This isn’t the cornball Jackie Chan that has entertained moviegoers for decades. This is a darker and grittier version that will surprise many of his fans.

The tone of the Police Story reboot is a really interesting move on Chan’s part. He’s obviously older and can’t do many of the stunts that carried him through dozens of films. Mixing in excellently-choreographed telegenic martial arts with an edgier tone could be a brilliant way of reinventing himself. I’m guessing that it will play well in Asian markets, while the reactions in the West will be mixed. Many American moviegoers aren’t familiar with Chan’s earlier work and will remember movies like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon. They only know the goofball Jackie Chan and perhaps the Police Story reboot will be too much of a shock for them.

Naturally, I want your take on the Police Story reboot. What do you think of pissed-off, bad-ass Jackie Chan? Do you buy into the character? Or are you waiting for Chris Tucker or Owen Wilson to show up for some juvenile humor?

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2 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Police Story Reboot Trailer”

  1. I hate Owen Wilson. He damn near ruined Wedding Crashers. I’m happy he died in The Haunting

  2. Man I love Police Story, Operation Condor, Drunken Master, Rumble in the Bronx, all those old ass Jackie Chan movies. I’m looking forward to this reboot. To me it seems like a natural progression to go darker.

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